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Document of the ship, Prosperous
from Appledore to Placentia


A Monthy Bill For the Ship Prosperous Chr. Chappell, Mastr. James Chappell and Company Sole Owners and by gods grace bound for Placentia in Newfoundland as sune as wind and weather will permit. Then and at the place called the Cape or elsewheare as the Master shall decide to bee imployed in a fishing voyage to begin and leave of fishing at such time and season as the sd. Master shale appoint and when the fishing voyage is ended in Newfoundland sutch men as the master shale decide are to proceed with the ship to any market in Spaine Portugale or Ittilay and such men as the master shall order home are to bee sent in som port in great Porellain, where monthly pay are to continue until there arrivele in such a port as aforesd. unless the sd. Master shall enter into any other agreement with the marriners or any of them in Newfoundland or elsewhere.......

Now it may bee that the said Chr. Chappell at the end of the fishing voyage in Newfoundland aforesd. will bee ordered home with tonnage in the sd. ship Prosperous or where the cargue of fish is discharged at a market engaged to take a fright to a place within the Dominions of England Holland, France, Portugale, Spain or Ittilay and eather which home to England with tunnage on engaging fright at market ore as the sd. Master shall dicide and for the monthly pay particularly expressed in the columens as followith.........


Mens Names
How much per Month
Mens Names
  Chr Chappell 3. 10. 0. George Natt 7. 0. 0.
  Jno Thorn Mate 2. 10. 0. Charles Hartnole 2. 0. 0.
  Willm. Chidley 1. 10. 0. Homphy Bryley 4. 10. 0.
  Willm. Allyen (Alleyn) 1. 12. 0. John Webber 3. 15. 0
  Richd. Briant 1. 10. 0. John Joel 4. 15. 0.
  Henry Coaker (?) 2. 0. 0. John Lewes (Lewis) 2. 15. 0.
  Wm. Stott (?) 1. 10. 0. John Cothey (Coltey) 4. 17. 6.
  Richard Foard (Ford) 1. 4. 0. Thos. Charley 3. 2. 6.
  Willm. Markley 1. 5. 6. Thomas Night (Knight) 5. 10. 0
  John Adams 1. 10. 0. John Stoley 3. 15. 0.
  Richard Servant (Servan) 1. 5. 0. Richd. Hoyle 2. 0. 0
  Thos. Williams 1. 6. 0. John Mogford 5. 0. 0.
  John Lowsmore 1. 5. 0.    
  Robt. Batholates (?) 1. 10. 0.    
  William Barrew (Barew) 1. 7. 0.    
  John Austin 1. 13. 0.    
  Peter Sainthill 1. 10. 0.    
  Nicholas Huxtable 1. 8. 0.    
  James Davies 1. 3. 0.    
  John Mack 1. 10. 0.    
  Charles Ladman 1. 6. 0.    
  John Hocken (Hockin) 1. 3. 0.    
  Henry Peace 1. 2. 0.    


Its Hereby contracted and agreed by and between the afore sd. Master and marriners to undertake by Gods permission as sune as said master shall decide and weather permits the voyage afore mentioned and for the wages aforesd. Respectively set downe in coloumes for that porpess where each mans name is set against his wages aforesd. with the munthley pay and standing wages for the whole voyage which sd. monthly pay and standing wages as well those that are sent home as them after .... abroad in the said ship to bee com due to bee paid at the safe delivery of the said ship's cargo of fish to a market and not else now.

Its further agreed between the said master and mariners that whereas for times past it hath ben the costom for sailors to have asked of fish kiled in Newfoundland and traine oil when sould that the mariners afore sd. are to have no demand on fish trayne nor any other thing whatsoever but there monthly pay and standing wages as aforesd. and pursuant to an act of Parliament wee enter into and signe this as an agreement between the master and marriners aforesd. In confirmation of which wee due set our hands the day and date as followeth

Apeldore the 3rd of March 1738/9 . signed James Chappell, Chr. Chappell.

Note: The surnames in brackets are the difference between their name as written by the master and their signatures.




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