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Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
Third session of the Second General Assembly
St. John's,
J. Shea 1838
Colonial Government Journals


Account of monies expended by the Central Board of Road Commissioners [appointed in 1836] since the furnishing their last account in June 1837.

{my short forms....pd = paid, @ = at, curr. = currency, amt.= amount, £ = Pound, s = sterling, d = pence, Anything in these { } are my own comments. - Ann (may be contacted through the contributor's page)

Bay Bulls Road
July 10, 1837

Cash pd Phillip Stamp & Richard Roach, viz. for opening 272 perches of road, near Bay Bulls Long Pond @ £15/10s per mile. amt. £13/3/6. Also... Widening [from 12 to 24] 4 miles &30 perches of road from the Goulds River towards Bay Bulls @ £13 per mile as per account. amt. £55/8/8

Cash pd, James Cuddihy, viz for 3 large bridges, say 1 over Goulds River, and 2 over streams near above. amt. £ 128/0/0. Allowance for additional work. amt. £4/00 Building 9 smaller bridges @ 55 s. amt. £24/15/0 Filling up a brook. amt. £2/15/0 Draining 33 perches of road, of 7 ft. wide, & 2½ ft. wide, @ 7s. 6d amt. £12/7/6. Draining 68 perches of road, 4 ft. wide amt. £ 14/12/6. Removing all combustible materials from 50 ft. of any part of the 3 large bridges amt. £20/0/0.

Oct. 10, 1837

Deduct £60 paid Cuddihy, and charged by the commissioners in their last account, & also the sum of £5 stop to remedy a defect in the King Post of the Goulds River Bridge. amt. £63/00

Cash pd. Michael Darsey, viz for widening [from 12 to 24 ft] 3¾ miles of the Bay Bulls road from Sweeny's Marsh to the Goulds River, @£14 per mile, amt. £ 54/7/6. Allowance for clearing the first part opened of wind - falls, amt. £2/0/0

Cash pd. Edward Gorman, viz for draining 171 perches of road from Sweeny's Marsh towards the Gold River @ 2s, 3d per perch. amt. £19/4/9

Cash pd. James Toole & M. Reilley, viz. for opening 1¾ miles of road next the Bay Bulls, 24 ft. wide, @ £31 per mile. amt. £ 54/5/0

Cash pd. William Sinnott, viz., for carrying off a bog from the road, and for draining 112 perches {can't read the rest} amt. £15/0/0

Cash pd. Martin Williams, viz., for building 13 bridges &clearing the stream @ 5 £. amt. £65/0/0

Cash pd. to Roger Flahaven & John Savage for opening 7 miles & 184 perches of road, 12 ft. wide @ £15 per mile. amt. £129/6/1

Jan 9, 1838

Cash pd. John Ennis &Pat, Rielly, viz., for draining 342 perches road between the end of Gorman's work & the 1st bridge @ 1 s, 10d per perch, amt. £ 31/7/0

Cash pd. John Savage & Richard Roach, viz., for building 8 temporary bridges @ 5s each. amt. £2/0/0

Cash pd. Phillip Stamp, viz., for examining &measuring work on Bay Bulls road, amt. £4/13/0

Petty Harbour Road
Sept. 12

Cash pd. Richard Gladney, viz., for opening roads, building bridges, draining &c. {?}, amt. £103/6/4

Cash pd. J.A. Wheeler, viz., for 15 cross drains 10s each, draining 35 perches @ 3s, amt. £12/15/0, less 55s deducted for bad work, amt. £2/15/0

Road from Topsail to Holyrood
Aug 18 1837

Cash pd. Bryan O'Brien, balance due him for bridges built on the road from Holyrood to Kellygrews as per account. amt. £27/5/6

July 16

Cash pd. N. Rourke & R. Gladney, for draining, covering cross drains, & opening 7 perches road, amt. £19/10/3

Jan. 9

Pd. R. Walsh for keeping the road from Emanuel's River to the Butter Pots clear of windfalls, amt. £2/10/0

Feb 6

Pd. John Roach, viz., 30 covered cross drains, 11s each, built on the road between Topsail & Kellygrews, amt. £16/10/0

Feb. 20

Pd. John Rendall for notice boards put on road. amt. 10/6

Pd. M. Rielley & W. Walsh for keeping the Topsail road clear of windfalls in the winter of '36 &'37. amt. £2/0/0

May 1

Pd. George Winter for quick Match. amt. £1/6/4

July 21

C.F. Bennett as per account for powder, canvas, tar &c. amt. £15/10/1

Aug. 7

Robert Dunn{?}, 47 lbs powder @ 10d. amt. £1/18/4

Sept 23

N. Kennedy, gratuity for 3 yrs sevice in superintending the work, preparing tubes, bags &c. amt. £20/0/0

Road from Holyrood to Placentia, by Salmanier, &Salmanier to St. Mary's
Nov. 25

Cash pd. 4 men, 63 dys work each @ 4s 4d, assissting Mr. Byrne, surveyor, to explore, examine and mark a line of road from Holyrood to Salamonier & thence to St. Mary's. amt. £56/14/0


Pd. Phillip Stamp, assisstant surveyor, 13 dys @ 5s. amt. £3/5/0


George Cooke for making a roadway to Boden's Cove by Maggotty Cove. amt. £15/0/0

Aug 2

Pd. Patrick Whelan, shoring the railway @ Kings Bridge. amt. £1/0/0

Sep 12

Pd James Grey, for building an additional wall at the stone bridge, Maggotty Cove. amt. £3/4/6


Phillip Stamp superintending road work on various roads, measuring the same, etc. 23 dys as per acct. amt. £6/9/0

Jan 3

Thomas Ryrne, 7mths salary as superintending surveyor, to 31st Dec. 1837, @ £100 per annum. amt. £67/6/1

Pd. C.P. Bennett, for 1 gal. tar, for work @ Quiddy Viddy, see his account. amt. 2/0

N. Kennedy & 2 men, 1 dys work each, @ Quiddy Viddy, removing fragments of rock from channel. amt. 17/0

Oct 3

Pd. C.P. Bennett, for bunting, canvas, etc, used by surveyor in laying out roads as per account. amt. £1/18/8



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