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List of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men dispatched per S. S. Sicilian from St. John's, NF. August 28th, 1916.
*Transcibed by Robert Layte from original document
"Officers attached for Transport:"
  Capt. Geo. T. CARTY (Officer Commanding)
  Major L. PATERSON (Senior Medical Officer)
  Dr. S. G. KEAN (to join R. A. M. C.)
Officers proceeding to Depot:
  2nd Lieut. C. DULEY
  2nd Lieut. J. E. THOMPSON
  2nd Lieut. J. H. SNOW
  2nd. Lieut. S. R. SMITH
  2nd Lieut. C. L. EDGAR
Platoon Number 9 - Section 1
J. E. MOORE 2189 Sergeant Grand Falls
J. O'DRISCOLL 2398 Lance Corporal 31 Queen's Road, St. John's
A. C. BASTOW 2750 Private Pennywell Road, St. John's
P. J. HAYES 2335 Private Woody Island, P. B.
W. PYE 2254 Private Cape Charles, Labrador
H. JACOBS 2253 Private Northern Bay, Bay de Verde
J. J. BUTLER 2477 Private Harbour Buffett, P. B.
F. THISTLE 2687 Private Gander Bay
R. BURDEN 2761 Private Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
H. HUSSEY 2255 Private 114 Duckworth Street, St. John's
A. BADCOCK 2314 Private Bay Roberts
K. LEGGE 2452 Private Twillingate
J. GOSSE 2629 Private Dildo Harbour, T. B.
E. FORTUNE 2535 Private Jeffrey's, Bay St. George
W. SULLIVAN 2311 Private King's Cove, B. B.
J. H. WARREN 2784 Private Tack's Beach, P. B.
H. GREENE 2924 Lance Corporal Trinity, T. B.
Platoon Number 9 - Section 2
C. PENNEY 2382 Lance Corporal Hickman's Harbour, T. B.
A. KING 2764 Private Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
A. ROBERTS 2766 Private Point Leamington, Green Bay
S. PENNEY 2767 Private Deer Island, T. B.
E. WALSH 2769 Private Heart's Delight, T. B.
P. UPWARDS 2777 Private Harry's Harbour, G. B.
P. SOMERTON 2779 Private Portugal Cove, C. B.
A. J. SNOW 2782 Private 116 Pleasant Street, St. John's
A. PENNEY 2796 Private Port Blandford
B. H. PARSONS 2721 Private Newtown, B. B.
S. LE GROW 2762 Private Broad Cove, Bay de Verde
L. SAUNDERS 2768 Private Point Leamington, Green Bay
E. BARNES 2517 Private Topsail, C. B.
J. CLOVER 2771 Private Deer Island, B. B.
H. V. HULL 2911 Lance Corporal Seal Island, Labrador
Platoon Number 9 - Section 3
D. MCLEAN 2892 Lance Corporal Scotland
W. JEWER 2536 Private Botwood
H. JONES 2783 Private Broad Cove, C. B.
P. SULLIVAN 2786 Private Bay de Verde
S. MORRIS 2790 Private Lower Island Cove
W. REES 2773 Private Lance Cove, Bell Island
F. CURTIS 2774 Private King's Cove, B. B.
B. DELANEY 2775 Private Gull Island, P. B.
P. WALSH 2799 Private Bay de Verde
J. EVANS 2793 Private Grand Bank
W. L. MASTERS 2797 Private Harbour Buffett
P. HALLERAN 2361 Private St, Vincent, St. Mary's Bay
H. HOLLANDS 2239 Private Carbonear
F. MURCHY 2585 Private Placentia
Platoon Number 9 - Section 4
Frederick DAVIS 2409 Lance Corporal Valleyfield
R. A. CORNICK 2825 Private 30 William Street, St. John's
J. HALLETT 2515 Private Balsam Street, St. John's
J. DORAN 2660 Private 41 Duckworth Street, St. John's
C. O'KEEFE 2706 Private Harbour Grace
J. E. CROUCHER 2711 Private Placentia
A. CRANE 2765 Private Upper Island Cove, C. B.
R. L. BALSAM 2770 Private Clarenville
W. G. COBB 2772 Private Pilley's Island
