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Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
Third Session of the Third General Assembly

"Fisheries Reports"

As reported in the 1845 Journal of the General Assembly for Newfoundland (3rd Session of the 3rd General Assembly), under Fisheries Reports. A report from PACK, GOSS & FRYER: "...terms at which the Bankers' crews were engaged by us, and we could not get sufficient men for less." .... “ We beg to observe that the sending of these vessels to the Banks was a mere speculation, to employ some of our sealers during the summer, and if it succeeded, to drop some part of the Labrador fishery; with a view also of shewing an example to the Planters owning schooners. We were in actual dread at that period, if there were a good catch of fish in Newfoundland, we should not find sale for Labrador, or, if so, at runious prices” (Note: This information appears to be part of a report by Robert PACK, Esq, of Carbonear, dated April 8th, 1845. PACK begins this report by stating “ The firm to which I belong employed two Vessels in the Bank Fishery in the Years 1836 and 1837, but from the high wages paid to the men, .... together with other heavy expenses necessarily to be incurred in that fishery, we found it to be a ruinous business to continue, therefore declined it.” )

1836 ANN Schooner ANN from 14th May till 31st October: Charles M'CARTHY, John KELLY, John CUNNINGHAM, Robert OATS, Patrick HEARN, Thomas BRIDE, John BRIDE, John GRIFFIN, John COOK, John WHELAN. These men were paid from 16-30 pounds each for their work and many were also given 1 pair of Boots, and/or a Skin Coat
1836 SAMUEL Schooner SAMUEL from 14th May till last October: William VENNING, John GRIFFIN, John TAYLOR, William TAYLOR, William DAVIS, Robert LIBERTON, Charles DAVIS, John POWELL, Robert BADCOCK. These men were paid from 22-43 pounds each for their work and many were also given a Skin Coat.
1837 ANN Schooner ANN from 20th May till 31st October: William DAVIS, William WALSH, John COOK, John WALSH, Moses ASPELL, Garret MURPHY, John WHELAN, Augustus MERRY, John GRIFFIN, John POWELL. These men were paid from 9-28 pounds each for their work and many were also given a Coat.
1837 SAMUEL Schooner SAMUEL from 20th May till 31st October: Charles M'CARTHY, John PENNY, Richard DAVIS, Thomas PILGRIM, Francis TAYLOR, W. TAYLOR, Robert LIBERTON, John BERRIGAN, A Youngster off the Room. These men were paid from 9-28 pounds each for their work and all except Charles M'CARTHY were given a Skin Coat.

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