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History of Bonavista Bay District
People Who Made a Difference

People Who Helped Settle The Bonavista Region
Capt. George Barbour Captain Stanley G. Barbour
Capt. George Bishop Edward Bishop
HON. Sydney Dara BlandfordBertram Roland Blackmore
Kenneth McKenzie Brown--M.H.A.Capt. David Brenton
Darius Carter Capt. Martin Gilbert Dalton
George Bishop Darby, Opt.D. John M. Devine
Maurice M. Devine Daniel Groves
Thomas Hallett Capt, Abraham Kean
Capt. Jacob Kean William Herbert Lench
Capt. Charles E. PrinceHerman William Quinton
Arthur Edward Rutherford, MD., C.M.Herbert J. Russell
Benjamin SteadJoseph Thomas Swyers
William Templeman
M.D.,C.M., McGill University.
James William Way
Kenneth J. P. Way Frank White
REV. John Wilfred WinsorMatthew A. White
Samuel Robert WinsorRobert George Winsor
Capt. William Charles Winsor, M. H. A.  

Excerpts from: WHO'S WHO in and from Newfoundland 1927
R.Hibbs Editor and Publisher
Printed and Published by R. Hibbs, M.H.A., St. John's, Newfoundland.
This book was printed and published by R. Hibbs, M.H.A in recognition of people in and from Newfoundland who contributed to the welfare and general development of Newfoundland during this time period. Here you will find the short biographies of those from the settlements of Bonavista Bay who have been included in this publication. Please keep in mind that the year is 1927 and the mention of places of residence are for that particular year. No explanations were given regarding the various club and organizations. We hope that these entries will be of help to those researching family roots in the Bonavista Bay settlements. Comments, errors, or omissions should be directed to Martha Warren.
From the Preface:
"Who's who in and from Newfoundland",----------------is designed to provide a record of the leading citizens of the Country, who in one capacity or another are contributing to its upbuilding and general welfare----------------we trust our humble efforts of 1927 may provide some value for the future historian, quite beyond its use as a current work of reference.
R. H.
Master mariner.
Born July 27, 1858, at Cobb's Island, B.B., son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Green) Barbour.
Educated at Public School, Newtown.
Became master of vessel at cod fishery 1876.
Appointed captain of S.S. Walrus at seal fishery 1894, and has since prosecuted the seal fishery in command of the following steamers:
S.S. Greenland, Vanguard, Bloodhound, Neptune, Beothic, Nascopie, and new Beothic.
Has been master at seal fishery for 34 springs securing 700,246 seals, an average of 20,660.
Commanded the following steamers in the government service on Lower Labrador:
S.S.Stella Maris, Falcon, Wren, and Senef.
Married in 1880 to Miss Lucretia Jane Oakley.
Children: Three sons and one daughter.
Society: L.O.A.
Religion: United Church.
Politics: Liberal.
Residence: 147 Duckworth St.,St. John's.
Summer residence: Trinity.
Master Mariner, born Nov. 4, 1883, at Newtown, B.B.,son of Capt. George Barbour and Lucratia Barbour.
Educated at Public School, Newtown, B.B.
Took charge of father's fishing schooners at 19 years, and has prosecuted the cod fishery for twenty-three years.
In charge of S.S. Sebastapool, hired from the Government for the purpose of collecting salmon for the Hudson's Bay Company at St. John's, 1926.
Collected salmon from Trinity Bay, Bonavista Bay, French Shore and Labrador.
Has been engaged at same work during 1927.
Had charge of S.S. Fogota, for Crosbie & Co., in 1914, and S.S.Seal, for Baine Johnston & Co. in 1926.
In 1914 prosecuted the seal fishery securing 2,936 seals ,and in 1926, in S.S.Seal, secured 19,458 seals, a full load.
Married Dec. 25, 1909, to Miss Emmelino Burt, of Musgrave Harbour.
Children: Five.
Clubs: Benefit Club, Trinity.
Religion: Methodist.
