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A list of persons who have petitioned for LAND - Oct 22, 1833

The following information was copied from ""The Royal Gazette"" issue dated Oct 22, 1833.
I have made an effort to spell everything as it appeared and avoid errors."

A LIST of Persons who have Petitioned for Land, and who, it is probable, will receive Grants
for the quantity placed opposite their names respectively, provided no legal or equitable
counterclaim can be brought forwared within TWO MONTHS after the date hereof."

1827 Feb 23Michael Dea4Patrick's Pinch, adjoining Lot HU
1833 Aug 6William Hennebury2Do.
1827 Feb 28Patrick Wickham8Near Freshwater
1827 March 27William Corkran8N.W. Side of Road to ditto.
1827 May 4Matthew Ryan5Blockmaker's Hill
1828 Nov 15Biddy C. Murphy16In the rear of Do.
1828 Nov 15John Brenan40Do. Do.
1829 Jan 14David Kavanagh20Do. Do.
1830 March 18George Quigly20Near Upper Long Pond
1833 Sept 23Mary Richardson4Do.
1830 April 20David Reed15North side of Brookfield Road
1833 Aug 23Edward Hayes15South side Placentia Road, 5 miles from St. John's
 Lieut. J. Bell20Portugal Cove Road.
1831 Sept 30William Dowden and Thos. Cook50Do. about 6 miles from St. John's
1832 April 24Maurice Bolan50Do. 3 Do.
1833 Feb 18William Walsh8Do. Soldier's Tilt
1833 Oct 3James Murphy4Do. Near Middle Long Pond
1832 May 24Richard Quin and Pat. Nagles50Torbay Road
1833 Sept 14Edward Coaker2Do.
1833 June 3Anastatia Bates9South of Monday's Pond
1833 Jan 9James Shaguire10Major Brady's Path.
1832 May 18John Walsh20Do.
1833 Aug 13James Churchill2Portugal Cove.
1833 Aug 17Philip Beenlen20White Hills.
1833 Aug 27James Parill20Middle Long Pond.
1833 Sept 27James Butler5Morley's Marsh Road
1833 Sept 29William Thistle2Pouch Cove
1833 Oct 7Rev. Daniel Ward1.5Cock Pit Road
1828 Oct 2Thomas Burn20Pennywell Road.
1829 Feb 4John Meagher15Logy Bay Road, near Yellow Marsh
1829 July 15Jer. Merrigan40Quan's Road.
1829 Nov 29Patrick Doyle150Road to Steady Water
1833 Sept 10John Shears8Fortune Bay.
1833 Aug 31John H Warren8North West of Parson's Pond.


Joseph Noad,
Surveyor General

Surveyor General's Office,
14th October, 1833.


Page Transcribed by Michael Cooper (April, 2000)
Page Revised Sept 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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