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Clergy Who Served
in the
Bay de Verde Parish

(excerpts of Newfoundland names)


Clergy Who served in the Parish

(anyone looking for church records in this community, they would be under
the Archdiocese of Grand Falls-Windsor.  Will post the address and contact
once I dig it out of my files.)

Rev. Bernard Duffy..served from 1838-1871
	Reputed to ahve been born circa. 1808 in County Monaghan, Ireland.  He was
recruited to come to Nfld by Bishop Michael A. Fleming.  He arrived from
Ireland on the ship "Cabinet" on Sept 20, 1833 and was stationed in Harbour
Grace.  He loved it in Nfld so much, he sent for his sisters Mary and
Elizabeth Duffy to join him.  No word here if they were married at the
time.  One of these ladies may have been a decendant of someone on the
list.  Fr. Duffy also had a nephew in Nfld, mentioned...another priest, Fr.
Edward F. Walsh, who served the parish in Brigus.  Fr. Duffy died on Xmas
Day, 1873 in Brigus and is buried there beside the church.

Rev. Jospeh V. Donnelly...served from 1871-1874.
	Fr. Donnelly was baptised in St. John's on August 17, 1845, son of Capt.
John Donnelly and Mary Kelly.  The family apparently had very prominent
wealth and connections.  Fr. Donnelly studied theology in Rome.  His father
came from the Harbour Grace area, and Donnelly was ordained in that parish
on Dec 4, 1870 by Bishop Henry Carfagnini.  He was stationed at Northern
Bay shortly after.  He died on August 21, 1929 at the age of 84, and is
buried at Belvedere Cemetary in St. John's.

Rev. James Cummins..served from 1874-1875
	Fr. Cummins came to Nfld in 1863...from where, it doesn't say, but he did
his studies in Ireland.  He served in Northern Bay on two seperate
occasions..the first from 1864-1865 and then again in 1874-1875.  He died
of consumption July 30, 1875 at age 35.  He was buried beneath the alter of
the church, but since that church has burnt down and another now replaces
it, his burial site is now moved to a site in front of the high school.

Rev. Micheal Hanley..served from 1875-1891
	Fr. hanley was born at Pallasgreen, County Limerick, Ireland in 1841.  He
came in Nfld around 1872.  He was stationed at Kings Cove before coming to
Northern Bay.  He died on Nov 14, 1899 at his sisters home in Ireland. 

Rev. John Roe...served from 1891-1905
	yet another priest from Ireland.  Fr. Roe was baptised on Oct 4, 1854 in
Ballygory, Mooncoin, County Kilkenny, Ireland, son of Thomas Roe and
Anastasia Hennebury.  Fr. Roe came to Nfld to visit his uncle Rev. Thomas
Hennebury of Trepassy and was persuaded to remain.  He died on June 16,
1911 in Avondale where he was still the serving priest.  An interesting
note...the church he served in was destroyed the next day after his death
by lightening.

Rev. John Joseph Nolan...served from 1905-1906
	Fr. Nolan was said to ahve been born in Glace Bay, CBI, Nova Scotia, circa
1880. He is reputed to have died in the United States.

Rev. John J. Lynch...served from 1906-1914
	Fr. Lynch was born in Harbour Grace circa 1858, son of Capt. Thomas Lynch
and Catherine Keough.  He was reported to have retired in North Dakota. 
His sister Catherine was the mother of Bishop J.M. O'Neill.  

Note:  Seems from what I have been reading so far in this book that it was
a common for a particular family to have several members become men...and
women of the cloth.  

Rev. Edward J. O'Brien...served from 1915-1970!!
	This entry I am questioning....for the simple fact the dates don't look
right to me...but no doubt the author did research this, so it must be
right. (Information confirmed as correct by Peter O"Brien (April 18, 2010)
 	Fr. O'Brien was born Nov 13, 1884 in Carbonear, son of John O'Brien and
Ellen Cahill.  During his time serving on the North Shore, the church in
Northern Bay burnt to the ground in 1924.  He became a Monsiengor and
retired and died in Carbonear on Feb 21, 1986.

