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Bonavista Bay District

Some Gambo Area Land Grants From the Years - 1856 - 1929
Material donated by Emily Wicks Mullett
Dog Cove, Lakeman's Reach, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
64474145September 3, 1890George Alfred Blackman1710 Sec. 12, 1890
135188428November 12, 1913Kenneth Collins, Hare Bay, B.B.410 Lakeman Rd. between Chandlers R and Pitt Sound Reach
Hay Cove, South Side, Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
1301680133October 25, 1912Patrick Cashin, Gambo700 West of Cemetery Point
1301780134October 25, 1912Benjamin Goulding, Gambo1000 East of Cemetery Point
1301880135October 25, 1912William Osmond, Gambo8124 Cemetery Point
Gambo (Black Duck Brook to marsh Point), Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
34231938October 8, 1872Stephen Rendell1523294South side river. Re-reg. V.57 F.1?
34241942October 8, 1872Stephen Rendell600294South side river. Re-reg. V.57 F.1?
397523136April 17, 1876Simeon Osmond, Freshwater Bay0218 South side river
50913156June 4, 1885Robert Oakley, Jnr. of Cabot Isle16034294Near station
551235148May 17, 1887Robert Brentnell0114336Road to shore E. of station. Beg?? F.200
727346173October 13, 1893Arthur Murray420294Re.reg.V.52 F.123
727352123October 13, 1893Arthur Murray420294West of station. Orig.reg.V.46 F.??
75355436November 17, 1894Jacob, Annie, Ella, Beatrice Oakley2418294East of Station Sec. 12 C.L.A. 18??
342457114October 17, 1872Stephen Rendell St. John's600294South side river. Orig.reg V.19 F.??
342357115October 8, 1872Stephen Rendell, St. John's1523294S. Side river. Orig.reg.V.19.F 38
95426437September 20, 1902Samuel Mullett2000294near Black Duck Brook
94426470June 27, 1902Robert Brentenall2700294Black Duck Brook.Sec.12.Ch13.c.??2nd series
95496496November 13, 1902Kenneth Lush1920294Road to Middle Brook.
95536497November 13, 1902John A. McClellan1400294Road to Middle Brook.
934764163April 23, 1902Ezekeil, Peter, Edgar, Joseph, Ernest, Benejamin, Cecil Osmond4410294Road to Middle Brook.Sec.12 Ch.X? C.8. 2nd series.
972064168August 19, 1903John J. Murphy17232294North side river
972164169August 19, 1903John J. Murphy6000294North side Estuary.Sec. 12 Ch. 13 ?? 2nd series
1033564309June 24, 1904Darius Lane630294East of station
9681 64A70May 16, 1903Peter Cashin1410294Road to Middle Brook.
9880 64A193December 18, 1903Job Osmond900294Road to Middle Brook.
99986541February 2, 1904Thomas Bursey610294Road to Middle Brook.
100246560February 4 1904Nathaniel Goulding10024294Near Black Duck Brook
100146567February 4 1904James Cross6128294Road to Middle Brook.
100416583February 10, 1904James Eastman7320294Black Duck Brook.
1014065184March 10, 1904Peter Cashin418294East of station.
11365 65A173June 7, 1907Peter Cashin220294Shore to Railway east of station.
10187666March 24, 1904John Bursey7220294Road to Middle Brook.
102576699April 2, 1904James Dooley600294N.W. of Railway Bridge.
1027466111May 6 1904John J. Murphy17124294West of railway station
1039466200January 14, 1905Willis, Abraham, Benjamin Pritchett800294Two lots. River Road east of st?? covers vol.35 F. 148
10431688January 24, 1905Simeon Osmond120294East of station.
1036568133December 5, 1904John J. Murphy810294East of station.
1236870134November 1, 1910James, Martin, Joseph Beresford28216294South side Sec 4 Ch. VI A.3. Ed. VI??
74R7168May 6, 1904Reid Newfoundland Company * * *316Part of Reid lot 90 west of settle???
75R7169May 7, 1904Reid Newfoundland Company * * *316Part of Reid Lot 91 2 miles south of railway bridge.
1137173108June 7, 1907Joseph Lane700294Road to Middle Brook
125367929June 26, 1911Alfred Lane14116294North of railway.
136298498March 8 1914Daniel J. Moss110336N.W. of station.
136688543March 16, 1914Joseph N. Curran200336N.W. of station.
134009237May 19, 1913Gambo Lumber Company Ltd. of St. John's322 * * 2 lots. on railway at Butt's Pond 3 miles n. of Gambo. Sec.4 Ch. VI Acts 3. Ed. VII.
1429592121May 27, 1916William J. Shannon of Dublin158224336N.W. of station. Sec. 4 Ch. VI. A.3.Ed.VII.
19225974June 5, 1925Benjamin Eastman738294Road to Middle Brook.
