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Goodridge Account Books, 1838, 1841, and 1892
These are the names listed in Alan Goodridge and Sons account books for 1838, 1842, and 1892. The company operated in Renews and a branch in Fermeuse. The company was a typical fish business of the day. They supplied everything to the fisher, from a needle to an anchor. They also soldfood, rum, sugar, fabric, etc. They had a number of schooners that went to Spain and Portugal and the Caribbean. some of the names in these records would have been employees and the rest would have been customers. The company went under in the big Banks crash of the late 1890's.




Andrews, Edward Andrew, Edward Allison, John
Andrews, Nicholas Andrews, Nicholas Aspel, Richard
Andrews, Robert Andrews, Robert Port de G. Aspell, William
Andrews, William (Senior) Port de G. Andrews, William ( Senior) Barron, Mary
Armstrong, William Armstrong, William Barron, Pierce
Aspill, James Aylward, James ( Junior) Barron, Pierce
Avoy, John Fermeuse Aylward, James ( Senior) Barron, Stephen
Aylward, Philip Aylward, John ( Senior) Beavis, Edward
Aylward, Thomas Aylward, Philip Beavis, James and Sons
Barron, Stephen Barnable, John Beavis, John ( of James)
Barron, Walter Barren, Stephen Beavis, John and Sons
Barry, Richard Bartlett, Richard Beavis, John Joe
Barter, John Beavis, James Beavis, Joseph and Sons
Bartlett, Richard Beavis, John Beavis, Mary
Beavis, Fanny Beer, John Beavis, Robert
Beavis, James Beeson, Michael Beavis, Thomas
Beavis, Joany Berrigan, Thomas Beavis, Thomas
Beavis, John Brandy, Ann Beavis, Walter ( of James)
Beavis, John Brennock, Richard Bennett, John
Beer, Charles Brothers, Robert Boland, James
Beer, John Brown, Daniel Boland, Patrick ( of James)
Bennett, Charles and Co. Brown, Elizabeth Bran, Thomas
Berrigan, Thomas Brown, Luke Breen, Peter
Boden, William Browne, Timothy Reverend Breenan, John
Bradbury, George Bryand, Lambert Brine, Edward
Bradford, Robert and Co. Bryand, Thomas Brine, Michael
Brandy, Ann Butler, Charles Port de Grave Brine, Michael
Brennan, Edward Butler, Edward Brophy, Mary Ann
Brennan, Thomas Butler, William Brophy, Richard
Brick, Patrick Butler, William ( N. Side) Brothers, Dennis
Brine, Robert and Co. Byrne, Betsy Brothers, James
Brothers, Robert Fermeuse Byrne, James Brothers, James Fermeuse
Brothers, Simon Fermeuse Byrne, John Brothers, John
Brown, Daniel Byrne, Thomas Brothers, Martin
Brown, Luke Cahill, Catherine ( Wife of James) Brothers, Michael
Brown, Thomas Cahill, Esther Brothers, Peter Fermeuse
Brown, Timothy Reverend Cahill, Esther ( Widow) Burn, Jeremiah
Bryand, John Cahill, James Butler, Michael
Bryand, Lambert Cahill, James Cahill, Elizabeth
Butland, Thomas Cahill, Michael Cahill, George
Butler, Charles Port de Grave Cahill, Michael Cahill, John
Butler, Edward Fermeuse Cahill, Patrick Cahill, Mary Ann
Butler, Leonard and Co. Cahill, Patrick Cahill, Michael
Butler, William Cahill, Samuel Cahill, Patrick and Sons Seals Cove
Butler, William Cahill, William Cahill, Samuel
Byrne, Betsy Cannon, Martin Carew, Clement
Byrne, Fanny Carter, James H. Carey, Adrian
Byrne, James Carter, Robert Carey, Ambrose
Byrne, John Carter, Robert ( Junior) Carey, Andrew
Byrne, Thomas Casey, Patrick Carey, John
Cahill, Catherine Churchward, Thomas Carey, Laurence
Cahill, Esther Clare, John Carey, Michael ( Senior)
Cahill, John Coady, James ( of John) Carey, Patrick
Cahill, Michael Coady, John Fermeuse Carey, Thomas
Cahill, Patrick Coady, John ( of John) Carroll, William
Cahill, Samuel Coady, John and Sons Chidleigh, Mary
Cannon, William Coady, Patrick Chudleigh, Lawrence and Son
Carrol, William Coady, Richard Clarke, John
Carter, James H. Coady, Thomas Clarke, John
Chapman, John Coady, Thomas Fermeuse Clarke, Thomas
Chubb, Edward Coady, William Clow, M.
