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Letter # 1



Freshwater May 20, 1931

My Dear son, George

I now set down to write you a few lines to let you know how I am getting on. Well, my son, I am fairly well myself and Mrs. Davis hoping that will find you receiving the same blessing. Well, George, my boy, I received your letter on Saturday and more than thankful to you for the present that you sent to me and thanks to you very much for it for it came in a very good time to get a barrel of flour as our flour is just about out now and it is getting fine and cheap. 5.20 a barrel as we haven't had one since October and this is May so I don't think that we have anything to grumble at in regards of extravagances in flour. I must tell you that first night there was a terrible fire in Carbonear. There was 14 homes destroyed in all and Billy Mores place that was Mr. Duffs big brick building was burnt flat to the ground. You know that he sold it last year to Mr. William Mores from Freshwater and all of Sayenders (sp) and Hauls factory and the boot and shoe factory and Maddocks (sp) place and ……..(can't read) ashes and all the lumber yard there was pieces of paper and felt came down here and pitched in our garden. So that is all of that now I must tell you that I am tired tonight for I was working hard today in the garden clearing away and working out the ground to set our few potatoes in and the misses is cutting the seed to begin tomorrow or next day. You know that it don't take much to make me tired now as I will soon be 81 years old and Mrs. Davis will be 70 the 8th of August so you see that we are not young but thank god we are both gifted with health and strength……(this is where letter ends)

Editors Note: Although the letter ends without a signature, the handwriting, writing style and, most importantly, the spelling clearly defines that this letter was from William Davis to his son George Davis, who lived in Fall River, Ma. at the time. It's possible that Mrs. Davis is not William Davis' first wife as can be seen from later letters.


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