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Letter # 4



August 20, 1934

My Dear Bertha,

It is with pleasure that I now sit down to drop you a few lines. First of all I really don't know how to thank you for your kindness. I am sure. It was so nice of you to send me that parcel. I was delighted with it. The dresses just fit the girls. I really don't know what I will do for you. Of course you know about Winnie. She is just as old as her mother and old fashioned. There was not a dress would suit her. And I didn't say anything to her about it. But I could suit her to something.

Of course she half lives here. I don't know what she would do only for us. Your father is smart this summer. He was sick there first part of the summer, but he is grand. Of course Herb is the only one here now and every day he (Bertha's father) is looking for Herb. He is in here four and five times a day. Of course, the wife he has she is all the time on the go in the village. That's where she came from. Now don't worry about your father because he is always looked after. And his wife do not know anything about it because when she is gone I am all there with the cup of tea for him because we will be old ourselves by and by. But he is wonderful this summer. Down and up the beach and don't mind it.

How is James? Lot of times we speak of him. Kindest regards from all the family to him. Tell him Lima (sp?) is a big girl now and she still remembers him and got the doll he sent her. I don't know when you will get this letter because the mails are all changed. We only get three mails here now a week. Everything is changed around. Our country is getting worse. Not much work. And the people here are lost because they cannot get in the States. And we are taxed wonderful.

I hope all your family are well and working and that's the best of it. All enjoying Health and when we got out Health, we need not complain. Herb wishes to be remembered to you and Mr. Parsons. He often speaks of him. I suppose we will hardly ever meet again. We may. There have been a lot of people die her. Poor Clara, that's Ned's wife. She went very quickly and poor Betsey (sp) Davis. She is gone. You see, there's not much to life after all. One after another. Now I think I shall bring this letter to a close. With much thanks for your kindness. We don't know who is thinking about us. Now write soon again and tell me all the news. I will write soon again. With kindest regards. From Sophia remember to all family.

Editor's Note: I haven't determined if Sophia is a relation or not. No envelope with the letter but it's obvious that she knew Bertha Davis & James Taylor Parsons. - James R. McKay



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