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Letter # 3



January 3, 1932

My Dear Daughter Bertha,

I now sit down to write you these few lines to let you know that I am still alive and in fairly good health. My self and Mrs. Davis hoping that this will find you the same. You and your family also. (sp) Well girl, I have been expecting a letter from you this last two months or more. I thought that you was sick or something to matter with you or I would (ink blurred) have sent me a Xmas Box or something for a Xmas present as all your sisters and brothers have sent me something for Xmas. I tell you that this have been a very dark Xmas to me although I haven't been sick or anything. B (He uses B for Bertha) my shirts is getting very thin and worn out as I haven't had but one ….. (ink blur) shirt this fore year so you see that they are very good mow. The misses have got them all parched up to make them. If I can get this winter out of them, I don't care a fig. ha ha. So now you see that it is tuff enough with me. I haven't earned a dollar this lean year of ……(ink blur) we …..(ink blur) our one vegetables such as potatoes, Cabbage, carrot and parsnips and lots of the other things suppose that you hear. That you hear that Uncle Eli Davis (this part doesn't make sense) I had a letter from brother George W and he sent me a …..(ink blur) spot (the $10 mentioned previously). This have been a hard month frost and snow all the month of December and it is getting frostier every day. I think this is going to be one of the olden times winters because it look that way now Xmas is nearly gone and I am feeling fairly well.

We had a letter from Anne and sent me a grand present, the best one ever she sent me although she was so sick but when she got better she did not forget me. So that is all for now wishing you all a merry Xmas and a happy New Year and my best regards to your husband and family but I suppose that all the boys are young men now. So that is all for now so myself and Mrs. Davis joins in love too. So good bye from your loving Father William Davis to his Daughter Bertha Parsons. Please answer this letter and tell me all the news. Tell Jim that I don't forget the cups of coffee that he used to give me but I suppose we shall never have another one for me. Goodbye for now from Father.

Editors Note: This letter was written on poor quality tablet paper with a leaky fountain pen. Most is legible but scribbles doesn't help the reading.



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