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A list of persons who have petitioned for LAND - August 16, 1831

The following information was copied from "The Royal Gazette" newspaper dated August 16, 1831. While I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, I might have made a mistake when transcribing the data. I have maintained exact spelling and wording to the best of my ability.

A list of persons who have petitioned for LAND and who, it is probable, will receive grants for the quantity placed opposite their names respectively, provided no legal or equitable counter claim can be brought forward withion three month after the date hereof.

Date of PetitionPetitioner's NameNo. of AcresWhere Situated
3 Mar 1831John Collins420Old Perlican
25 May 1827John Regan630Ditto
22 May 1830Michael Forrestall4036Gussett Cove
29 Dec 1830John Forrestall7232Ditto
1 Mar 1831Mich & Patrick Murphy400Ditto
1 Mar 1831Nicholas, Patrick and Thomas Banval320Ditto
13 Nov 1830Peter Le Grow110Broad Cove
5 May 1830Richard Burden300Ditto
1 Nov 1830William Ing220Ditto
7 Jan 1828Michael Duggan800Spaniard's Bay
26 Mar 1828Robt, William, and Thomas Gosse2700Ditto
28 April 1831George Corban300Salmon Cove, Port de Grave
18 Jan 1831John Daw0222Ship Cove, ditto
16 Sept 1830Charles Butler700Salmon Cove, ditto
18 Jan 1831Thomas Butler500Port de Grave
19 May 1830William Lahey120Salmon Cove, ditto
19 April 1831Thomas Cozens210Ditto, ditto
27 Feb 1829William Wells420Ditto, ditto
1 Aug 1829John Burke4400Ditto, ditto
28 Mar 1831Robert Forneaux2200Port de Grave
25 May 1830Marks Henebery300Northern Gut, ditto
18 Jan 1830Alfred Mayne900Harbour Grace
21 Dec 1830James Corburn10000ditto
3 July 1830William Innott200ditto
28 Dec 1830Stephen Shean600Brigus
28 Dec 1830Miles Sweeney1620ditto
19 April 1831Thomas Whelan and Edward Power600ditto
30 May 1829Michael Brien220Carbonear
3 Mar 1828Edward Butler300ditto
1 Feb 1830John Conners130ditto
1 July 1830Thomas White200ditto
7 Dec 1830William Dawly030South Ridge Ditto
10 Dec 1830Edward Melton500Carbonear
10 Dec 1830Simon Winsor1220ditto
12 Aug 1830Guy and Collins1131ditto
18 Feb 1830John Dowland210ditto
30 Dec 1830William Pitcher and John Sampson700Cupids
30 Dec 1830Henry Sheppard1420ditto
30 Nov 1830John Perchard600Bay Roberts
16 Apr 1827Michael Lynagh400Grates Cove
22 Feb 1827Richard Rankin600Lower Island Cove
20 July 1830John Canning2000Western Bay
8 Mar 1831John (Jnr) & Henry Moors220Black Head
10 Sept 1827Patrick McGrath420Pery's Cove
30 May 1831John Gillard320Twillingate
29 Dec 1830James Walsh700Cupids
7 May 1831James LeDroe200ditto
7 May 1831George Taylor0216ditto
29 Mar 1831William Short110ditto
7 May 1831Patrick Mullowney2324ditto
7 May 1831Thomas Peyton500ditto
31 Dec 1830Stephen Walsh500ditto
16 June 1827William Pitts3000Harbour Grace
27 Jan 1831Nathaniel Munden1300Brigus
14 Sept 1830George Morgan0124Port de Grave
23 May 1831William Andrews, junr110Ship Cove, do
24 May 1831John Christopher220Port de Grave
23 May 1831Charles Ralph400ditto
16 Mar 1831George Lake100Fortune Bay
28 July 1831Giles William Evans700ditto
8 Nov 1830Benjamin Osmand500ditto
16 Mar 1831James Lake200ditto
16 Mar 1831Ditto Ditto020ditto
16 Nov 1830John Fanning1200ditto
16 Mar 1831James Lake300ditto
16 Nov 1830Robert Chilcott300ditto
16 Nov 1830Francis Forward320ditto
10 Nov 1830James Hickman1300ditto
20 Apr 1831Michael Ryan2000Road to Rocky Pond
20 Apr 1831William Dodd10000South Side, Torbay
7 Apr 1831Martin Flannigan1000Petty Harbour
28 Apr 1831William Dannell1500Outer Cove Road
27 July 1831Robt and Henry Rennie5000Topsail Road
18 May 1831John Rideout700Flat Rock
5 May 1831Samuel Codner100Torbay
12 May 1831Richard Walsh1300Coot's Marsh Road
13 June 1831Adam O'Neil5000Wigmore's Gully Road
11 April 1831James Burn3000Island
29 April 1831James Walsh1700Coot's Marsh Road
29 April 1831John Hearn2500ditto  

George Holbrook,
Surveyor General

Transcribed by Michael Cooper April, 2000
Revised by Jim Butler, September, 2002


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