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Letter #8


Water Street, Carbonear, NFLD

July 3, 1944

Dear Jim,

You will please excuse me for not writing you before. I know you will think it strange, really, I’m ashamed of myself. I haven’t forgotten you, really, I have often thought of you and the Family and the happy times we had together. Them times are gone and we both are got older.

Yes, tomorrow is the Glorious Fourth. I can go back to my first time, when I lived with you. I don’t know it it’s the same now as then. That was on "Maverick Street. Things have changed since then. Livie, you daughter is grown up and the little fellow (I think his name was "Willie") are married, and, fly like the birds in the nest. Feathered and gone. Such is life.

When writing Al, I would often wish to be remembered to you and family.

Well, Jim, how are you? Well I hope. For my self, I have been laid up all the winter with sciatic all the past winter. Probably you may have heard Al speak of it. It’s a dreadful pain. And it still hangs on. I am in hopes with the warm weather it may get better.

I am glad you got them Certificate O.K. I did not expect any remuneration for what I did. I was only too glad to do so. But thanks very much. I hope they will prove just to you I only have the one child. But he is married and have a darling little girl, 8 months, 1st July. Al will tell you all about that and you also can see her picture, mother and child. We called her "Mary" after my little girl.

We have had very poor weather - only a couple hot days.

Jim, I would love to be able to run in and see you all. What a talk we would have. Give my respects to your good wife. Hope she is enjoying good health. Tell Livie I don’t forget the little verse, about the three little Keys. Say me to her & Willy & …..(can’t read name). You wouldn’t know old Carbonear now.

Hoping this will find you well. I remain your old friend, Samuel Parsons. Good Luck.

P.S. I forgot to tell you. Bert is doing business. Started last fall. Doing very good. Jim, I would love to hear from you anytime and answer any questions you would like to know. And I will tell you all the Home News. Sam

Editor’s Note: Originally I thought this letter was from a relative of James Taylor Parsons. Now I’m not sure. Even though Samuel has the same last name, he signs it "your old friend." And he also mentions having lived in the same house on Maverick Street. He also mentions only having one child, a son and yet he calls his grand daughter "Mary" after his little girl. Confusing. The Al he mentions is Alfred Parsons, b. 1882, d. 1972 and buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, Ma. - James R. McKay -


Contributed by James R. McKay

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