Rev. Edward Hearn...served from 1970-1973.
	Fr. Hearn was born Dec 17, 1935 in Riverhead, Harbour Grace, son of
William Hearn and Ellen Moriarty.  Fr. Hearn was laicized in 1977 and now
resides in Montreal.
I assume this to mean he was no longer a priest, but I could be wrong. 
Someone let me know exactly what this means.  Its not in my dictionary!

Rev. Gregory B. Pumphrey...served from 1973-1978
	Fr. Pumphrey was born in Harbour Grace on July 14, 1919, son of Joseph
Pumphrey and Agnes Martin.  He retired in 1984.

Rev. David W. Heale...served from 1978-1981.
	Fr. Heale was born March 3, 1946 in St. John's, son of William Heale and
Phylis Gardiner.  He presently serves in Avondale.

Rev. Kevin Barker...served from 1981-1984.
	Fr. Barker was born July 22, 1928 in Open Hall, Bonavista Bay, son of
James Barker and Sarah Kelly.

Rev. William D. Matthews....served from 1984-1991
	Fr. Matthews was born Sept 8, 1934 at LaScie, son of Michael Matthews and
Ellen H. Martin.  He presently serves in Carbonear.

Rev. Brian G. Colbert...served from 1991-1994.
	Fr. Colbert was born April 6, 1953 in St. John's, son of Francis Colbert
and Susan Melvin of Tors Cove.

Curates that served in Northern Bay

Fr. Edward F. Walsh...born circa 1845, son of David Walsh and Elizabeth
Duffy.  He died on March 9, 1912 in Brigus.  He served in Northern Bay from

Rev. William Veitch...served from 1875.  Born Nov 23, 1846 in Holyrood, son
of JOhn Veitch and Elizabeth Lewis.  He died June 25, 1917 in Conception

rev. William Joseph Williams...served from 1922-1923.  Born May 1, 1893 in
St. Johns, son of Louis Guillaume and Elizabeth Cole.  He died in St.
JOhn's on Jan 8, 1961.

rev Nicolas G. Fitzgerald...served from 1923-1925.  Born Feb 21, 1898, in
Harbour Grace, son of Patrick Fitagerald and Margret Fleming.  He died in
Long Island, N.Y in 1966.

Priests Origionally from Northern Bay

Bishop John March....born July 13, son of Simeon March and Cecily Hogan. 
Died Nov 5, 1939.

Rev. James Aloysius Hinchey....born Dec 6, 1891, the youngest son of
Patrick Hinchey and Mary Hogan.  He was the cousin of the above Bishop
March.  Died in Glace Bay on May 8, 1951.

Rev. Thomas Daniel O'Neill....born Jan 27, 1892, son of James O'Neill and
Elizabeth March...nephew of Bishop March and cousin of Bishop J.M. O'Neill.
 He died april 7, 1956.

Rev. Michael james Kinsella...born Sept 17, 1904 at Job's Cove, son of
William Kinsella and Elizabeth English.  Died April 12, 1965.

Rev. Morgan JOhnson....born Sept 21, 1907, son of Phillip Johnson and
Elizabeth Hogan.  Died in Vernon, BC, on July 8, 1978.

Rev Edward Molloy....born Nov 13, 1881, son of John Molloy and Charlotte
Murphy.Died Feb, 1953.

Rev. Edward Molloy....born August 29, 1901, son of Thomas Molloy and
Bridget Delaney.

Rev. John Fitzgerald...born Nov 26, 1874, son of James Fitzgerald and Mary
Bouzan.  Died in St. Louis, MI in June 1940.

Rev. Luke Woodrow....Born Aug 15, 1921, son of Richard Woodrow and Mary
Rice.  He is no longer a priest.(1969)

Rev. Laurence hayden...Born april 25, 1859, son of Richard Hayden and Grace
Kennedy. Died Nov 1909.

