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Petitioners of Land in Trinity Bay Area
1830 - 1833

The following petition is included here because the majority of them are in Trinity locale.

Persons who petitioned for land, and will probably receive grants,
if no legal counter claim can be brought forward within three hereof.
signed Newman W. Hoyles, Acting Surveyor, 7 May 1833:

Date of Petition Applicant Where Situated
19 Aug 1830 John Bowden Rider/Ryder's Hill, Trinity Hrb.
no date John Silly/ Sulley Trinity.
10 Sep 1831 William Kelson Maggoty Cove, Trinity Hrb.
10 Sep 1831 William Kelson Maggoty Cove, Trinity Hrb.
10 Sep 1831 William Kelson Gosse Cove, Trinity Hrb.
10 Sep 1831 Slade & Kelson Rider/ Ryder's Hill.
10 Sep 1831 William Spencer Jigging Hole.
12 Sep 1831 Jacob Christian SW Arm, Goose Cove.
12 Sep 1831 Edward Eagan Gott's Cove & SW Arm.
13 Sep 1831 Joseph Pittman SW Arm, Trinity Hrb.
13 Sep 1831 Richard Maidment Penguin Cove & SW Arm.
13 Sep 1831 Robert Mayers Goose Cove.
24 Sep 1831 William Bullock Gott's Cove & Penguin Cove.
26 Sep 1831 Samuel Pardy Gott's Cove & SW Arm.
27 Sep 1831 James Collis SW Arm, Trinity Hrb.
27 Sep 1831 James Collis Penguin Cove & SW Arm.
30 Sep 1831 Lawrence Mollet SW Arm, Trinity Hrb.
Sep 1831 Henry Bowring Gott's Cove.
Sep 1831 George Skelton Gott's Cove.
Sep 1831 William Brine SW Arm, Goose Cove.
05 Oct 1831 Thomas Carroll & John Dais, Goose Cove.
08 Oct 1831 Patrick Dooling Trinity Harbour.
10 Oct 1831 Slade & Kelson Penguin Cove & SW Arm.
12 Oct 1831 Robert Mayers Rider/ Ryder's Hill, Trinity Hrb.
17 Oct 1831 Richard Willar Rider/ Ryder's Hill.
Oct 1831 William Sweet Trinity.
Oct 1831 Charles Granger Trinity.
21 Nov 1831 JB Garland Rider/ Ryder's Hill.
Nov 1831 Slade & Kelson Penguin Cove.
Nov 1831 John Hayler/Hayter Salvage Hill.
Nov 1831 JB Garland Gott's Cove.
02 Oct 1832 William Kelson Trinity Hrb.
20 Nov 1832 Michael Handlon Robert Hood's Pond.
08 Dec 1832 Patrick Brine N Side, Trinity Hrb.
Dec 1832 Catharine Ash, Bounds Mean, NW Sie of Smith's Sound.
20 Jun 1832 Joseph Johnson Jock Fountain, Fortune Bay.
28 Jun 1832 Charles Parady Fountain Head, Fortune Bay.
02 Jul 1832 Richard Banfield Mays Cove, Fortune Cove.
05 Jul 1832 Kennely & Hickey Head of Fortune Bay.
Jul 1832 Patrick Burke Head of Fortune Bay.
Jul 1832 Patrick Burke Barasway, Fortune Bay.
06 Jul 1832 John & James Miles Head of Fortune Bay.
Jul 1832 James Miles, Senr. Head of Fortune Bay.
09 JUl 1832 John Keping/Keeping Long Hrb., Fortune Bay.
10 Jul 1832 John Chafy Grand John Hrb., Fort. Bay.
12 Jul 1833 John Wakely Fortune Bay.
1833 William Parady Grand St. Pier Barasway.

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