Residence: Trinity, T.B., Newfoundland.
General merchant.
Born 1854 Swain's Island, B.B.,son of Edward Churnside and Fanny Bishop.
Educated at Public School, Swain's Island, B.B.
Captain of sealing steamers for 19 springs.
General merchant for 45 years.
Was Liberal candidate for Bonavista Bay under the late Sir Robert Bond in 1909.
Has served on church and school boards.
Was Director and Chairman of the Wesleyville Mutual Marine Insurance Club.
Married 1878 to Miss Annie Hall.
Society: Red Cross of Black Preceptory L.O.A.
Religion: Anglican.
Politics: Neutral.
Residence: Wesleyville, B.B., Nfld.
Master Mariner.
Born in 1868 at Wesleyville, B.B., son of William and Laura(Hann)Bishop.
Educated at the Public School, Wesleyville, B.B.
Owned and took command of schooner in 1892 and for 26 years prosecuted the Labrador and Straits of Belle Isle fishery.
In 1918 entered the employ of The Fishermens' Union Trading Co. at Port Union, and in 1920 he took command of the S.S. Watchful, the government coastal ferrier, Bonavista Bay.
Accepted contract for Government mail service on the north side of Bonavista Bay from Newtown to Gambo in 1922.
Married in 1889 to Miss Pheobe Tiller.
Children: five sons and three daughters.
Society: L.O.A.
Religion: United Church.
An independent in politics.
Residence: Wesleyville, B.B., Newfoundland.
Locomotive engineer.
Born June, 1889, at Newtown, B.B.,son of Capt. George and Eleanor (Knee) Blackmore.
Educated at Public School, Newtown, B.B.
Began railroading 1905; fireman 1906; engineer and driver 1912, which position occupies at present time.
Married 1912 to Miss Nellie Florence Churchill, daughter of John Churchill, Bay Roberts.
Children: Two sons and two daughters.
Societies: B. of L.F. & E., and I.O.O.F., L.O.A.
Recreations: Shooting and fishing.
Religion: Anglican.
Politics: Liberal.
Residence: Clarenville, Nfld.
High Sheriff of Newfoundland.
Born June 12, 1868, at Greenspond, B.B., the son of Hon. Samuel Blandford and Sarah A. (Edgar) Blandford.
Educated at Methodist College, St.John's, and by Private Tuition.
Barrister and Solicitor.
Elected for Bonavista 1904. Took Independent seat 1907.
Elected on People's Party for same District, 1908, and elected again in 1909.
Chairman Agricultural Board, 1909.
Delegate from Newfoundland Government to the Royal Agricultural show, Norwich, 1911.
Defeated in General Election, 1913.
Minister of Agriculture and Mines and member of Executive Council, member of Legislative Council, 1914.
Member of the Board of Commissioners in Lunacy and Secretary to the Board, 1917.
President of the Newfoundland Hotel Facilities, Ltd., proprietors of the Newfoundland Hotel, Fort William, St.John's, in the promotion of which Company he was the founder.
Appointed High Sheriff for Newfoundland 1917.
Married, 1905, to Miss Lillian May, daughter of George H. Reynolds, Halifax.
Has two sons and five daughters.
Clubs: City, St.John's, Royal Colonial Institute, London.
Recreations: Fishing and hunting.
Master Mariner.
Chief Officer of S.S. Caribou.
Born August 3, 1887, at Wesleyville, B.B.,the son of Samuel and Annie (Windsor of David) Brenton.
Educated at Wesleyville, St. John's and Halifax Tech.College.
Began active industrial life as fisher lad, 1898.
Commanded steamboat 1910. Appointed second officer, 1913.
Awarded second mate's certificate, 1914; first officer's certificate 1919; master's certificate, 1923.
Master schooner "G.Blanche" 1918-19.
Appointed first officer, Cabot Strait service 1915-18 (Reid Nfld. Co.)
Resumed present position 1919 to date.
Married August,1913, Mary Julia Renouf.