J. JOY 2776 Private Haggerty's Lane, St. John's
J. F. MOORE 2778 Private 176 Hamilton Avenue, St. John's
E. J. BRADBURY 2781 Private 158 Gower Street, St. John's
W. WHITTLE 2402 Private 7 Hamilton Street, St. John's
A. NOSEWORTHY 2092 Acting C.Q.M.S. Victoria Street, St. John's
W. BURNS 160 Acting C.S.M. Scotland
Platoon Number 10 - Section 5
E. L. OKE 2303 Sergeant Harbour Grace
R. McGRATH 2712 Corporal Harbour Grace
R. RUSSELL 2365 Private 82 Freshwater Road, St. John's
J. S. BUGDEN 2815 Private Epworth, Burin
H. E. PIKE 2823 Private 24 Gilbert Street, St. John's
C. A. FREEBAIRN 2811 Private Ferryland
A. PARSONS 2852 Private Sandy Point, Bay St. George
G. POWELL 2816 Private Happy Adventure, T.B.
F. R. PARSONS 2819 Private Forest Road, St. John's
B. DICKS 2828 Private Burgeo
J. G. KAVANAGH 2806 Private 237 New Gower Street, St. John's
B. SHAW 2785 Private Little Heart's Ease, T.B.
H. GARLAND 2792 Private Lower Island Cove
C. BLUNDON 2800 Private Bay de Verde
H. HARVEY 2336 Private 13 Knight Street, St. John's
C. FILLUEL 2831 Private Burgeo
R. C. CRUMMEY 2965 Lance Corporal Western Bay, C.B.
Platoon Number 10 - Section 6
G. L. GREENE 2843 Lance Corporal Bell Island
S. R. PEARCE 2835 Private North Side, Twillingate
J. CAINES 2829 Private Burgeo
J. H. JANES 2836 Private Ramea
A. P. BRINSTONE 2851 Private Sound Island, P. B.
T. LOMOND 2846 Private Grand Bay
CHESLEY WHEELER 2864 Private Tizzard's Harbour, N. D. B.
A. ELSON 2818 Private Spotted Islands, Labrador
W. NOFTALL 2826 Private Blackhead, C. B.
A. GEORGE 2796 Private Brazil's Field, St. John's
J. FUDGE 2839 Private Pass Island, Hermitage Bay
J. B. BUTLER 2794 Private Bell Island
E. P. GREENING 2795 Private Musgravetown, B. B.
S. ABBOTT 2801 Private Charlottetown, B. B.
D. M. TURNER 2848 Private 321 Southside, St. John's
Platoon Number 10 - Section 7
E. CHAFE 2906 Lance Corporal 147 Le Marchant Road, St. John's
G. MORGAN 2867 Private Upper Gullies, C. B.
E. KELLY 2854 Private Coley's Point
H. WISEMAN 2820 Private Shoal Harbour, T. B.
A. J. GREENE 2813 Private St. Anthony
R. WHEELER 2787 Private Island Cove, C. B.
N. FOOTE 2830 Private Red Island, via Burgeo
F. W. LUCAS 2808 Private 47 Le Marchant Road, St. John's
G. WISEMAN 2802 Private Shoal Harbour, T. B.
A. VATCHER 2827 Private Burgeo
R. BRAGG 2863 Private Shambler's Cove, B. B.
J. BROWN 2803 Private Winterton, B. B.
W. G. HARRIS 2817 Private Brooklyn West, B. B.
W. CARPENTER 2824 Private Port Blandford, B. B.
H. F. MCNEIL 2850 Private McNeil Street, St. John's
Platoon Number 10 - Section 8
Walter H. NORMAN 2662 Corporal Cupids
J. BANNISTER 2812 Private Port Rexton, T. B.
E. SKIFFINGTON 2837 Private Upper Amherst Cove, B. B.
H. E. BADCOCK 2855 Private 396 Southside, St. John's
J. W. OSBORNE 2471 Private Channel
N. G. LODGE 2810 Private Catalina
H. BUFFETT 2798 Private Bay D'Espoir
W. C. SQUIRES 2804 Private Southside, Blackhead Road, St. John's
H. BARRETT 2807 Private Wabana, Bell Island
M. BALL 2814 Private Exploits, N. D. B.
A. J. WHITE 2832 Private Sidley, Sussex, England
R. V. WILLIAMS 2847 Private Heart's Content
R. MORRIS 2849 Private 96 Freshwater Road, St. John's
Joseph CAVE 2944 Private Change Islands, N. D. B.
