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Carbonear Captains and
The Ships they commanded

CaptainsShips they commanded:
Captain John Bransfield - Ship: Schooner Lena
Captain Mark Burke - Ship: Bianca
Captain Cecil Burke - Ship: Cape Race
Captain E.H. Burke - Ship: Jean
Captain J.E. Burke - Ship:Coronation
Captain L. Coldford - Ship: Bernard B. Conrad
Captain Douglas Burden - Ship: Olwen
Captain Eugene Burden - Ship: Cape Pine
Captain George Burden - Ship: Tattler
Captain George Dean, Sr. - Ship: Dorothy Duff
Captain George Dean, Jr. - Ship: Sunset Glow
Captain Arthur Dean - Ship: John Llewellyn
Captain Guy Earle - Ship: Thomas S. Gorton
Captain Charles Forward - Ship: Caribou Hill
Captain William Fitzgerlad - Ship: Brig. Grace
Captain Thomas Fitzgerlad - Ship: Beatrice
Captain Thomas Hobbs - Ship: Callidora
Captain Gilbert Joyce - Ship: Clutha
Captain Joseph Marshall - Ship: Gay Gordon
Captain Josephus Osmond - Ship: Georgina
Captain Cyrus Taylor - Ship: Callidora
Captain Augustus Taylor - Ship: Sidney Smith
Captain Samuel Taylor - Ship: Archie Cromwell
Captain Eleazer Taylor - Ship: Novelty
Captain Allan Spencer - Ship: Lena
Captain George W. Soper - Ship: The Hope
Captain Joseph Davis - Ship: James O'Neill
Captain George James - Ship: Dorothy Duff
Captain George Abel Windsor - Ship: Lila Boutelier
Captain George Windsor - Ship: Mary Duff
Captain Albert Nichol - Ship: emily Belliveau
Captain James Nichol - Ship: Fisherman
Captain Stephen Penney - Ship: Norma B. Strong
Captain George Fisher Penney - Ship: Albert Moulton
Captain James Pike - Ship: Fleetwood
Captain John Horwood - Ship: Dorothy Duff
Captain George Fred Penney - Ship: Cape Race
Captain Son Luther - Ship: Lavonia
Captain Norman Herald - Ship: Freedom
Captain Cyrus Horwood -Ship: Evelyn
Captain Gordon Walters - Ship: Ellen & Mary
Captain William Swain - Ship: M.V. Seneff
Captain William John Kennedy - Ship: Jessie L. Smith
Captain Nicholas Kennedy - Ship: Ich Dien
Captain Charles Moore - Ship: Clutha
Captain Harry Wescott - Ship: Beatrice
Captain Samuel Marshall - Ship: June
Captain John Taylor - Ship: M.V. Acadia
Captain Reuben Pike - Ship: Gladys
Captain Colin Taylor - Ship: Czarino
Captain James Forward - Ship: A.G. Isnor
Captain Mark James - Ship: Clio
Captain Stephen Dowden - Ship: Thomas S. Gorton
Captain John Doody - Ship: Emma Belliveau
Captain John Edward Joyce - Ship: Orient

Contributed and Transcribed by John Rowe (July 2003)

Page Revised: July 2003 (Don Tate)

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