Children: Two sons, Samuel Eugene Renouf and George Winsor.
Societies: Masonic, Oddfellows and Orange.
Recreations: Shooting, fishing and debating.
Religion: United church.
Politics: Independent.
Residence: Port aux Basque, Newfoundland.
Member House of Assembly for District of Twillingate.
Born August 3,1887 at King's Cove, B.B. the son of James and Caroline Brown.
Educated at King's Cove.
Spent six years at Vancouver, B.C. as an able-bodied seaman and second chief officer.
In 1911 studied navigation at Vancouver Nautical Academy under Commander Unwin, R.N., and later took command of steamer sailing from Vancouver.
Returned to Newfoundland and took position with A. N. D.Co., Ltd., Grand Falls.
In 1921 led the Grand Falls strike.
In 1923 elected for Twillingate under the leadership of Sir R.A. Squires, and re-elected again in 1924.
Married May 7, 1919, to Miss Violet I. Hollett.
Children: Three.
Society: L.O.A.
Recreation: Shooting.
Religion: Church of England.
Liberal in politics.
Residence: King's Cove, B.B.
Foreman Morse Dry Dock, New York.
Born August 30, 1872, at Greenspond, Newfoundland, son of Thomas and Mary (Oldford) Carter.
Educated at Greenspond. Early days fishing and seafaring.
Went to New York State 1903.
Entered the employ of the Morse Dry Dock Company 1910.
Appointed to the present position 1916.
Married 1899 to Miss Susanna White.
Society: Masonic.
Club: Fellow Craft.
Recreations: Visiting country and outdoor sports.
Religion: Anglican.
Politics: Republican.
Residence: 241 St. Memphis Ave., Rosedale, Long Island, U.S.A.
Master Mariner, and Marine Superintendent Newfoundland Railway.
Born Feb.9,1899 at Pool's Island, B.B., the son of George and Emily (Whitemarsh) Dalton.
Educated at Public School, Pool's Island, B.B.
At the age of 14 years started Labrador fishing and continued until the age of 16, when proceeded to sea in sailing vessels. At age of 20 joined steamships.
Master of S.S. Fogota for 8 years.
At 24 studied navigation under F.J. Doyle and was awarded master's certificate of competence in 1921.
Joined Red Cross Line as third officer on S.S. Silvia, remaining until 1924, when he was appointed to present position.
Contested Fogo District on behalf of Liberal-Conservative party under the leadership of Hon. W.S. Monroe in 1924, but was unsuccessful.
Was awarded the British Board of Trade Medal and a gold watch for gallantry in saving life at sea in connection with the loss of the S.S.Florizel in February 1918.
Commanded S.S. Fogota at the seal fishery in 1918 and 1919, securing a full load each spring.
Married April 22, 1918, to Miss Hettie Kean.
Has two children.
Socities: Masonic and L.O.A.
Recreations: Fishing and shooting.
Religion: United Church.
Independent in politics.
Residence: "Oakdene", Topsail Road, St. John's, Newfoundland.
Optometrist and Optician, 196 Water Street, St. John's.
Born October 12, 1898, at Greenspond, B.B., Nfld., the son of Rev. Thomas B. Darby and Jessie Harris (Bishop) Darby.
Educated at Methodist College, Mt. Allison University, McGill University, Ontario College of Optometry.
Enlisted in Newfoundland Regiment in 1916, and served overseas, being wounded, until 1918.
After demobilization was at Mt. Allison, 1919-1920.
At McGill 1920-1923, began the study of medicine, but owing to health reasons was compelled to discontinue studies, and then went, 1924-25, to Ontario College of Optometry and American Optical College, where received degree Doctor of Optics.
Established present profession July 1, 1925, and has travelled widely in Newfoundland since that time.
Clubs: Methodist College Tennis, Old Collegians.
Recreations: Tennis, fishing and shooting.
Religion: Methodist.
Residence: Long's Hill, St. John's, Nfld.
Exporter and importer, 499 Broadway, New York City.
