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Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
First Session of the Fourth General Assembly
St. John's,
E.D. Shea, 1848
Colonial Government Journals


For the Lands surveyed for Persons who were in possession prior to the passing of the Crown Lands Bill. For the year ending 1st October, 1848.

I will post names and where they were situated with "wh" = where the land was. Anything in these brackets { } are my own. There was a cost for the title for the applicant, so if anyone would like to contact me for the cost which a particular person paid, please drop a line. - Ann (may be contacted through the contributor's page)

Thomas Mokelor, Deputy Surveyor, Bay Bulls.

"The amount paid the Deputy Surveyor includes the charge of Surveying, Plotting, expense of Chainman, and travelling."

All the lands surveyed below were done by Thomas Mokelor

Bay Bulls

James Hartwell wh - Bay Bulls, Rocky Hill

Edmund Power wh - Bay Bulls, Rocky Hill

Michael Brien wh - Bay Bulls, Wiseman's Stone

Wm. Lash wh - Witless Bay

James Burke wh - Witless Bay

M. Murphy wh - Witless Bay

John Maloney wh - Witless Bay

Michael Gordon wh - Fortune's Beach

Joseph Norris wh - Witless Bay

Wm. Norris wh - Witless Bay

Peter Dealey wh - Fortune's Beach

Martin White wh - Fortune's Beach

S. & G. Maloney wh - Witless Bay

John Hines wh - Fortune's Beach

Wm. Lash wh - Fortune's Beach

Rev. P. Cleary wh - Witless Bay

M. Norris wh - Fortune's Beach

J. Norris wh - Fortune's Beach

Arthur Murphy wh - LaManche

L. Nowlan wh - Moble

James Gready wh - Moble

Ed. Ronayne wh - Toad's Cove

N. Kinchella wh - Moble

Thomas Carew wh - Witless Bay

M. Driscoll wh - Moble

George Norris wh - Witless Bay

Rev. P. Cleary wh - Bay Bulls

John Furlong wh - LaManch

Edmund Power wh - Bay Bulls

Martin Power wh - Bay Bulls

J. & J. Walsh wh - Burnt Cove

Patrick Glen wh - Bay Bulls



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