1447892149January 12, 1917Ralph W. Strong, St. John's327 * * Railway near Drover's Brook s???? Gambo.
Dark Cove, (Black Duck Brook to Marsh Point) Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
 25139December 06, 1880John Barry of Greenspond420294March Point
 3681January 25, 1889Benjamin Saunders, Greenspond13323337Sec.12 C.L.A. 1884 Dark Cove Brook.
 3751May 31, 1889James Lane Jnr800337Sec.12 C.L.A. 1884 See V. 55 F. 120
 55120July 27, 1895Josiah, William, Samuel, Edward Eastman900337Sec.12 C.L.A. 1884. Overlaps V. 37 F. 51
 5791July 07, 1896Thomas, John, Elezar Vivian300337Road through Dark Cove
 61206June 15, 1900Jacob Golding620337Shore Dark Cove.
 62150October 09, 1901Diocesan Synod of Newfoundland9321337Road to Middle Brook.
 62207March 24, 1902?Josephine A. Blandford Greenspond214337near Dark Cove Brook.
 6440May 23, 1902Samuel, David, Darius Grunter1100337Road through Dark Cove.
 6580February 12, 1904George Saunders2220337Shore Dark Cove.
 65104February 12, 1904James Saunders600337Dark Cove Brook
 65148February ?? 1904John Goulding4020337Shore Dark Cove.
 65196March 04?, 1904Peter, Job W., Garland J. Goulding320337Dark Cove Brook
 6621April 02, 1904Cornelius Goulding2000337Shore near Marsh Point
 6676March 24 1904William, Robert, and Henry Stockley910337Road through Dark Cove
 6817January 24, 1905Robert Brown4319337Road through Dark Cove
 6887February 13, 1905Joseph Squires Middle Brook3000337Dark Cove Brook Sec.4 Ch. VI Acts 3 Ed. VII
 6966May 23, 1905Thomas, Stephen, Walter Ford1900337South of road through Dark Cove
 70155September 28, 1911Gambo Lumber Company of Gambo3430337Shore Dark Cove. Sec.4. Ch. VI. A.3. Ed. VII
 73111June 07, 1907William, John, Kenneth, Thomas Lush220337Shore Dark Cove
 6469December 06, 1913Mary Ellen and Mary Donovan1900337Road through Dark Cove
 9079September 16, 1915Thomas Curran15216337North of Main Road Dark Cove
Middle Brook, Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
  24?709December 11, 1856?George Thomas Brooking St. John's9600 East of Middle Brook. orig. reg. V.5 F.46
 2430December 02, 187?George Pritchett3000337Main road at Butt's Pond Path
 4310October 08, 1891Abraham Pritchett300 ?337Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884 Cancelled Replaced by V.52 F.150
 32150February 06, 1894Abraham Pritchett3000337Main road to Gambo. Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1891. Replacing V.43 ??
 3529February 01, 1895James and George Hender Gambo2400294East of Otter Brook. Sec 12. C.L.A. 1884
 35101July 27, 1895James Grunter230294East of Otter Brook
 35106July 27, 1895Joseph Saunders, Dark Cove6216294Road, near Otter Brook
 3749February 25, 1896John Pritchett Sr. 6?00294Road to Gambo. Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884. See Vol. 64 F.115
 38 1?February 20, 1896James Lush, Hedley Lush, and Josiah do. (Lush)300294Otter Brook
 62192February 04, 1902George, John, Samuel, Sylvester Barrow620294Muskrat Brook
 64 6?June 27, 1902Evangeline C. Booth, Toronto, Canada0324337Road to Gambo
 64115June 23, 1902John Pritchett Sr.6124337Surrendered and cancelled being for same land as V.57
  64A58April 27, 1903Benjamin Pritchett9110337Main road to Gambo
  64A124July 10, 1903John Pritchett10120337Mouth of Brook
  64A175October 27, 1903George B. Jerrett7219337Pritchett's Tramway
  64A176October 27, 1903George B. Jerrett7119337Shore near Marsh Point
  64A185December 18, 1903John Collins5018337Shore near Marsh Point
 6557February 04, 1904Isaac Goulding520294Road, East of Otter Brook
 6559February 04, 1904Levi Harleck1000337West of Road to Gambo
 65 68?February 04, 1904Isaac Pritchett3124294Road East of Otter Brook
 65107February 10, 1904Philip Feltham403337Road to Gambo
 65142February 27, 1904Lemuel Harleck14373372 lots. Shore of Marsh Point and east of Brett's Pond Path
 65164March 10, 1904Ezekiel Goulding220337Middle Brook Bridge
 65187March 10, 1907John Lush320294Otter Brook
  65A149June 07, 1907John Pritchett700337Pritchett's Tramway
  65A?216April 28, 1908Samuel and Thomas Hender128294East of Otter Brook
  66?39March 24, 1904Henry Cross700337Butt's Pond path
