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Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland
Second Session of the Third General Assembly
St. John's,
W.R. Shea, 1844
Colonial Government Journals


"ACCOUNT of monies paid by the Colonial Government for the support of the Aged, Infant, and Idiot Paupers, with Incidentals connected, from the first day of July to the thirtieth day of September, 1843."

If anyone is interested on the amount paid to their ancestor, & the # of days paid, please drop me a line & I'll let you know. Anything in these brackets { } are my own. Any question marks, are also my own, meaning it's unreadable. Any & signs ..are mine. As always, everything I transcribe is subject to error. If I appear to have erred, & you have a question, don't hesitate to ask. - Ann (can be contacted through the contributor's page.)

Liv. wth = living with
occ = occupier

William Atkins Liv. wth - James Brine

Margaret Butler Liv. wth - Margaret Fogarthy

John Bolan Liv. wth - Edward Bolan

Ellen Breen Liv. wth - occ.

Ann Byrne Liv. wth - occ.

John Breen Liv. wth - Samuel Beer

Eliza Barnes Liv. wth - occ.

Alice Brine Liv. wth -occupier

Margaret Burne Liv. wth -Grandmother

Henry Buttress Liv. wth - Mary Henneberry

Mary Brennan Liv. wth - occ.

John Bray Liv. wth - John Freeman

Elizabeth Bolan Liv. wth - occ.

John Butler Liv. wth - occ.

Bridget Clooney Liv. wth - occ.

Ellen Clare Liv. wth - occ.

Judith Connelly Liv. wth - occ.

Margaret Carrigan Liv. wth - occ.

Joanna Cashin Liv. wth -Thomas Brine

Edward Cashin Liv. wth - Thomas Brine

Bridget Commeford Liv. wth - occ.

Catherine Coady Liv. wth = occ.

John Daley Liv. wth - Martin Tracey

Margaret Dooley Liv. wth - occ.

Catherine Dillon Liv. wth - occ.

Ambrose Dunne Liv. wth - Mary Quinn

Mary Fleming Liv. wth - Edward Blake

Mary Fitzpatrick Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Perkins Liv. wth -Thomas Moreton

Bridget Fitzgerald Liv. wth - occ.

Edward Prior Liv. wth - Elizabeth Williams

Mary Ryan Liv. wth - occ.

Edward Reynolds Liv. wth - Mary Eagan

Catherine Scanlon Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Tobin Liv. wth - Margaret Fogerthy

Mary Tibbs Liv. wth - occ.

Marcella Underhay Liv. wth - James Richards

Eleanor Walsh Liv. wth -occ.

Margaret Walsh Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Anne Murphy Liv. wth -Patrick Feehan

James Barnott Liv. wth - Mary Stansbury

Henry Bishop Liv. wth - Michael Carney

John Culleton Liv. wth - William Sinnott

Wineford Coady Liv. wth - Patrick Gallivan

Annastasia Commerford Liv. wth - occ.

Mathew Costello Liv. wth - Mother

James Cummins Liv. wth - Eleanor Sullivan

Catherine Delaney Liv. wth - John Fling

John Finn Liv. with - William Goss

Elizabeth Fahey Liv. wth - Father

William Fitzsimmons Liv. wth - Mother

James Fardy Liv. wth - Patrick Neary

James Gladney Liv. wth - Mother

Elizabeth Goldsworthy Liv. wth - occ.

Martin Griffin Liv. wth - Martin Darley

John Hickey Liv. wth - occ.

Eleanor Hayes Liv. wth - Eleanor Cummins

Michael Hayden Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Hogan Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Kelley Liv. wth - occ.

John Kelley Liv. wth - Mother

Catherine Kelley Liv. wth - occ.

Catherine Finlater Liv. wth - Mary Brine

Francis Fryo {that's how spell'd} Liv. wth - Joseph Score

Eleanor Ginscott Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Grant Liv wth - occ.

Harriet Hayes Liv. wth - occ.

Bridget Hickey Liv. wth - occ.

Nancy Hurley Liv. wth - occ.