Born Nov.2,1876, at King's Cove, B.B., son of Michael and Catherine Devine.
Educated at Parochial School, King's Cove, B.B.
Began business career in employ of late Philip Templeman, Bonavista in 1898-1901.
Entered Marshall Bros.,St.John's, employ as a salesman. Resigned in 1909 and went into business on own account.
Vice-President Nfld. Wholesale Dry Goods Ltd.,1916-1920.
Contested District Placentia in interest Liberal Party 1919.
Delegate to Irish Convention (Self Determination) at Ottawa, Canada, 1920.
Appointed Trade Commissioner to United States November 1920, by the Newfoundland Government.
Married Aug.20,1903 to Miss Mary Gushue.
Society: Knights of Columbus.
Recreations: Golfing and fishing.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.
Residence: 420 Main Street, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey.
President M.M. Devine Co., Medford, Mass., U.S.A.
Born Oct. 30, 1879, at King's Cove, B.B., the son of Michael Devine and Catherine (Martin) Devine.
Educated at King's Cove.
Left Newfoundland in 1900 and with North Packing Co. for a short time.
Wharfinger on Union Wharf for two years.
Started painting business 1903. In 1906 went into sandblasting, afterwards combining guniting, a new process of doing cement work applied by compressed air.
Amongst his large contracts were: Boston City Hall, First National Banks, Adams House, Cantabury Hotel, Chelsea Public Library, Chelsea City Hall, Commonwealth Pier, Harvard Bridge and hundreds of other large buildings and bridges around Boston.
Also the radio station at Rocky Point, Long Island, N.Y., and the Hawk Valley viaduct at New York.
Married in 1909 to Miss Mary Badcock of Brigus.
Club: City.
Recreations: Golf, yachting.
Religion: R.C.
Politics: Democrat.
Residence: 204 Forest Street, Medford, Mass.
Summer residence: Wallaston Beach.
Manager Kildala Cannery, Rivers Inlet, B.C.
Born August 19, 1868, at Bonavista, Nfld.,son of Richard and Elizabeth Groves.
Educated at Public School, Bonavista.
Emigrated to Boston, Mass.,1886.
Entered salmon canning business on Frazer River, B.C., 1887.
Appointed foreman of Brunswick Cannery, at Steveston, 1893-1895.
Manager Brunswick Cannery, Rivers Inlet, 1896-1902.
Manager Alert Bay Cannery 1902-1904., Wadman's Cannery, River's Inlet, 1904-1905.
In 1906 helped to organize Kildala Packing Co.,Ltd.
Appointed Director of the Kildala Co., Ltd., upon organization and held office until the company was sold to Canadian Fishing Co.,Ltd, in 1925.
Married at Vancouver, B.C., Dec.17, 1895 to Miss Susan L. Critch.
Children: Four daughters, Beryl, Madge, Gladys and Dorothy.
Society: Oddfellows.
Clubs: Terminal, City, Vancouver, B.C.
Recreation: Golf.
Religion: United Church of Canada.
Politics: Conservative.
Residence: 1106 11th.Ave,W.Vancouver,B.C.
Summer residence: Kildala, Rivers Inlet, B.C.
Fish merchant.
Born in 1882 at Flat Islands, Bonavista Bay, son of William and Clara Hallett.
Educated at Public School, Flat Islands, B.B.
Fishing until seventeen years of age, then entered the firm of Slaters Dry Goods for three years.
Was in the employ of Harvey & Co., Ltd., for several years as book keeper of the Avalon Steam Cooperage and Nfld. Furniture & Mldg. Co.,Ltd.
Cashier for a short period Harvey Co.'s main office.
Six months book keeper with Franklin Agencies.
Afterwards Superintendent of the Newfoundland Furniture & Moulding Co. for several years, and also buying and curing fish for Harvey & Co.
Manager of the Nfld. Atlantic Fisheries, Ltd., for two and a half years.
Started business on his own account October, 1920.
Was Civic Commissioner for three months for the City of St.John's in 1921.
