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People and vessels cited in
“Fifty-Two Years at the Labrador Fishery”

by Nicholas Smith



People and vessels cited in “Fifty-Two Years at the Labrador Fishery”, by Nicholas Smith, 1936.

Nicholas Smith, operated as a planter out of Brigus, Newfoundland.   He records in detail his activities  in the Labrador Fishery and the Seal Fishery over a period from 1874 to 1934. Included in his book are names of  fishing schooners, sealing ships, fishing stations, firms and fishermen associated with the industry in NF and Labrador during this period. The book has no index. I have attempted to transcribe and compile the names of people and vessels cited in the book as an aid to those searching for relatives involved in the Labrador Fishery during this period.

John Cornick,

Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada


Abbey, Miss; Aspey, Mr.; Antle, Skipper John; Armstromg, Dr.; Baird, Hon. James; Barber, Capt Alphaeus; Barber, Capt. George; Barr, George M.; Bartlett, Capt. A.; Bartlett, Capt. Joseph; Bartlett, Capt. Harry; Bartlett, Capt. Henry; Bartlett, Lewis; Bartlett, Capt. Moses; Bartlett, Capt. R.A.; Bartlett, Rupert; Bartlett, Capt. Sam; Bartlett, Capt. William; Blandford, Capt. Sam; Bolt, Rev. Canon; Bonnell, Skipper Sam; Breaker, Sam; Brien, Capt. Michael; Bullion, Capt. Arch; Burke, Phillip; Byrne, Michael; Campbell, William; Chalker, Capt. George; Chandler, Mr.; Clarke, Capt.; Clarke, Capt. George; Clarke, Capt. John; Clarke, Capt. Robert; Collins, Capt. Robert; Cooper, Harriett; Costello; Costello, Capt. John; Crane, Mr. Fen; Crinton, Lt. C.; Dawe, Capt Azariah; Dawe, Capt. Charles; Dow, Dr.; Doyle; Edwards, Samuel; Ellis, Mr.; Fitzgerald, Capt. Morris; Flynn, Gerry; Fowler, Capt.; Garland, David; Garland, John; Gushue, Capt. William; Gushue, Skipper George; Harvey, Abraham; Harvey, Capt. Job; Harvey, George; Harvey, James; Harvey, Robert; Harvey, W.G.; Hayden, Timothy; Hennessey, Capt John; Hickman, Mr.; Hiscock, Mr. E.; Hiscock, Capt. Edmund; Hiscock, Mr.; Hiscock, Graham; Hiscock, J.W,; Horwood, Albert; Horwood, R.F.; Horwood, W.F.; Hutchings, George, Jackman, Capt.; Jerrett, C.A.; Jerrett, G.C.; Job, Hon. W.C.; Kean, Capt.; Kelley, Capt. James; Kennedy, Edward; Kenny, David; Knee, Capt.; Leaman, Robert; Lewis, Capt. Moses; Mansfield, Patrick; McLachlan, Mr.; Mcrae, R.D.; Munden, Capt. Azariah; Munden, Capt. W.; Munn, Dugald; Norman, Capt. N.; Norman, Capt. Henry; Norman, Capt. John; Newbury, Fred; Newbury, Capt.; O’Brien, John; Parsons, Capt. William; Pumphery, Capt.; Rabbits, Nath; Rabbits, Roy; Randall, Capt.; Roberts, Capt. Alfred; Roberts, Capt. Stephen; Roberts, G.B.; Roberts, George; Rose, Robert; Ross, Mr.; Ryan, Matthew; Selley, Capt. James; Serrick, Richard; Simms, James; Simms, Joseph; Smith, Capt.; Smith, Elizabeth; Smith, George; Smith, James; Smith, John; Smith, Capt. Nicholas; Smith, Susanna; Smith, William; Spearns, mate; Spracklin, Capt. George; Spracklin, Capt. James; Spracklin, Capt. Tom; Spracklin, Capt. Sam; Spracklin, John; Spracklin, Robert; Stentaford, Mrs.; Strickland, James; St. John, Capt. Patrick; Thomey, Capt. Henry; Tracey, Thomas; Wade, Mr.; Washer, Henry; Washer, Joseph; Whelan, Capt. Stephen; White, Capt. Thomas; Wilcox, Skipper John; Williams, George; Young, Capt. Moses. 


Ss Adventure; Sch. Alexander; ss Belladventure; ss Beothic; ss Bonaventure; Sch. Brightwater; Paddle Boat Cabot; ss Clan Macgilvary; Sch. Corolla; Wh. Dean; ss Diana; ss Eagle; Barq. Elizabeth; Sch. General Grant; Tanker Guard; Sch. Harvest Home; ss Herald; Tug Ingram; Sch Invermay; Sch. Isabel; ss Kite; Sch. Laddie; ss Lady Glover; Sch. Morrissey; Sch. Nellie Louise; ss Neptune; ss Newfoundland; ss Nimrod; ss Norwhal; ss Panther; Brig Peerless; Sch. Puritan; Sch. Ruby; ss Southern Cross; Sch. Sunshine; Sch. Susie; Sch. Sylph; Sch. Treasure; Sch. Vendetta; Sch. Vigilant; ss Viking; ss Volunteer; Sch. Waterwitch; Brig William Whelan; Brig Willie; ss Windsor Lake; ss Wolf; Sch. Zepho.

Legend:           ss: Steam Ship; Wh.: Whaler; Sch.: Schooner;

Transcribed and compiled by John Cornick, Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada



Page transcribed by: John Cornick
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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