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1709 Petition to Queen Ann

In 1708 French troops from Placentia, under the command of St. Ovide de Brouilion,
attacked the fort of St. John's and captured it on December 21st.

The residents of Carbonear, when the news of the taking of St. John's reached them,
abandoned their fishing plantations and took refuge on Carbonear Island, which they
fortified, and sucessfully defended themselves against the French attempts to dislodge them.

The following is a translation of a petition sent to Queen Ann by the planter fishermen
requesting assistance. Descendents of some of the men whose signatures appear
on this petition still live in Carbonear and vicinity.



May it please our Gracious Queen Ann of Great Britain France and Ireland and Defender of the Faith

We your Majesties most loyall Subjects with humble submission do send this express to give Intelligence
to your Gracious Majesty of the unfortunate news of the taking of your Majesties Fort at St. John's
the 21st of December Anno Domini 1708/9 and your castle surrendered the next day following. The enemy
who were in number about one hundred and sixty, they received little or no resistance and your
Majesties Subjects are in a deplorable condition, under great confinement in St. John's. We your Majesties
Loyall subjects that reside on the Island will by God's assistance defend ourselves from the party
of French till your Majesty will send us relief which we humbly beg to be with all expedition, for
we understand by your spys that we have sent, that they are fortifying the fort more and that they have
sent an express to France by a ship that they have in the country for a succor. We humbly beg of your
Majesty to take it into consideration to grant us relief with expedition or else the French ships will be
here to the eternal ruin of us your Majesties Subjects and the loss of the little part of this province we possess.

GOD preserve Queen Ann.

January Sixth.

William Boyos[?]     George Davies
Nick Guy                 Thomas Williams
John Pike                 Thomas Pike
Amarey Chi?ke
William ?                  Samuel Hamon

Pottor[?] Brock       Tho Ro??s
Thomas W?              Andrew Merken
Thomas Moores


Contributed by C. R. Wilson (August 2010)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (August 07, 2010)

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