Societies: Sons of England, Masonic, Oddfellows, Sons of United Fishermen.
Clubs: Church of England Institute City, St.John's Curling.
Recreations: Football ,rowing, curling, motoring, fishing.
Religion: Church of England.
Independent in politics.
Residence: St.John's
Master Mariner and Commission Broker.
Managing Director Little Stephano Company.
Born July 8, 1855, at Flower's Island, Bonavista Bay, son of Joseph and Jean Kean.
Educated at Public School, Pool's Island and Greenspond.
In early life pursued the fisheries till 1890.
Engaged in costal service 1890-1892, commanding the S.S. Curlew, S.S. Leopard and S.S. Neptune in mail and passenger service.
In commercial business for several years.
Commanded S.S. Portia when ship was brought to the country in 1904 to ply in coastal service.
Later transferred to sister ship, S.S. Prospero, remaining master till 1920, being in charge of this service sixteen years.
First commanded S.S,Wolf at seal fishery, later S.S. Hope, S.S. Aurora, S.S. Terra Nova, S.S. Florizel and S.S. Stephano, covering the period 1889 - 1926.
Commanded S.S. Nascopie at seal fishery 1927.
Has brought in, in various ships, 810,000 seals.
Elected as representative of the District of Bonavista in the House of Assembly 1885.
Elected for District of Bay de Verde 1897, and became member of the Winter Cabinet and held portfolio of Minister of Marine and Fisheries, same year, for six months.
Married 1872 to Miss Caroline Yetman. Children: Five sons and two daughters.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Conservative.
Residence: "The Anchorage", Topsail Road, St. John's West.
Master Mariner.
Born Feb.19, 1867, at Flower's Island, B.B., the son of William Kean and Rebecca (Granter) Kean.
Educated at Pool's Island and Greenspond Public Schools.
Piloted German warship during summer of 1908, from St. John's to Nail, Northern Labrador thence to Battle Harbor.
Took command of sealing steamer 1909, and has successfully prosecuted seal fishery to date.
Commanding coastal steamers since 1911.
Served with the Reid Nfld. Co. some twenty-five years ago, on the first contract on the coastal mail service in Bonavista Bay;
Chief officer with Captain J.D.Taylor on S.S.Home for two years.
Later transferred to the Labrador mail service on S.S.Virginia Lake with Captain W.Parsons, four years.
Took command of S.S.Home in Straits of Belle Isle on coastal service.
Transferred as Captain of S.S. Invermore in 1912.
At present commander of S.S. Susu.
Captain of patrol service during the great war.
Married Jan. 26, 1913 to Miss Minnie Dalton, of St. John's.
Children: One, Angus.
Societies: Masonic.
Religion: United Church of Canada.
Politics: Independent.
Residence: 18 McDougall Street, St. John's.
Born November 28, 1894, at Greenspond, the son of Rev. Charles Lench and Emma(Rogerson) Lench.
Educated at Methodist College.
Correspondent and contributor of special articles to newspapers and magazines.
Founder and editor of Pegasus, a magazine of poetry, at San Diego, California, 1923-24.
One of the members of "Four", a quarterly poetic experiment, published in Los Angeles, California.
Member of California Writers' Club.
Member of New York Poetry Society.
Served as Sergeant in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in the Great War 1914-18, and saw active service in Gallipoli and France.
Residence: Brigus, Newfoundland, and La Mesa, California. Unmarried.
Master Mariner.
Master S.S. Anyott, Coastwise S.S. and Barge Co.
Born at Princeton, Nfld., son of James and Rebecca Prince.
Educated at Public School, Princeton, B.B.
Followed various trades in early life, fishing, mining and steamboating.
Has been for many years master of steamships in coastwise trade on the Pacific coast.
Married in 1905 to Miss Jennie Brown, daughter of Joseph Brown.
Societies: L.O.A. and R.P.B.
Religion: Free Thinker.
Politics: Progressive.
Residence: 1648 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Dominion Secretary-Treasurer of the Great War Veterans' Association of Newfoundland since 1924.
