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Pinchards Island Reunion 1993



The following information was extracted by Linda Elkins-Schmitt in January 2003 from the document entitled  "Pinchards Island Reunion 1993"


The booklet contains sections entitled:


A Short History of Pinchard's Island written by Peter Hall


Pinchard's Island Then and Now written by Herber W. Gill


It also contains quite a number of sketches drawn by Gilbert John Gill of the various homes,

churches, businesses and vessels  which belonged to the people of Pinchard's Island.


Other sources acknowledged in the booklet include:

1. The Writings of Reverend Naboth Winsor

2. The Work and Life of Reverend Julien Moreton

3. The Letters of Reverend John Goodacre Cragg

4. The Minutes of Bonavista North Board of Education

5. The Church Records of Births, Baptisms,

Marriage, Deaths and Burials, and other Relevant Material

6. Mr. Heber Gill of St. John's, NF





People mentioned in the booklet (in alphabetical order):


Abraham, Bishop Philip

Allen, Reverend J.S.


Barbour, Captain Joe

Barbour, Captain Alphaeus

Blackmore, Alex, sketch of vessel The Best Girl

Blackmore, Archibald, son of Jesse and Laura Blackmore

Blackmore, Eleanor Marie, daughter of Archibald and Millicent, Blackmore

Blackmore, Jesse sketch of his premises

Blackmore, Captain John

Blackmore, William

Boland, Ethel, daughter of William and Keziah Boland

Boland, Jesse, sketch of vessel Pioneer

Boland, Keziah (Davis)

Boland, Llewellyn, sketch of vessel Pioneer

Boland, Thomas

Bungay, Kenneth

Burry, David


Collins, Mrs. (teacher)

Coster, Rev. Nathaniel Allen

Curtis, Henry

Curtis, John


Davis, Abraham

Davis, Bertley

Davis, Eleazor

Davis, George

Davis, Henry

Davis, James

Davis, Jimmy, sketch of his house

Davis, Job

Davis, Keziah daughter of James and Julia Davis

Davis, Thomas

Davis, William

Dyer, Rev. W.


Field, Bishop Edward

Fudge, Reverend A.W.

Gray, Mr. (designed  St. Matthew's Church)
Green, Edward, sketch of his premises

Green, Captain Fred

Gill, Ammon, sketch of  his house

Gill, Daniel

Gill, Edwin

Gill, Edward and Hannah, parents of Heber W. Gill

Gill, Fred, sketches of his boats Janie Gill and Hellen M. Gill

Gill, Gilbert John, son of Ammon and Caroline Gill

Gill Harry, sketch of his general store

Gill, Herber W.

Gill, Isaac

Gill, Captain John

Gill, J.W. sketch of general store

Gill, Melvin Bruce, son of John and Gertrude Gill

Gill, Millicent, daughter of Bertram and Eleanor Gill

Gill, Noah, sketch of premises

Gill, Robert John

Gill, Susannah

Gill, William, sketch of vessel Clementine


Hall, Mary Anne, daughter of John and Isabella Hall

Hall, Peter

Hand, John

Hefferton, family name

Hicks, Edward

Hounsell, Catherine Ann

Hounsell, Captain Richard, sketch of his vessel Maxwell R


Indoe, Reverend James

Inglis, Bishop (of Nova Scotia)


Jones, family name


Moreton, Rev. Julien


Norris, Charles and sketch of his house

Norris, Clarence, son of Fred and Matilda Norris

Norris, Dan

Norris, Eli, son of John and Dinah (Gill) Norris

Norris, George, son of Levi and Helena

Norris, George

Norris, Herbert

Norris, Isaac

Norris John

Norris, Samuel

Norris, William Kevin, son of Walter and Rita Norris


Paine, Reverend George

Parsons, Abraham

Parsons, Captain John, sketch of his vessel Lady Green

Parsons, John, sketch of general store

Parsons, Kenneth

Parsons, Richard, son of Richard and Olive

Perry, Solomon

Perry, Uncle George and Aunt Mary Ann, parents of Solomon


Sainsbury, John

Stockley, Samuel


Torraville, Reverend Harry


Vincent, Allan

Vincent, Margaret (Gill)


