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Journals and Daily Account books of Robert E. Newman


The Following is a letter found in the Journals and Daily Account books of Robert E. Newman period 1786-1811. Reel A40. The Letter is dated 16th April 1808 and addressed to Joseph Connor St. Lawrence.

The photocopier picked up a portion of a previous letter and a portion of another letter, which I have also extracted. It is interesting to note that the company were using Press gang tactics to recruit some of their seaman at Liverpool.

...friends there to whom we have send duplicates….Bill of Loading the convoy has been expected…and hope will appear today__________We have to inform you that the Bill on Liverpool…noted for non acceptance is we suppose paid as…letter from thence dated 4th? That it would be paid the next day and we have not since heard to the contary of which we have work? Ale?fr'm? R Huttonand we have not since heard to the contrary_ of which we have? ? R Hutton &Co ____ We are in all your commands
    Yrs ?    
Joseph Connor   Dartmo - 16 April 1808__    
St. Lawrence        
We have received your letter of the 14th Decem and agreeably to your request we have placed the balance due to you on our St. Lawrence books to your Credit with us here. 201.8.1 (£201.8) and we have procured a good Silver Watch from London for you with your name engraved thereon __ Cost with spare Crystals 16.16.6 to your debit _____ We are Yrs ?
      Dartmo-16 April 1808  
Newman Hunt & Ryan        
  Sirs -      
    We have drawn on you    
8th include? Wm Congdon ____L67 9       £67.9
9th Thomas Cuming ___34 19        
  Thos Dumming____35.0      
12th Joseph Bird ____221.2.10        
  Wm Howard______50.__      
and our vessels at Liverpool have all had their crews impresd,..To you to procure fresh protections Should hardlythink …one time it will be right to get them , we aredaily expecting…here but know from Hry? Cole____who is come in. They had….


Page transcribed by: Gordon Stoodley (March 2002)
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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