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Landowners in HOLYROOD CENTRAL and the SOUTH SIDE.
The information was taken from an old Property Map and Evelyn Morrissey has been kind enough to allow us to post it to the Newfoundland's Grand Bank Site and displayed on the Harbour Main Regional page.

According to Evelyn, thanks should also be given to Eileen Walsh
for her part in transcribing these records from the map.

While we have endeavored to be as correct as humanly possible,
there could be some typographical errors.
If you should find any errors, please contact Evelyn Morrissey at:

Note: According to Evelyn, this list of land owners is imcomplete. Newtown is not shown on the map and some sections such as Salmonier Road, Witless Bay and other sections along the main highway towards Duff's.

Going West from its intersection at OLD MAIN ROAD.
North side properties.

Richard & Patrick WALSH of Michael (corner property)
Edward WALSH of Richard  
Estate Cornelius KENNEDY  
Nich. WALL of Nich.  
John WALL of Nich.  
Margaret WALL  
James WALL of James  
Nich. WALL of James  
John WALSH of Rich. (large acreage, NW boundary KENNEDY'S LANE)
Wm WALSH (corner property, NW boundary KENNEDY'S LANE)
John VEITCH A.R.P. 34.1.0 Vol 7 Fol 1, Vol 40, Fol 146 ( SE boundary KENNEDY'S LANE)
Estate John VEITCH  
James LEWIS A.R.P. 7.0.4, Vol 22 Fol 9
James LEWIS of Aaron ( this property behind above property, with narrow strip for road access.)
Estate John Thomas BARRETT  
John MURPHY A.R.P. 101.0.0, Vol 57 Fol 11

South side properties from OLD MAIN ROAD going West.

Thomas WALSH (corner property, E boundary Old MAIN ROAD)
Daniel WALSH  
Michael & Patrick WALSH of James  
John & Joseph WALSH of John  
Richard John WALSH of David  
Catherine WALSH, Widow of Richard  
Est of Michael WALSH and Est of James WALSH  
Nicholas WALL of James  
John WALL of Nich.  
James JOY A.R.P. 37.3.12, Vol 18 Fol 84 , writen along the property line it says 'Now Walter JOY"
Capt. John LEWIS of Philip A.R.P 12.3.14 Vol 94, Fol .167
Matthew HAWCO  
Peter BARRON  
Stephen WALSH (W boundary WALL's Road)
James LEWIS of Aaron (corner property, E boundary WALL's Road)
Aaron LEWIS of John (SE boundary, WALL's Road)
James LEWIS of James  
John Thomas LEWIS A.R.P. 6.0.0, Vol 35 Fol 110
John JOY (St John's)

Contributed by: Evelyn Morrissey
Page revised: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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