Churchward, Thomas Coady, William (Senior) Coady, Andrew
Clare, John Codner, Samuel Coady, Anne
Coady, James Fermeuse Connelly, Mathew Coady, Dennis
Coady, John Fermeuse Conners, James Coady, Edward ( of William)
Coady, John (Junior) Conners, Thomas Coady, Edward ( of William)
Coady, Michael Fermeuse Conway, Edward Coady, James and Son
Coady, Michael ( Junior) Fermeuse Conway, Joseph Coady, Joe Bear Cove
Coady, Patrick Fermeuse Conway, Laurence Coady, John Bear Cove
Coady, Richard Conway, Laurence and Son Coady, John ( of James)
Coady, Thomas Conway, Mary Coady, John ( of John )
Coady, Thomas Fermeuse Conway, Thomas Coady, John ( of Thomas)
Coady, William (Junior) Coysh, John Coady, John and Sons
Coady, William (Senior) Craft, Robert Coady, Joseph
Colman, George Creagh, Patrick Coady, Margaret ( of James)
Connelly, Mathew Cummins, John Coady, Michael
Conners, Thomas Curtiss, Garrett Coady, Michael
Conway, Amelia Daw, Henry Port de Grave Coady, Michael and Sons Fermeuse
Conway, Thomas ( Junior) Daw, Jacob Port de Grave Coady, Patrick ( of John)
Coryear, John Daw, John Port de Grave Coady, Richard
Coyle, Thomas Devine, Fanny Coady, Thomas (of James)
Craft, Robert Aquaforte Devine, Thomas Coady, Thomas ( of Thomas)
Creagh, Patrick Divine, Margaret Coady, Thomas and Sons Bear Cove
Cummins, John Ferryland Domeney, George Coady, William ( of John )
Cunard, Joseph and Co. Dooley and Welsh Colbert, George Broad Cove
Cunningham, Patrick Dooley, Patrick Colbert, Robert
Curtis, Garret Dooling, Maurice Connelly, Nicholas
Curtis, John Trepassey Doran, Robert Conway, Anthony
Daughton, Garret Duchemin, Peter Conway, James
Davy, D. B. and Co. Duffy, James Reverend Conway, John ( of Lawrence)
Daw, Abraham Port de Grave Duggan, James Conway, Thomas ( of Ant)
Daw, Henry Port de Grave Duggan, Timothy Costello, John and Sons
Daw, Jonathan Port de Grave Dunn, John Costello, Michael
Daw, Thomas Port de Grave Dunn, Thomas Craft, Francis
Dawley, Richard Dunn, William Craft, George
Degan, John Dunnigan, Martin Craft, John
Devine, John Dunphy, John Craft, Robert
Devine, Thomas Dunphy, Margaret Craft, William
Domeney, George Dunphy, Martin Crowdy, James
Donelly, Richard Dunphy, Michael Deagan, Patrick
Dorsey, Michael Dutton, James Deagan, Patrick
Doyle, Laurence Dutton, James (Junior) Delaney, Patrick
Doyle, Patrick Dwyer, John Devine, John
Duchemin, Peter Earle, Edward Devine, John
Duffy, Reverend James Earle, George Devine, Patrick
Duggan, James Fermeuse Evans, Robert Devine, Thomas
Dullenty, Edward Fahey, John Dillon, Francis
Dunn, Edward Fahey, Patrick Doherty, John
Dunn, John Farrol, Patrick Dooley, Michael
Dunn, Thomas Finlay, Thomas Doyle, Laurence
Dunn, William Finlay, Thomas Doyle, William