Platoon Number 11 - Section 9
C. QUICK 2329 Corporal 88 Queen's Road, St. John's
J. W. PITTMAN 2704 Lance Corporal New Perlican, T. B.
B. MCDONALD 2870 Private Bishop's Falls
J. BRENTON 2932 Private Bull's Cove, Burin
A. J. BUTLER 2537 Private Topsail, C. B.
N. MARTIN 2877 Private Harbour Grace
J. G. KEEPING 2917 Private Lally Cove, F. B.
P. REILLY 2902 Private Corbin, Burin
H. RIDGLEY 2951 Private Little Bay West, F. B.
A. GILBERT 2891 Private Come-By-Chance
G. BENNETT 2888 Private Grand Bank
I. DAWE 2969 Private Cupids, C. B.
Platoon Number 11 - Section 10
D. KERR 2893 Lance Corporal Scotland
S. PENNELL 2887 Private 67 Lime Street, St. John's
A. MAIDMENT 2910 Private Trinity, T. B.
G. ROSE 2919 Private Burgeo
A. K. DOUGLAS 2904 Private Burnett Island, F. B.
A. FRANCIS 2918 Private Hermitage Cove, H. Bay
S. MITCHELMORE 2873 Private Straits of Belle Isle
K. MUGFORD 2909 Private Beaver Cove, N. D. B.
C. DICKS 2881 Private Flat Islands, P. B.
J. BENNETT 2866 Private Bell Island, C. B.
W. H. SMITH 2868 Private Swift Current, P. B.
Platoon Number 11 - Section 11
A. E. MOULTON 2890 Lance Corporal Burgeo
G. BOWDRIDGE 2884 Private Burgeo
F. AUGO 2923 Private North Side, Harbour Breton
W. BUTLER 2938 Private Flat Island, P. B.
A. TORRAVILLE 2908 Private South Side, Fogo
M. J. MCDONALD 2922 Private 34 Gower Street, St. John's
C. J. KNOTT 2882 Private Burgeo
E. P. HISCOCK 2927 Private Flat Island, B. B.
A. EDWARDS 2287 Private Penneywell Road, St. John's
E. OLDFORD 2874 Private Bunyan Cove
H. T. GARRETT 2875 Private Port Blandford
R. T. PIKE 2876 Private Grand Falls
J. NEWMAN 2901 Private Petit Fort, P. B.
H. MOULTON 2899 Private Burin
Platoon Number 11 - Section 12
C. J. MIFFLIN 2963 Lance Corporal Spaniard's Bay, C. B.
H. DIBBEN 2935 Private Bulls' Cove, Burin
A. FOLLETT 2920 Private Grand Beach, F. B.
J. LEONARD 2865 Private British Harbour, T. B.
R. SENIOR 2880 Private Flat Island, P. B.
J. BURTON 2947 Private Durrell's Arm, Twillingate
H. OXFORD 2926 Private Rencontre, H. B.
S. MITCHELMORE 2872 Private Straits of Belle Isle
R. NOLAN 2900 Private Corbin, Burin
L. J. SNOW 2879 Private Clarke's Beach, C. B.
J. CARROLL 2886 Private Lark Harbour, Bay of Islands
N. WAY 2883 Private Bonavista, B. B.
R. S. MARTIN 2916 Private 74 King's Bridge Road, St. John's
Platoon Number 12 - Section 13
A. R. CLOUSTON 2320 Sergeant 95 Forest Road, St. John's
C. BUTT 2400 Lance Corporal Head of Pleasant Street, St. John's
G. L. CLARK 2973 Private Grand Bank
J. KAVANAGH 2953 Private Fox Cove, Burin
M. J. O'BRIEN 2968 Private Witless bay
J. J. NEVILLE 3003 Private 39 Young Street, St. John's
J. P. DRAKE 2957 Private Marystown, P. B.
J. BRAKE 2937 Private Marystown. P. B.
J. MOULTON 2960 Private Burin