Edward Haberline Liv. wth - James Cleary

Catherine Hartery Liv. wth - occ.

John Kelley Liv. wth - Dennis Slater

Margaret Kenedy Liv. wth - occ.

Honora Keefe Liv. wth - occ.

James Lacey Liv. wth - Margaret Cleary

Catherine Leary Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Leonard Liv. wth - occ.

Patrick Murner Liv. wth - Mother

John Marshall Liv. wth - Joanna Brine

Mary McLean Richard McLean Margaret McLean Liv. wth - Bridget Roach

Margaret McKay Liv. wth - occ.

Joseph Macassay Liv. wth - Thomas Moreton

Mary Martin Liv. wth - occ.

Ellen Meagher Liv. wth - occ.

Ann Morrissey Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Moran Liv. wth - occ.

Elizabeth Moakler Liv. wth - occ.

Catherine Norris Liv. wth - occ.

Moses Night Liv. wth - Elizabeth Joney

Bridget Oats Liv. wth - occ.

William Oreford Liv. wth - Mary Power

Bridget Power Liv. wth - occ.

Anthony Minchington Liv. wth - Mary Stansbury

Margaret McManiers Liv. wth - James McManiers

Stephen Miller Liv. wth - Mother

Michael Murphy Liv. wth - Mother

John Murphy Liv. wth - Mother

Eleanor McGrath Liv. wth - Mother

Mary Murray Liv. wth - Henry Hewett

Henry Meagher Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Ann Nugent Liv. wth - James Septon

Edward Prendergast Liv. wth - James Breenock

Richard Prendergast Liv. wth - Mother

Phillip Pippy Liv. wth - occ.

Eleanor Quirk Liv. wth - Honora McKay

Adam Rose Liv. wth - John Goff

Eleanor Redman Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Sinnott Liv. wth - occ

Mary Sullivan Liv. wth - Mother

Edward Snow Liv. wth - Sarah Peach

Thomas Shockrough Liv. wth - Alice Donovan

Edward Walsh Liv. wth - Mary Stansbury

Geoffrey Walsh Liv. wth - occ.

James Walsh Liv. wth - Bridget Dunphy

Mary Ann Walsh Liv. wth - Mary Morrisey

Sarah Best Liv. wth - Susannah Todridge

Edward Bradbury Liv. wth - occ.

David Bolan Liv. wth - occ.

Phillip Brown Liv. wth - Timothy Harrigan

Mary Butler Liv. wth - occ.

Joanna Cahill Liv. wth - occ.

Nancy Coyle Liv. wth - occ.

James Cook Liv. wth - Robert Droken

Catherine Cleary Liv. with - Sarah Cleary

Thomas Clarke Liv. wth - occ.

Margaret Connell Liv. wth - William Byrne

Catherine Coughlan Liv. wth - William Landregan

Ann Campbell Liv. wth - William Campbell

John Cotter Liv. wth - occ.

Robert Courage Liv. wth - John Cotter

John Core Liv. wth - John Freeman

Judith Doyle Liv. wth - occ.

John Durdle Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Doughtney Liv. wth - Patrick Kinsela

Alice Doughton Liv. wth - occ.

Alice Donovan Liv. wth - occ.

Margaret Dunn Liv. wth - occ.

Bridget Dunphy Liv. wth - occ.

William Day Liv. wth - James Frost

James Daulton Liv. wth - Mathew Toucher

Rodger Fahey Liv. wth - occ.

Mary Fahey Liv. wth -occ.

Mary Fardy Liv. wth - occ.

Ann Fitzgerald Liv. wth - John Dunn

William Fitzgerald Liv. wth - Mathew Joy

Ann Granville Liv. wth - William Butler

John Haden Liv. wth - William Fling

Honora Haney Liv. wth - occ.

William Hickey Liv. wth - Bridget Hickey

Patrick Hearney Liv. wth - John Power

Susannah Jeans Liv. wth - Catherine Hoolihan

Judith Kean Liv. wth - Lawerence Larkin

Mary Keating Liv. wth - William Walsh

Mary Kenney Liv. wth - Eleanor Whelan

Rose Kelley Liv. wth - son in law

James Keefe Liv. wth - Bridget Breen

Anastasia Murphy Liv. wth - occ.