Way, Frederick, sketch of vessel Pioneer




Places mentioned in the book include:


Fishing berths:

Charge Rock

New Found Out

Whale Ground

Ninety Four

One Hundred and Two


Long Beach

Sandbank Pond




The following chronological data was extracted by Linda Elkins-Schmitt in January 2003 from the document entitled  "Pinchards Island Reunion 1993"



Year Month Day Surname First Name Event
1801     Burry David built first house on Pinchard's Is that year
1802         First recorded inhabitants of Pinchard's Is
1802     Burry David built fishing room on Pinchards
1802     Stockley Samuel built fishing room on Pinchards
1802     Hicks Edward built fishing room on Pinchards with John Morris
1802     Morris John built fishing room on Pinchards with Edward Hicks
1802     Stockley Samuel Built house on Pinchard's Is that year
1802     Hicks Edward Built house on Pinchard's Is that year
1802     Norris John Built house on Pinchard's Is that year
1827         population recorded at 120 (one Roman Catholic, remainder Anglican)population recorded at 120 (one Roman Catholic, remainder Anglican). Heads of families: 20 male, 18 female; Children: 39 male, 18 female; Servants: 18 male, 2 female; Boarders: 5 male
1827     Sainsbury John first school teacher for Pinchard's Is. Came from Greenspond.
1827     Inglis Bishop concecrated a store which was the first church on Pinchards Island.
1831         36 pupils in school on Pinchard's Is and populaton of island 139
1836         statistics show there were 6 boats on Pinchard's Is capable of participating in the seal hunt.
1839         popluation was 171 (147 Church of England, 24 Roman Catholic). 36 Dwelling Houses on the Island
1840         school ceases to operate on island
1841         First burial ground consecreated on Pinchard's Is
1842     Barbour Captain Joe oldest of the Barbour brothers, born on Pinchard's Island that year.
1843         Abraham Parsons & John Curtis employed to build new school house on Pinchards Is. Funds provided by Colonial money from England
1844 Oct 30 Sainsbury John again appointed school teacher
1845         42 children attended school. Yearly fee 4 shillings, 9 pence for each child which was paid by parents
1845         statistics show Pinchard's Island fishermen owned 190 seal nets
1845     Blackmore Captain John census records one sealing vessel on Pinchard's Island, the Lark, 55 tons, built at Twillingate in 1822, powered by sails, and purchased by Captain Blackmore.
1845     Davis   William, Thomas, Henry, Abraham, George, James and Job Davis purchased The Post Boy, 47 tons, built in Murray Hr, PEI in 1843, to take part in seal fishery
1845     Gill Captain John built the 30 ton vessel Thomas and Ellen on Pinchard's Is. It was broken up while persuing the seal hunt, and lost on shores of Greenspond (1851?)
1850         Year when 3 baptisms took place at Inner Islands ( Richard of Richard and Olive Parsons; George of Levi and Helena Norris; Mary Anne, of John and Isabella Hall). Likely late 1840s when first movement of settlers to Inner Islands began.
1853         St. Matthews Church of England built
1853 August 29 Dwyer Rev. W. conducted first service in St. Matthew's Church
1853 September 21 Field Bishop E. concecrated St. Matthew's Church
1853     Dwyer Rev. W. Performed first marriage at St. Matthew's Anglican Church (that of William Blackmore and Susannah Gill)
1853     Blackmore Captain John purchased 121 ton vessel "Hebe"
1853     Blackmore Captain John operated the Lark and Hebe to prosecute seal fishery
1854     Sainsbury John reappointed as school teacher
1856     Hand John appointed as school teacher
1856     Moreton Rev. J. noted that in previous 7 years, only 49 of the 334 persons married could sign their own name.
1857         population 359 (329 Church of England, 21 Roman Catholic, 12 Methodist)