Dunnigan, Martin Finn, Laurence Drew, Thomas
Dunphy, Martin Finn, Patrick Duggan, John Fermeuse
Dutton, James Finn, Richard Duggan, Robert Fermeuse
Dwon, Mary Finn, William Dunhalty, Luke
Dwyer, John Fitzgerald, James Dunhalty, Patrick
Dwyer, Michael Fitzgerald, Peter Dunn, Charles
Dwyer, Richard Fermeuse Fleming, John Dunn, Dennis
Earle, George Fleming, William Dunn, James
Edan, John Trepassey Foley, David Dunn, Patrick ( of John)
Evans, Robert Foley, Mary Dunn, Patrick ( of William)
Fahey, Mary Fermeuse Foley, Michael Dunn, Thomas
Fahey, Patrick Fermeuse Follett and Co. Dunn, Thomas
Featherstone, E. J. Forrestill, H. R. Dunphy, Betsy
Finn, Patrick Fermeuse Fowler and Cahill Dunphy, James
Finn, Richard Fermeuse Fowler, Ellen Dunphy, Joseph
Fitzgerald, Gerald Fowler, George Dunphy, William
Fitzgerald, Patrick Fowler, Jane Dunphy, William ( Senior)
Flaharty, John Fowler, Johnny Dutton, James Fermeuse
Flaherty, Daniel Fermeuse Fowler, Laurence Dutton, James ( of Bernard)
Fleming, John Fowler, Martin Dutton, Laurence
Fleming, Richard Fermeuse Fowler, Mary Ann Dwyer, William
Fleming, William Fowler, Mary Ann Edstrom, James J.
Foley, Augustin Fowler, Michael ( Junior) English, James
Foley, David Fowler, Michael ( Junior) Fahey, Dennis
Foley, Francis Fowler, Patrick Fahey, Jeremiah
Foley, John Fowler, Samuel Finlay, James and Nix Fermeuse
Foley, Marey Fowler, Thomas Finlay, Patrick Fermeuse
Foley, Michael Fowler, Thomas ( Junior) Finlay, Thomas
Follett and Co. French, Jonathan Finlay, Thomas Fermeuse
Forrestal, John Galavan, James Finn, Nicholas and Brothers Fermeuse
Forrestall, H. B. Galway, Mary Finny, James
Fowler, Ellen Gardner, James Finny, John
Fowler, George Gardner, Patrick Finny, John Broad Cove
Fowler, Jane Gardner, Patrick Fitzpatrick, Pierce
Fowler, John Gardner, Thomas Flaharty, Edward
Fowler, Johny Garland, Sarah Flaharty, Edward and Sons Fermeuse
Fowler, Laurence Gerian and Jackman Flaharty, Nicholas
Fowler, Martin Gerian, Edward ( of Laurence) Fleming, George
Fowler, Mary Gerian, Francis Fleming, Richard
Fowler, Mary Ann Gerian, James ( Senior) Flinn, John
Fowler, Michael Gerian, Laurence (Junior) Flinn, Patrick
Fowler, Patrick Gerian, Lawrence ( Senior) Foley, Agnes
Fowler, Samuel Gerian, Nancy Foley, David and Son
Fowler, Thomas Gerian, Thomas Foley, Edward
Gardner, James Gerian, William ( Senior) Foley, Garret
Gardner, John Goodridge, Henry Foley, James ( of James)
Gardner, Patrick Goodridge, Susanna Foley, James and Son
Gardner, Thomas Grace, Thomas Foley, Michael
Geran, Francis Grant, Laurence Foley, Michael ( Senior)
Geran, William (Junior) Grant, Richard Foley, Patrick
Gerian, Edward Gray, George Foley, Teresa ( of James)
Gerian, Edward (of Laurence) Gregory, Edward Fowler and Brother
