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From the Thomas R. Cole Collection

Parishioners - 1823



Excerpt From: The Story of Methodism in Bonavista District,
by Charles Lench, (1919) St. John's: Harry Cuff Publications Limited, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. rep 1985.

Pews in the body of the Church (1823):
Charles            Saint
Alexander          Strathie
Charles Saint  &   Mrs. Skiffington
Thomas             Reader, Sr.
George             Crew
Mary               House
James              Mouland
Joseph             Abbott, Sr.
Abbott             Hugh; W.Abbott; Richard Reader; G. Little
James              Brown
Robert             Brown

Pews in the Gallery:
Sarah              Abbott
James              Mouland
Samson             Mifflin
John               Mifflin
William            Cooke
John      &        Thos   Hicks
Thomas             Hicks, Sr.
Benjamin           Cole
Gerald             Ford, Esq. S.M.
Mrs. Wm.           Alexander
Messrs.            Campbell
Stephen            Sexton & Thos. Hampton
Richard            Abbott

Bonavista/ The Classes with their Leaders in 1823:

Class 1:
Swyers             Philip - Leader
Abbott             Joseph, Jr.
Abbott             William, Sr.
Abbott             Abigail
Abbott             James
Hicks              Thomas
Hicks              John
Lander             Elizabeth
May/ Way?          Lydia
Abbott             William,Jr.
Fisher             Charles
Bradley            Elizabeth
Abbott             Stephen
Abbott             Martha, Jr.
Abbott             Abraham
Abbott             Hannah

Class 2:
Cole               Benjamin - Leader
Mowland            Stephen
Abbott             William
Abbott             Henry
Mowland            Catharine
Mowland            Mary Jane
Mowland            Mary of Hugh
Mowland            Ann
Mowland            Jane
Mowland            Sarah
Mowland            Elizabeth
Mowland            Martha
Abbott             Hugh
Way                James
Way                Martha
Skiffington        Emma
Sexton             Stephen
Abbott             Honor
Whiffen            Mary
Lander             Mary
Reader             Thomas
Skiffington        John
Hosier             Grace
Abbott             Stephen
Harrison           James
Hampton            James

Class 3
Saint              Hannah - Leader
Reader             Elizabeth
Cool               Elizabeth
Little             Honor
Oldford            Flora
Harrison           Mary
Hampton            Elizabeth
Sexton             Ann
Campbell           Elizabeth
Little             Jane
House              Mary
Wells              Mary
Romaine            Ann
Curtis             Elizabeth
Cole               Dinah
Mouland            James, Sr. All women class/ perhaps Jane Mouland, Sr.
Ford               Honor
Philpott           Mary

Class 4:
Saint              Charles - Leader
Cole               William
Mowland            James, Sr.
Mowland            James. Jr.
Cooke              William
Oldford            George
Little             Giles
Philpott           George
Romaine            James

Class 5:
Abbott             Joseph - Leader
Abbott             Hannah
Abbott             Roger
Abbott             Richard
Hicks              Elizabeth
Hicks              Jane
Beaumont           Sarah, Sr.
Beaumont           Sarah, Jr.
Brown              William
Brown              Jane
Campbell           Susan
Abbott             John
Hicks              Jane


Page contributed by: Thomas R. Cole (February 2000)
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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