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Letter #9


Corner Brook

December 29, 1945

My Dear Sister,

In answer to your nice letter that I just received from you, I tell you it was a welcome guest to me to know that you don’t forget me although not writing very often, I think of you. I was sorry that you were sick but glad that you were better.

Well, Berthie my dear, I have been very sick about six weeks and in bed most of the time. I tell you I never thought I would live, but thank God, I am just able to get out of bed now. I am so weak the Dr. tells me it’s my heart. I am only able to get around the house once in a while & no appetite & different complaints. I feel it very hard with no one belong to me here - just strangers. My husband had to stay off work but I am trusting in God he will restore me my strength after a time if not I am satisfied.

I tell you my dear, I know what it is to be sick. I haven’t been out over the doorstep this seven weeks. This is my best to write you now. As I read down your letter I could not read it for tears when you spoke of poor Addies little girl is gone & her brother left alone. Isn’t that hard? Poor little dear, he must find it hard.

I only have Billy now & Graham is living just a few steps from me. I would like to stay with them a little while longer if it’s God’s will. He is my best friend. I wish you was near to come in to see me. I am very sorry about poor Edith. What happened to her legs. So we all have out troubles.

I am glad that George’s two sons is home but very sorry that one of them is wounded. I haven’t heard from them for a long time. When you write me, tell me his address. George is a good brother & also John. His daughter Margaret sent me her photo. She is a pretty girl. I tell you I gets letters from poor Janie’s daughter real often. She have got a little baby. She seems to be so good. I wish I wa near ye all. I would be able to tell you more than I can write, but I suppose we will never meet on earth again. If not, I am living & hoping to see you in heaven & see our loved ones. You spoke about Gilbert’s brother Samuel is passed away. Your brother-in-law, Herbert. Every day brings us nearer the grave & best all be ready.

Now Berthie my dear, don’t fail to write me. We are the only two sisters is left now out of seven. I tell Berthie, I don’t feel much of it. I am most always sick. I have been sicker now than ever I was but I am praying that God will spare me a little while longer. I can hardly write, I am so weak.

We are having lots of snow down here now. My Dear sister, how is all of you family. Is Livie married? Remember us to your husband & all of your family. I often think of Jimmie when I was up ther. I am not so young now. I tell you I look old & feel old. I am 57 years old & I feel now like I am 87. Sickness will make you feel old, don’t it? Good bye for now from your loving sister, Miriam to her loving sister, Berthie XXXX don’t fail to write me.

Editor’s Note: Punctuation & paragraphing added by editor. All sentences seemed to run together without regard to capitalization. - James R. McKay



Contributed by James R. McKay

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