Born Oct.26, 1896, at Red Cliffe, B.B., son of J.B. Quinton and Sarah J. (Benger) Quinton.
Educated at Anglican School and R.C. Academy, Open Hall, B.B.
Engaged in school teaching 1913-1914 when became associated with Sir William Coaker in the Fishermen's Union Trading Co.
Managed various branch stores and became dry goods superintendent.
Enlisted in Newfoundland Regiment in 1916. Served in France and Belgium.
Took musketry and machine gun course at Madras College, St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea, Scotland, and Portsmouth, England and became first class instructor in Regiment.
Trained for commission for St.John's College, Cambridge, and received Lieutenant's Commission 1918.
After demobilization resumed association with Trading Company and later went with A.E. Hickman & Co. as travelling salesman.
Elected Dominion Secretary - Treasurer with the G.W.V.A. Delegate, 1925, to British Empire League Conference, presided over by Field-Marshall Earl Haig, at Ottawa.
Married 1921 to Miss Ella S. Blackmore.
Children: Two.
Societies: Masonic, Oddfellows, Cathedral Young Men's Literary Association, G.W.V.A.
Recreations: Shooting and fishing.
Religion: Church of England.
Residence: Cathedral St., St. John's, Nfld.
General Manager Newfoundland Railway.
Born at Musgrave Harbor Dec. 24, 1890, son of E.J. and M.A. Russell.
Educated at outport schools and City Commercial School.
Began business career as messenger and stenographer with the Newfoundland Express Co., St. John's, Sept. 12, 1906.
Chief Clerk to Superintendent of Railway June 25,1907.
Secretary to Gen. Supt. and Acting Chief Despatcher and Assistant to the Superintendent January 1913, to Nov. 27, 1917.
Superintendent Eastern Division Nov., 1917, to July 14, 1922.
Assistant to General Manager July 14, 1922.
Acting General Manager June 28, 1923.
Appointed General Manager August 29, 1923.
Married Miss Jean Campbell, daughter of William Campbell, 350 Water Street, August 1, 1917.
Has two sons.
Societies: Masonic, M.C.L.I.( ex-President), G.A.A.(ex-President).
Residence: 22 Leslie Street, St. John's.
Practising physician, Bonavista, B.B.
Born May 18,1872, at London, the son of Henry Rutherford, of Scotland, and Mary Wilhelmina (Bruxner) Rutherford.
Educated at various schools in England.
In general practice at Bonavista since 1902.
Married in 1912 to Miss Caroline Russell, who died one year later. Has no children.
Society: Oddfellows.
Recreations: Music, literature.
Religion: Church of England.
Residence: Bonavista, B.B., Nfld.
Proprietor general store Musgravetown, B.B.
Born Sept.27,1868 at Elliston, T.B.,the son of Benjamin Stead and Elizabeth Romaine Stead.
Educated at Methodist School, Elliston.
Started shoemaking in Musgravetown in 1890.
Went into general business 1894, having schooners built and supplied for Labrador coast for 25 years.
Cutter and exporter of pit props and pulp wood since 1915.
Dealer in lumber for over 30 years.
Married Feb. 22, 1889, to Miss Jane Chaulk.
Society: L.O.A.
Religion: Salvation Army.
Independent in politics.
Residence: Musgravetown, B.B.
President and Managing Director J.T. Swyers Company.,Limited.
Born 1876 at Bonavista, Nfld.,son of George and Hannah Swyers.
Engaged in general commercial business of the country 1894.
Established the present firm of J.T.Swyers Company, Limited, at Bonavista 1920.
Married 1904 to Miss Alice Keel.
Children: Nine, Edmund, Albert, James, Blanche, Alfreda, Florence, Harry, Charles and Joyce.
Society: Oddfellows.
Religion: United Church of Canada.
Residence: Bonavista, B.B., Newfoundland.
WILLIAM TEMPLEMAN - M.D.,C.M., McGill University.