1857     Davis Henry First record of Methodists living on the Island. First meetings held in home of Mr. Davis and called "Cottage Meetings".
1857         Fishermen of Pinchard's Is owned 202 seal nets and 13 sealing boats; 3,704 seals taken that year.
1857     Davis Abraham Took 1,500 seals in the vessel Rival
1859     Blackmore Captain John lost the vessel Lark
1862         Pichard's Island Mission formed which included area from Muddy Hole (Musgrave Harbour) to Pinchard's Is. 380 Church of England members living on Pinchards and Inner Islands.
1862     Allen Rev. J. appointed as first Methodist minister to be stationed on the north side of Bonavista Bay
1865     Goodacre Cragg Rev. J. noted that poverty and distress was very great in the Mission that year, and that for the last 6 years, there were failures in both the cod and seal fisheries.
1869         Peak population of 457 inhabitants ( 389 Church of England, 49 Methodist, 19 Roman Catholics). 57 Dwelling houses.
1869         Fishermen of Pinchard's Is owned 151 seal nets and had 6 boats
1869         highest population count, 457
1874         population declined to 264 because people had moved to Inner Islands (Newtown)
1878 July 11 Collins Mrs. appointed as school teacher for Inner Islands for the three winter months when children from there could not get to Pinchard's Is to attend school there.
1894         Church of England Headquarters moved from Pinchard's Is to Newtown
1898 March   Curtis Henry of Pinchard's Is, perished in the Greenland disaster, age 23 years
1898 March   Norris Herbert of Pinchard's Is, perished in the Greenland disaster, age 24 years; his body was never recovered
1898 March   Norris George of Pinchard's Is, perished in the Greenland disaster, age 28 years
1898 March   Parsons Kenneth of Pinchard's Is, perished in the Greenland disaster, age 29 years
1900         two schooners from Pinchard's Is. went to the Labrador fishing with a crewe of 13 and there were 13 fishing rooms on Pinchard's Is.
1900         The island had 47 dwelling houses inhabited by 54 families; 6 houses being built; one school with accommodation for 50 pupils.
1901         Methodist Church built on Pinchard's Island for it's 44 members; completed in 1906
1902 September 7 Davis Keziah baptised in new Methodist church before it's completion, daughter of James and Julia Davis
1906         Early layreaders in new Methodist church were Charles Norris, Daniel Gill, Edwin Gill, Samuel Norris, Charlie Lush, Samuel Gill, Bertley Davis, Isaac Gill.
1910     Gill Will uncle of Heber W. Gill, was assistant lighthouse keeper with John Sainsbury of Greenspond at Cabot Island
1912     Norris Dan Built 10 ton boat Clemintina for Edward Gill, father of Heber W. Gill.
1913     Norris Dan Built boat Sarah B for Samuel Boland, which was named after Sam's oldest daughter
1913     Norris Isaac and brothers built boat Seeker
1914         up until 1920, movement of people from Pinchard's Is to New York, followed by movement to paper mills at Grand Falls and Corner Brook.
1951     Torraville Rev.H. Performed last marriage at St. Matthew's Anglican Church (that of Archibald Blackmore and Millicent Gill)
1952         Last baby born on Pinchard's Is. (William Kevin, son of Walter and Rita Norris)
1952 November 3 Davis Eleazor last funeral in Methodist church, age 63 years
1953     Fudge Rev.A. Performed last baptism at St. Matthew's Anglican Church (that of Eleanor Marie, daughter of Archibald and Millicent Blackmore)
1953     Gill J.W. Layreader, held last funeral on Pinchard's Is. (that of Catherine Ann Hounsell, age 73 years)
1953     Gill Melvin last baby baptised in Methodist church Melvin Bruce, son of John and Gertrude Gill
1953 November       After 151 years of settlement, the Island was vacated

Contributed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt (January 2003)

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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