Religious People other than Priests from Northern Bay

Brother Dominic McCarthy...Irish Christian Brother
Sister Margaret Mary Hayden... Sisters of St. Anne
Sister M. Adelive Murphy....Sisters of Holy Cross
Sister M. Teresa O'Leary....Sisters of the Holy Jesus Child
Sister M. Ambrose Woodrow....Sisters of Mercy
Sister M. Raymond Woodrow.....Sisters of Mercy
Sister M. Aiden Howell....Sisters of Mercy
Sister M. Veronica Johnson.... Sisters of Mercy
Sister M. Patricia March.....Sisters of Mercy(Note....I believe she was the
Principal of my primary school!  Small world!)
Sister M. Angela March.....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Theresa Tobin....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. de Lourdes King....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Consilio King.....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Evangelista King....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Domonica McCarthy....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Bonaventure McCarthy....Presentation sisters
Sister M. Patricia King....Presentation Sisters
Sister M. Francis King....Presentation Sisters

Teachers who served in Kingston.(1884-1972)

Miss McCarthy
Martha Hogan
James Fitzgerald
Michael J. Lynch
Bridget Tobin
Maggie Veitch
Mary Ann Mullowney
Ellen Hinchey
Bridget Dooley
Katie King
mae Hayden
Gertrude Casey
mary Delaney
Gertrude Johnson
Miss Broderick
Mary McCarthy
Agnes McCarthy
Annie Colbert
Gertrude Murphy
Mary Woodfine
Gertrude O'Leary
Caroline Johnson
Mary Field
Margret R. Norcott
Mary B Furey
mary Comerford
Edward McDonald
Steven Hogan
morgan Johnson
Ida Tobin
Margaret Dalton
James McCarthy
Dymphna Kehoe
Bridget Southwell
Edward Denief
Michael White
Richard Shortt
Anges Hogan
Brendan White
Andrew Woodfine
Loretta Hogan
Joan Fahey
Richard King
Helen O'Leary

Teachers who served in the community of Western Bay.

Pierce Hanrahan		Phillip Fahey	
Andrew Fahey		Richard Fitzgerarld
John Lynch		Richard English	
Jane Mullaly		Teresa Walsh	
Thomas J. Colbert	Catherine Curran
Gertrude Kinsella	Bridget Corcoran
James A. Abbott		Alice Doyle
W. James Doyle		Madonna Bowen
Mary Margeret McCann	Bridget O'Reilly

Teachers who served in Blackhead, Broad Cove, Gussetts Cove

William Molloy		Andrew Fahey
John Molloy		Stephen Murphy

Teachers that served in Northern Bay.

James Tobin		W. James Doyle
William Green		Bridget Kinsella
Joseph Collins		Anastasia Hogan
Theresa March		Bridget O'Reilly
John M. Keats		Loretta Noonan
Elizabeth Collins	Anna Slade
Eliza O'Flaherty	mary Doyle Parsons
William O'Flaherty	Patricia Hogan
Patrick J. Byrne	Michael J. James	
Alice Hogan		Ellen Hinchey	
Ellen J. Hogan		James Fitzgerald
Maud Hogan		Winifred Dwyer
Gertrude March		Anastasia Colbert	
Mary E. Hinchey		Anne J. Johnson
William Howell		Helen keough
Dorothy Jacobs		Caroline Johnson
Mary Margret Hogan	Mary Hogan
Gertrude Mullaly	William J Gushue
Patrick Gushue		Patrick Gushue
Bridget Mullaly		John R McCarthey
Ursula Mullaly		Thomas Strapp
mary McCarthy		Beatrice Kenny	
Marie Doyle		William J. Howell
Agnes Hogan		mary O'Flaherty
Bernice Mullaly		Loretta Hogan
Anita March		Alphonses Howell
Joan Fahey		Bernadette O'Flaherty
mary White		Geraldine Dooley
Marie McCann		Mary Howell White
Maureen Hogan		Dolores Fahey
Isabelle Clark		Eugene Delaney
Luke Reynolds		Pauline Mullaly
Daniel Dunphy		Margaret McCann
paul White		Terrance Whelan
Edward J Flynn		Raymond McGrath
Mona Coady		Catherine Merrigan
Denise Healey		Richard King


Contributed by M. Denise Butler

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (March 06, 2013 AST)

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