Born Jan.27, 1889, at Bonavista, the son of the late Hon. Philip Templeman and Catherine Templeman.
Educated at Bonavista High School, Methodist and St. Bonaventure's Colleges, St. John's.
Enlisted with No.3 McGill General Hospital in October, 1914, as private.
Received commission in R.A.M.C. June, 1915, and served to end of the Dardanelles campaign as Captain in various casualty and stationary hospitals and hospital ships.
Invalided to Canadian August, 1916, and spent remainder of service with R.A.M.C. in Canada till demobilization in March, 1919.
Returned to private practice in Newfoundland. Practiced for three years at Old Perlican, two years at St. John's, and two years to date at Bonavista.
Married in April, 1915, to Miss Alice Agnes Lloyd of Montreal.
Has two children,
Societies: Masonic, Oddfellows and L.O.A.
Clubs: Masonic.
Recreation: Fishing, shooting, football and motoring.
Religion: Methodist.
Residence: Bonavista, Newfoundland.
Trading merchant.
Director firm of K.& J. Way, Newtown, B.B.
Born July 6,1886, at Newtown, B.B.,the son of Noah and Susanna (Weeks) Way.
Educated at Public School, Newtown, B.B.
Engaged in cod fishery and seal fishery in early life.
Began business of buying fish and oil on commission in 1911.
Assisted in establishing the firm of K. & J.Way, 1918, which operates a fishery supplying business at Newtown, with branches at Outer Wadhams and Lumsden.
Married January 18,1911, to Miss Theresa House.
Children: Five sons and one daughter.
Club: Star of the East (Assistant Manager).
Religion: United Church of Canada.
Politics: Liberal.
Residence: Newtown, B.B.
Summer residence: Outer Wadhams.
Managing Director firm of K.& J. Way.
Born 1884 at Newtown, B.B.,the son of Noah and Susannah (Wicks) Way.
Educated at Newtown.
Began active life as a fisher lad.
Went to Vancouver, B.C., 1911, and engaged in steamboating.
Commanded S.S. Alberdice and other steamboats, 1914 to 1916
Returned to Newfoundland and engaged in buying fishery products on commission.
Established the firm of K.& J. Way, 1919.
Conducts a fishery supplying business at Newtown and Offer Wadhams.
Married in 1918 to Lillian Blundon, of Catalina.
Children: Three sons and one daughter.
Clubs: Star of the East Club.
Religion: United Church.
Politics: Liberal.
Residence: Newtown, B.B.
Summer residence: Offer Wadhams.
American Hawaiian S.S.Co.
Born Feb.20, 1894, at Greenspond, Newfoundland, the son of Aaron and Sarah(Bishop) White.
Educated at Public School, Greenspond, Nfld.
Taught school 1912-1917.
Joined the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, serving in France and Belgium.
Wounded at Paschendale Sept.28,1918. Invalided home and discharged as medically unfit.
Went to United States September 1923.
Appointed to present position March 1926.
Married August 14, 1923, to Miss Elizabeth Tremills.
Children: One daughter.
Recreation: Motoring.
Religion: Anglican.
Republican in politics.
Residence: 537- 49th.Street,Brooklyn,U.S.A.
Born October 9, 1883, at Wesleyville, Nfld.,son of James and Sarah Winsor.
Educated at Mt. Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick.
Accepted as probationer for the Methodist Ministry July, 1906, and began missionary work in White Bay.
Entered Mount Allison University, Sackville, N.B. October, 1909 to May, 1912.
Circuits: Pacquet, White Bay, 1906-1908; Long Island, P.B., 1908-1909; Shoal Harbor 1912-1916; Musgrave Harbor 1916-1920; Western Bay 1920-1924, and at Twillingate 1924 to date.
In 1926 was elected Chairman of the Twillingate Presbytery.
Married Aug. 28, 1913 to Miss Bessie Hollett, a student at Mt. Allison University, the daughter of Capt. Henry and Mary Hollett of Burin.
Children: Four.
