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Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
Fourth Session of the Fourth General Assembly
St. John's,
E.D. Shea, 1852
Colonial Government Journals


A return in detail of my Office of Coroner, stating the name of the deceased, the verict of the Jury in each case, the time during which, and the place where the jury sat, and the expenses thereon, from 1st Jan. to 31st Dec., 1851.

There is a * by one of the names of which Dr. Stark made a seperate notation, which I will note at the bottom. And he did note the dates, but also the hours it took for the Jury to decide the verdict, so instead of date, I'll write Hr.= hours. My short forms...Ver. = verdict, this means what the coroner had determined was the cause of death. Where it says "held" means where the coroner held his inquest/ autopsy. Vis = visitation. This is in the context of "visitation by God", which basically means, natural causes. Gov. = government. The report gives dates for each person, but I'm unsure if these were the dates of the autopsy, or the date of when he submitted his report, or both? All dates are for 1851. - Ann (may be contacted through the contributor's page)

{This was signed by; "John Stark, Coroner for Harbour Grace to Bay -de-Verds, both places inclusive of Conception Bay"}

Richard Frampton
Hr: 1
date: Jan 4th
Ver.- Accidently burnt to death
Held - House of William Curtis @ Harbour Grace

William Fisher Hr: 1½ date ; July 25th Ver. - Found drowned in Harbour Grace Held - House of Robert Lee Whiting @ Harbour Grace

Stephen Bryan
Hr: 4
date: Aug. 19th
Ver. - Accidently burnt to death
Held - House of Michael Costigan @ Carbonear

Cecilia Summers
Hr: 2
date: Oct. 13th
Ver.- Accidently burnt to death
Held - House of Rachel Summers @ Flat Rock, near Salmon Cove

* Patrick Dawley
Hr; 9
date: Dec. 16th
Ver.- Willful murder against Hiram Holmes
Held - Court House @ Harbour Grace

* By the 3rd Henry, cap. 7, I am entitled to 13s, 4d, on every case of murder, but which has hitherto been disallowed. I respectfully hold my claim to be good. This inquest occupied my time 3 whole days. The time for preparing the papers is not included in the time the Jury sat.



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