L. MARKS 2961 Private Sandy Point, Burin
E. HARDING 2949 Private Little Bay West, F. B.
E. A. PARROTT 2925 Private Winterton, T. B.
N. BOYCE 2928 Private Jersey Harbour, F. B.
C. STEIN 2930 Private Botwood
V. CURTIS 2939 Lance Corporal Burgeo
Platoon Number 12 - Section 14
R. W. WARR 2912 Lance Corporal Pilley's Island, N. D. B.
R. MARTIN 2936 Private Bull's Cove, Burin
P. SLATTERY 2983 Private 8 King's Road, St. John's
W. MOORE 2987 Private Bay Roberts
G. KENNEDY 2966 Private 26 Plank Road, St. John's
W. PEARCEY 3016 Private 17 Boncloddy Street, St. John's
F. DAWE 3011 Private Kelligrews
L. J. COLLINS 2952 Private 16 Balsam Street, St. John's
J. CURNEW 3009 Private 36 Adelaide Street, St. John's
F. PELLEY 2955 Private Somerset, Smith's Sound, T. B.
W. BURSEY 2931 Private 101 Barnes Road, St. John's
E. OLDFORD 2654 Private Grand Falls
A. WHITTLE 2347 Private 7 Hamilton Street, St. John's
J. W. HARNETT 2981 Private Seldom - Come - By
R. J. HURLEY 2982 Private 22 Buckingham Street, St. John's
Platoon Number 12 - Section 15
R. C. ALSOP 2978 Lance Corporal 62 Freshwater Road. St. John's
J. DEWLING 3005 Private 25 Fleming Street, St. John's
J. B. RIDGLEY 2950 Private Little Bay West, F. B.
J. L. MURPHY 3021 Private Leslie Street, St. John's
A. WHEELER 2946 Private Tizzard's Harbour, N. D. B.
E. HODDER 2977 Private Horwood, N. D. B.
A. PURCHASE 2995 Private 11 Long's Hill, St. John's
J. BUTLER 2990 Private Middle Bight, Kelligrews
A. SKINNER 2933 Private Grand John, F. B.
R. GRANDY 2985 Private Grand Bank
C. FILLIER 2943 Private Clarke's Beach, C. B.
D. ANTLE 2954 Private Fox Cove, Burin
B. BUTLER 2956 Private 51 Cabot Street, St. John's
F. POWER 2652 Private Bell Island
W. F. WALSH 2980 Private 6 Fleming Street, St. John's
W. SCAMMELL 2958 Lance Corporal Change Islands
Platoon Number 12 - Section 16
E. G. SKINNER 2929 Lance Corporal St. Jacques, F. B.
G. MOORE 2998 Private 76 Circular Road, St. John's
J. TIZZARD 3007 Private Lower Battery Road, St. John's
C. DAY 2999 Private Franklin Avenue, St. John's
F. F. SIMMS 2959 Private Burin
J. H. LITTLE 2964 Private Bonavista
S. HODDER 2976 Private Horwood, N. D. B.
C. FORSEY 2971 Private Grand Bank
J. HARRIS 2972 Private Grand Bank
W. MURPHY 2407 Private 122 Water Street West, St. John's
E. DUNPHY 2968 Private 31 Central Street, St. John's
J. LOVELESS 2970 Private Seal Cove, F. B.
F. MORRIS 2974 Private Trinity
J. SCEVIOUR 2979 Private 6 Hayward Avenue, St. John's
J. LAMBERT 3026 Private Cuckhold's Cove Road, St. John's
D. E. PHELAN (Bugler) 2975 Private Merrymeeting Road, St. John's

Page transcribed by: Robert Layte (June 2002)
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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