  66?2January 24, 1905George Hender820294Road east of Bridge
  68?44February 04, 1905Samuel Mullett120294Road east of Otter Brook
  ? 3?June 08, 1905James, Ezra, Josiah, Edgar Feltham810337Road to Gambo
  ? 52?May 15,1905James Pritchett700337Shore of Marsh Point
  ?161December 11, 1905Joseph Ward4115294Muskrat Brook
1088269163January 03, 1906John Collins8116337Pritchett's Tramway
1085769184January 03, 1906Samuel Hender4320294Road east of Muskrat Brook
1217770117August 10, 1909Gambo Lumber Company Limited of Gambo8000 at Second Burnt Pond. Cultivation clause crossed out on register
1121473138June 07, 1907William A. Pritchett Middle Brook1920337West of Butt's Pond Path
112697429June 07, 1907Robert Ward3023294East of Muskrat Brook. See V.76
1154274157December 27, 1907Charles Stratton9136294N. side Rd. Otter Brook
1169374163February 24, 1908Malcolm, Cornelius, Charles Campbell400294East of Otter Brook
1207775168March 27, 1909Robert Ward, Gambo2232294East of Muskrat Brook
1208575176April 08, 1909George, Jesse, Stephen, John Abbott210294Otter Brook
1218876152December 04, 1909Anthony Ward3324294East of Muskrat Brook covers p? Grant V.74 F. 29
1369584141April 28, 1914John Titford, Clarke's Beach2000337Pritchett's Tramway
1422386174April 07, 1916Henry Cross700337Butt's Pond Path
12971921September 21, 1912Joseph Curran, Gambo George A. Scott, of Montreal, Canada8500294East side Middle Brook. Sec. 4 Ch? Acts 3. Ed. VII.
133859240May 19, 1913Walter Pritchett2820337Butt's Pond Path. Sec. 4. Ch. VI Acts 3. Ed. VII.
1577294197October 06, 1922John Feltham10128337Pritchett's Tramway.
197629976December 17, 1929John Jerrett and Sons, Middle Brk.1238337West Side Middle Brook.
Travers Brook, Freshwater Bay, Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
529432138July 09, 1886George and Abraham Pritchett500  
1215470118June 22, 1909William Little of Montreal100   Sec. 4 Ch. VI. Acts 3. Ed. VII.
Hare Bay, North Side of Bonavista Bay
PlanLocation or Other Information
 Vol.Fol.  AcresR.F.  
68374335November 11, 1891Robert Ferris of Shambler's Cove123882Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884
73925375April 02, 1894Sameul Collins142082East Pt. Hare Bay. Sec. 12 C.L.A. 1884
993664268January 25, 1904Thomas, George, Alexander, Richard and Arthur Collins200082Near Anstey's Brook
10894 65A46March 26, 1906John, Jesse, James and Joseph House of ???71082 
11382 65A147June 07, 1907Enos Lane40082 
11217 65A165June 07, 1907Daniel and Henry Collins1032482 
1084469 188?January 03, 1906Arthur Saunders131682 
1084669191January 03, 1906John Wiseman 16?1282Muskrat Brook
10833722March 28, 1906George Collins10082 
10869723March 28, 1906Thomas Brown701682Shoal Cove
109487226March 28, 1906Alpheus Roberts211682 
109627235March 28, 1906Arthur Vivian, Shambler's Cove60282 
108827236March 28, 1906Alexander Collins and Jeremiah Elkins738 Butcher's Point
109637246March 28, 1906Joseph Wells? of Gooseberry Island61082Butcher's Neck
1107372140June 19, 1906William Collins3114 Butcher's Beach
1114372195February 09, 1907Lewis Kents ?2220 Southern Reach
113837399June 07, 1907Peter King3024 Butcher's Beach
115147437December 27, 1907Samuel Collins912482Nailor's Beach
1201476 74?February 23, 1908?David Collins321682Nailor's Beach
1299780109October 25, 1912Commissioner Cooms Toronto, Canada In trust for Salvation Army30082Road to Gambo
13047 80?155October 25, 1912Arthur Collins1000  
132588340January 22, 1913William Williams ?900  
135688451November 26, 1913William Willis? of Shoal Bay, B.B.2216 Butcher's Cove
1381985101November 14, 1914Frederick Saunders22882Pt. North of Nailor's Beach
1385785119February 12, 1915Samuel Collins3 ?24 Butcher's Cove
1399185199September 11, 1915Daniel Collins102082 
1433087171September 25, 1916Theophilus B?all5132  
147299120August 24, 1917George Wiseman2324  


The entries have been transcribed as they appear in the original document.
Over the years many of the names have become colloquial.

Page contributed by: Emily Wicks Mullett
Page transcribed by: Donna Randell
Page revised: Oct. 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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