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Excerpts from
"The Sea, Our Life-Blood"


Naboth Winsor pp. 30 and 31
Permission to reprint and post graciously given by his widow,
Mrs. Mildred Winsor




The early families of Swain's Island who remained there, and whose 
descendants moved to the mainland (Wesleyville).

Thomas & Elizabeth (Carter)
1824	Job		m.	Elizabeth Feltham
1826	Jane	
1828	James 		m.	Esther Pond
1831	Thomas		m. 	Susan Winters


James & Martha (Mullett)
   ?	Margaret	m.	James Ford
1842	Charles		m.	Caroline Handcock
1845	William	did not marry
1847	John		m. 	Anne Maria Lush
Abigail Winsor
1849	Mary		m. 	Jacob Winsor
1852	James		m. 	Esther Winsor
1858	Anne		m. 	Edward Bishop


Thomas & Mary
1814	Thomas 		m. 	Susannah Norris
1816	Henry		died in 1830
1818	Maria		m. 	James Hill
1820	John
1822	James		m.	Jane Owns
1824	George		m.	Maria Tiller
1825	Nathaniel
1828	Jacob		
1831	William		m.	Rebecca Philpott
1833	Samuel
1835	Abraham		m.	Anne Browning
1838	Jane		
1842	Elizabeth	
1845	Henry		m.	Mary Anne Bishop


James & Catherine
1818	Anne
1820	Rebeckak	m.	John Stockley
1826	Susannah	m.	Thomas Mullett
1830	Frances 	m.	Thomas Fifield
1833	Abraham		m.	Peniniah Wakely
1837	Louisa


James & Susanna
1814	Sarah		m.	George Glover
1818	James		m.	Matilda Hunt
1819	John		m.	Rebecca Norris
1820	Hannah		m.	John Handcock
1822	Anne		m.	Edward Parsons
1823	William		m.	Jane Hutchings
1825	Jane		m.	Charles Best
1827	Mary			
1831	Thomas		m.	Eliza Wakely
1838	Eliza
1836	Henry		m.	Jane Burry


William & Anne
1810	John		m.	Catherine Payne
Matilda Tuff
1812	William		m.	Sarah Winsor
1816	Fanny		m.	Benjamin Jerrett
1818	Anne		m.	William Payne
1821	Mary		m.	Samuel Winsor
1825	Samuel		m.	Elizabeth   ?
1827	Joseph		m.	Harriett Breaker
1829	George		m.	Mary Winsor
1831	Maria		m.	George Mullett
1837	Susannah	m.	Thomas Hann


William & Elizabeth
1813	John		m.	Mary Hunt
Jane 	Mullett
1814	Samuel		m.	Sarah Tiller
1816	William		m.	Abigail Green
1818	Sarah		m.	William Tiller
					Robert Biddlecombe
1819	David		m.	Anne Payne
					Mary Anne Carter
1821	George		m.	Susan Hicks
					Elizabeth Brenton
1827	Mary		m.	George Tiller
					George Tuff
1832	James		m.	Susanna Tuff
					Esther Brenton
1834	Jane		m.	Benjamin Carter

Where a person's name and date of birth only are given, we did not find any record of marriage. Please note: we have listed above only the families who were settled on Swain's Island before 1830. Other families who settled there later, and whose descendants moved to the mainland were: ABBOTT, BEST, BISHOP, CARTER, DYKE, FORD, HOYLES, SAINSBURY and WICKS; also FIFIELD, KELLOWAY and PAINE.



Page transcribed by Kim Seymour May 27th, 2000
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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