Gerian, James Griffin, Patrick Fowler and Sheeon
Gerian, James Guiney, Thomas Fowler, Edward
Gerian, Laurence Guynan, Michael Fowler, Edward Broad Cove
Gerian, Laurence ( Senior) Haberdine, Robert Fowler, George Broad Cove
Gerian, Laurence (Of William) Haddigan, William Fowler, James and Sons Broad Cove
Gerian, Nancy Hall, John Fowler, John
Gerian, Nancy Hally, Patrick Fowler, Thomas
Gerian, Thomas Hambling, Edward Furlong, Francis
Gerian, William ( Senior) Harrison, Geogre H. Gerian, Francis
Gerian, William (Senior) Hart and Rogers Gerian, James
Gibson, Thomas Hart, Edward Gerian, William ( of James)
Gilly, George Hartwell, George Gerian, William ( of William)
Golding, Philip Fermeuse Harvey, Peter Getheral, John and Brothers Bay Bulls
Gollaway, Nicholas Hearn, Mathew Glenn, James
Goodridge, Henry Heffernan, Patrick Grant, Joseph
Goodridge, John Hegan, John Grant, Joseph
Goodridge, Susanna Hennebury, Patrick Grant, Richard
Grace, Thomas Fermeuse Higgins, Joseph Green, Joseph and Sons Fermeuse
Grant, Richard Holahan, Jeremiah Guiney, John Seals Cove
Gray, George Hore, James Hagan, Thomas
Gregory, Edward Hounsell, William and Co. Harden, Christopher
Griffin, Patrick House, George Harden, Joseph
Haddigan, William Huffman, Adam Harris, James
Haley, Patrick Huffman, Catherine Hart, Edward
Hambling, Edward Huffman, Edward Hart, James Fermeuse
Hanton, John Huffman, Edward Hart, Jane
Hardway, Moore Huffman, John Hart, John
Hart, Patrick Fermeuse Hughes, Thomas Hartville, Bartholemew
Hartery, Patrick Hunt, Laurence Harvey, James
Hartwell, George Jackman, Ann Hayden, Laurence
Harvey, Peter Jackman, Arhur ( of Thomas) Hayden, Richard
Hearn, Daniel Jackman, Arthur ( of James) Hayes, Thomas
Hearn, John Jackman, Arthur ( of Phil) Hefferan, Alice
Hearn, Mathew Jackman, Garrett Hicks, Daniel
Hearn, Mathew Jackman, George Hicks, William
Hearn, Michael Jackman, James Hiscott, James
Henebury, Patrick Jackman, Michael Hiscott, Peter
Henessy, Michael Jackman, Michael ( Senior) Hollett, William
Higgins, Joseph Jackman, Philip House, John
Hogan, William Jackman, Philip (Junior) Huffman and Tobin
Hore, James Jackman, Thomas ( Junior) Huffman, Charles
Houlihan, John Jackman, Thomas ( Senior) Huffman, Edward
Houlihan, John James, William Huffman, John
Hounsell, William and Co. Johnson, William Huffman, John ( Senior)
House, George Kean, Ann ( Senior) Huffman, Michael
Howley, Richard Kean, Christopher Hyde, Joseph
Huffman, Adam Kean, Michael Hynes, Patrick
Huffman, Edward Kean, Michael (Junior) Jackman, Arthur
Hunt, Laurence Kean, Nancy Jackman, Arthur
Jackman, Ann Kean, Thomas ( Mick) Jackman, Charles
Jackman, Arthur Kean, William Jackman, James
Jackman, Arthur Keating, Thomas Jackman, James A.