Elizabeth Mumford Liv. wth - James Grant

Mary Murren Liv. wth - John Murren

Bridget Murphy Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Meagher Liv. wth - Bridget Dunphy

Anthony Moore Liv. wth - Alice Meagher

Andrew Murphy Liv. wth - John Murphy

Martin Malone Liv. wth - Elizabeth Croke

Edward Morathy Liv. wth - occ.

Elizabeth Mackey Liv. wth - Margaret Dwyer

John Neale Liv. wth - occ.

Martha Power Liv. wth - William Power

Henry Pynn Liv. wth - occ.

Margaret Phelen Liv. wth - James Angulam

Joanna Purcell Liv. wth - John Walsh

Martin Power Liv. wth - John Cotter

Susan Quinton Liv. wth - Elizabeth Joney

Mathew Ryan Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Ronan Liv. wth - occ.

Ann Smart liv. wth - Charles Antell

George Soper Liv. wth - Nicholas Whelan

John M. Spry Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Stevens Liv. wth - Charles Dailey

James Sexton Liv. wth - occ.

Emmanuel Tucker Liv. wth - William Delaney

Eleanor Valley Liv. wth - occ.

Anastasia Walsh Liv. wth - Robert Dailey

Mary Whealan Liv. wth - Thomas Ryal

Thomas White Liv. wth - Patrick Walsh

Margaret Whelan Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Walsh Liv. wth - Charles Daily

Ellen White Liv. wth - James Fitzgerald

John Bowe Liv. wth - John Downey

Bridget Connors Liv. wth - Davis Connors

Mary Ann Clooney Liv. wth - Mary Morrissey

Ann Moore Liv. wth - Alice Meagher

Sarah Earle Liv. wth - Nancy Hurley


To Jonas Barter's account for one Coffin furnished.....12s.

To Wilson & Co., account of Clothing furnished,,,,£1, 16s , 9d.

To John Feeman's Salary for attendance on Permanent and casual Poor, say, £12 10s equal to currency....£14, 8s, 6d.

"ACCOUNT of monies paid by the Colonial Government for the support of the Aged, Infant, and Idiot Paupers, with Incidentals connected, from the first day of October to the thirtieth first day of December, 1843."

Also...For these few months everyone being paid for the previous months remains the same unless otherwise noted.

The following are NOT on this list, & were on the previous list so I presume they were not collecting $ from the government for these mths.

Alice Brine
Bridget Clooney
Joanna Cashin
John Dailey
Mary Fleming

Mary McLean
Richard McLean
Margaret McLean
{all liv. wth Bridget Roach when they were collecting preciously}

Margaret McKay
Ellen Meagher
Ann Morrissey
Mary Moran
Elizabeth Moakler
Edward Walsh
Geoffrey Walsh
James Walsh
Mary Ann walsh
Joanna Cahill
Thomas Doughtney
Mary Whelan
Anastasia Walsh
Thomas White
Margaret Whelan
Thomas Walsh
Ellen White
John Bowe
Mary Ann Clooney
Ann Moore
Sarah Earle

The following are on this list but were NOT on the previous list of those receiving $......

Pierce Bulger Liv. wth - John Downey

Robert Bayley Liv. wth - Charles Dailey

Joanna Cahill Liv. wth - occ.

John Core Liv. wth - occ.

James Doughney Liv. wth - John Stanton

William Fitzsimmons Liv. wth - Mother

Walter Furlong Liv. wth - Denis Brine

Mary Furlong Liv. wth - occ.

Patrick Fleming Liv. wth - Eleanor Cummins

Elizabeth Golsworthy Liv. wth - occ.

Thomas Gavin Liv. wth - occ.

Diana Lacey Liv. wth - occ.

Michael Murphy Liv. wth - occ.

Ann McDonnell Liv. wth -occ

John Owens Liv. wth - Thomas Melvin



Page Contributed by Ann (MacDonald) Batten

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (February 21, 2004)

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