Societies: Masonic, L.O.A. and T.O.Y. Britons Assoc.
Was elected Grand Chaplain of the P.G. Lodge of Newfoundland 1921, and held this office till 1923.
Appointed Grand Delegate to the Sovereign Lodge and Supreme Grand Council, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1923.
P.G. Chaplain of the Grand Black Chapter, P.G. Lodge, Newfoundland. Office
Chaplain of Free Masons, Lodge No. 2364, Twillingate.
Recreations: Football and shooting.
Residence: Twillingate, Newfoundland.
Superintendent, Eastern Division, Newfoundland Railway.
Born August 18, 1877, at Bonavista, the son of Nicholas White and Ann Keough.
Educated at Bonavista.
Was four years with commercial firms at Bonavista, King's Cove and Labrador, to 1900.
Then joined Reid Nfld. Co., since when has been sixteen years in train and station service.
Then travelling auditor claims agent and trainmaster.
Appointed to present position, 1923.
Married July 9, 1908, to Miss Christine J .Maher.
Has two daughters and one son.
Societies: B.I.S. and K.of C.
Religion: R.C.
Residence: 54 LeMarchant Road, St. John's.
Master Mariner (Inspector of pickled fish and refined cod liver oil.)
Born Swain's Island, Bonavista Bay, 1872, son of William Winsor and Emma Olivia Winsor.
Educated at Methodist College and Professor Holloway.
Married Dec. 11, 1894, to Miss Kate Andrews, of Harbor Grace.
Children: Three, Reginald Clarence, Wilberforce, Ena.
Societies: Masonic, Lodge Tasker, S.U.F., L.O.A., St. John's.
Club: Bowling.
Religion: Church of England.
Politics: Independent.
Residence: 24 Barnes' Road, St. John's.
Director Fishermen's Union Trading Co.,Ltd.
Born May 27,1876, at Wesleyville, B.B., son of George and Elizabeth Winsor.
Educated at Public School, Wesleyville.
Prosecuted cod fishery from 1888-1912.
Appointed in charge branch store Fishermen's Union Trading Co.
Since 1919 has been interested in fish supplying and lumber business on own account and at present operates and manages mill and general wood working factory at Wesleyville, B.B.
In 1913 contested District of Bonavista in interest of Liberal Union Party and was elected Member House of Assembly.
Was re-elected in 1919 and again in 1923 for same district.
Married in 1903 to Miss Alice E. Whiteway, daughter of Charles and Mary Whiteway, of Musgrave Harbor, Fogo District.
Children: None.
Societies: L.O.A. and Black Preceptory.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Liberal Union.
Residence: Wesleyville, B.B.
Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
Born Sept.12, 1876, at Swain's Island, Bonavista Bay, son of Captain William and Emma (Whiteway) Winsor.
Educated at Wesleyville Public School and Methodist College, St. John's.
Went to Labrador fishery and seal fishery with his father at nine years of age. Followed up these fisheries ever since.
Master of steamers at seal fishery 21 years with an annual average of 18,000 seals, in the following ships:
S.S.Virginia Lake, Greenland, Bloodhound, Beothic, Thetis, and Neptune.
Elected member for Bay de Verde 1903.
Elected for District of Bonavista 1908.
Owing to political deadlock in the House, 18 to 18, did not go to seal fishery in spring of 1909.
Elected again for Bonavista that year.
Elected for same district with Premier Monroe in 1924.Appointed Minister of Marine and Fisheries.
In 1925 represented Newfoundland on a mission to Quebec to settle a dispute between Newfoundland fishermen and Canadians about trap berths in Straits of Belle Isle, and amicably settled same.
President of Game and Inland Fisheries Board and General Fisheries Board.
Married August 9,1902, to Miss Josephine Blandford, Greenspond.
Children: Six.
Societies: Masonic, L.O.A., S.U.F., Orange Young Britons.
Club: Curling.
Recreations: Shooting and fishing.
Religion: United Church.
Residence: Cochrane Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.

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