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Trepassey, Newfoundland



The following is from an address at a Mass of Thanksgiving. Thinking of the first group of Presentation Sisters to assist at a Mass of Thanksgiving, offered in their behalf, the names of the founding members came to mind vividly, though their appearances have not been captured even on Kodak: Sr. M. Teresa Halpin, the Superior, Sr. M. Ita O' Sullivan, teacher and musician, Sisters M. Gertrude and M. Alphonsus O' Driscoll of the same family:-all of Irish origin - who had left homes and loved ones to dedicate their young lives to the service of God and their adopted folk of Newfoundland. Then, a true "native - born" lady - Sr. M. Agatha, ( Finlay ) Foley of St. Shott's, who had spent some years in the far- flung mission of Harbour Breton. A late comer from the city of St. John's - Miss Catherine Smythe - joined the ranksof the Presentation Sisters at the Convent, Trepassey, and was received in the Parish Church as Sr. M. Joseph, at the age of seventeen. How they must be proud of the succession of Sisters through the years, as they , by the grace of God, learn of the Hundred Years' progress.

ST. AGUSTINE'S CONVENT, 1882---present day ( 1997 ) ( Roman Catholic)

Barker, S.  Savio  (Louise )     	Lawlor, S. M. Raphael
Barry, S. Pauline		            Lee, S. M. Seana
Barry, S. M . St. Jude		        Leonard, S. M. Sheila
Bishop, S. M. Dympna	        	    Lidstone, S. Catherine ( Francelita )
Bonia, S. Helen ( Raymond)	        Lundrigan, S. M. Mildred
Bouzane, S. M. Cyprian	
Brake, S. M. Claudia		            Mansfield, S. M. Pius
Burt, S. M. Benedicta		        Marche, S. M. Inez
Butler, S. Sandra		            Molloy, S. Frances ( Noel )
                                     Mooney, S. Catherine
Carroll, S. Terence Marie	        Moore, S. Esther ( Helen Marie )
Christopher, S. Philomena ( Noreen )	Murphy, S. Hyacinth
Coady, S. M. Camilla     	    	Murray, S. M. Bridget
Coffey, S. M. Sebastian	        	MacNeil, S. M. Rita
 Collett, S. M. Solanus	        	McCarthy, S. M. Bonaventure
Collins, S. Eileen (Andrea ) 	    McCarthy ,S. Marie
Corrigan, S. Helen (Giovanni )   	McGettigan, S. Matthew
Costello, S. Marilyn     	     	McLoughlin, S. Margaret ( Lawrence Marie )
Curtis, S. M. Theopane	        	McNeil, S. M. Carmelita
Crawford, S. Anastasia	
                                 	O' Brien, S. Calasanctius
Daly, S. M. Lucilla	            	O' Driscoll, S. M. Alphonsus
Devine, S. Madeline (Sophie Teresa )	O' Keefe, S. M. Baptista
Devine, S. Margaret	            	O' Keefe -  Sr. Regis
Devine, S. Teresa	            	O' Sullivan, S. M. Ita
Dinn, S. M. James	
Downey, S. M. Liguori        		Parsley, S. M. Luke
Doyle, S. M. Teresa ( Hildegarde )	Philott, S. M. Rosarii
Duane, S. M. Gertrude	        	Pittman, S. M. Meline
Duggan, S. Alice Mary	
Dunne, S. M. Fabian		            Roche, S. M. Agatha
                                     Russell, S. M. Roberta
Evans, S. M. Concepta	            Ryan, S. Theresa (Cosmos )
Fagan, S. M. Uriel	            	Sesk, S. M. Agnes ( Olivette )
Farrell, S. Mary ( Corsini )     	Smith, S. M. Margaret ( Edwardine )
Foley ( Finlay ), S. M. Agatha   	Smythe, S. Catherine ( Joseph )
                                 	Sorenson, S. Marie de Chantel
Gosse,S. M. Bridget          		Stapels, S. Sylvia
Gosse,S.Elizabeth Anne(Patrick James)St. Croix, S. M. Anna
Grey, S. M. Xavier	            	Sullivan, S. M. Catherine ( Cornelia )
                                 	Sullivan, S. M. Patrice
Hall, S. M. Casimir	
Halpin, S. M. Teresa         		Tee, S. M.  Teresa
Hynes, S. M. Bertrand        		Tobin, S. M. Josephine
Hynes, S. M. Catherine       		Tobin, S. Patricia ( Antoinette )
Hynes, S. M. Helen (Lawrence)    	Tobin, S. M. Teresa Francis
                                     Tracey, S. Patricia
Johnson, S. Mary (Ephrem)	
                                     Wakeham, S. Lillian (Benedict)
Kavanagh, S. M. Coletta	        	Walsh, S. Alice ( Felicita )
Keane, S. Margaret Mary	        	Walsh, S. M. Annette
Kelly, S. M. Gabriella	        	Walsh, S. Doris
Kelly, S. M. Harriet         		Walsh, S. M. Stephanie
Kenny, S. M. Agnes	            	Whelan, S. Jean ( Carthagh )
Kenny, S. M. Dorothy          		Whelan, S. Gladys ( Ita )
Kenney, S. M. Margaret Mary(Alocoque)White, S. Joan ( Isabelle ) 
Kennedy, S. Elizabeth ( Richard )	White, S. Mary ( Sylvester )
Kennedy, S. M. Perprtua	         	Woodrow, S. Monica
King, S. M. Evangelista	
King, S. Patricia ( Josepha )    	Yeo, S. M. Timothy

Trepassey, Newfoundland


Parish Priests					Year of Service
Reverend 	Jeremiah O' Neill		1843-1860
Reverend	Thomas Hennebury	 	1861-1882
Very Reverend	William Born			1883-1909
Reverend	Henry T. Renouf			1909-1916
Reverend	William O' Flaherty		1916-1921
Reverend	E. J. Wilson			1921-1942
Reverend	William P. Collins		1942-1946
Reverend	James Dunn			1946-1948
Reverend	Francis Mullowney		1948-1980
Reverend	John McGettigan			1980-1988
Reverend	Peter Golden			1988-
Reverend	John Power			1927
Reverend	H.E. Curtis			1926-1928
Reverend	J.J. Murray			1930-1931
Reverend	Cyril Stephen Egan		1931-1934


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