Jackman, Arthur ( of Thomas) Keefe, Daniel Jackman, John
Jackman, Arthur (Junior) Kellegrew, John Jackman, John
Jackman, Arthur (Senior) Kelly, Michael Jackman, John and Sons
Jackman, George Kelly, William Jackman, Laurence
Jackman, James Kennedy, Patrick Jackman, Michael
Jackman, James Kenny, Andrew Jackman, Michael Fermeuse
Jackman, John Kenny, Catherine and Sons Jackman, Nicholas ( of Philip)
Jackman, Margaret Kenny, Thomas Jackman, Patrick
Jackman, Michael Kerrivan, Jane Jackman, Philip
Jackman, Michael King, Ann Jackman, Thomas
Jackman, Michael (Senior) King, John Jackman, Thomas
Jackman, Thomas ( Senior) King, Richard Jackman, Tobias
Jackman, Thomas ( Senior) Know, Andrew Jackman, William Fermeuse
Jackman, Thomas (Junior) Knox, Andrew Jacobs, William
Jackman, Tobias Knox, Mary Johnson, Arthur ( of William)
Johnson, Charity Knox, Patrick Johnson, Edward
Johnson, William Lamb, Thomas Johnson, George
Jordan, Robert Lane, Henry Johnson, George
Joyce, Mathew Lane, William Johnson, William ( of George)
Kean, Christopher Lash, William Johnson, William and Brothers
Kean, James Lawler and Roache Johnson, William and Son
Kean, John Lawler, Laurence Jones, John Aquaforte
Kean, Nancy Lawler, Michael Kean, Ann
Kean, William Lawler, Timothy Kean, Arthur
Kearney, William Layman, Susan Kean, Christopher
Keating, Thomas Layman, William Kean, John
Keating, Walter Leary, Margaret Kean, John ( of Thomas)
Kellegrew, John Leary, Patrick Kean, Laurence
Kelly, John Leary, Patrick Kean, Martin ( of Thomas)
Kelly, John Leary, Thomas Kean, Michael ( of Thomas)
Kelly, Mary Lilly, James Kean, Michael ( of Thomas)
Kennedy, Patrick Long, James Kean, Patrick
Kennedy, Philip Lovelace, Robert Kean, Richard ( of Thomas)
Kenny, Andrew Fermeuse Lynch, Thomas Kean, Stephen
Kenny, John Mahaney and Dunphy Kean, Thomas
Kenny, Patrick Mahaney, Dennis and Sons Kean, Thomas
  Mahaney, Martin Kean, Thomas ( of Thomas)
Kenny, Thomas Mahaney, Michael Kean, Timothy
Kerrivan, Jane Mahaney, Thomas Keating, Elizabeth ( of Joe)
King, Ann Butland, Charles Keating, John ( of William)
King, Edward McCarthy, Thomas Keating, Joseph
King, John McCarthy, Dennis ( Junior) Keating, Joseph
King, John ( Junior) Fermeuse McCarthy, Julia Keating, Michael ( of William)
King, Patrick McCarthy, Thomas Keating, Thomas ( of William)
King, Richard McCarthy, Thomas ( Junior) Keating, William ( of William)
Kinsula, William Fermeuse McCarthy, Thomas (Junior) Keating, William and Sons
Knight, Edward McCarthy, William ( Junior) Keats, Joseph
Knox, Andrew McDonald, Edward Kenny, Andrew Fermeuse
Knox, Andrew McDonald, Edward Kenny, Matthew Fermeuse
Lahey, Jeremiah McDonald, Jeremiah Kenny, Richard
Lamb, Thomas McDonald, John Kenny, Thomas
Langdon, Richard McDonald, Patrick Kenny, William
Lannon, James McDonald, Thomas Kent, Peter
Lannon, Patrick McLeane, Michael Keough, Richard
Larkin, Dennis Fermeuse Meagher, Bridget Kielly, James
Lash, Margaret Meagher, John King, Edward
Lawler, John Meagher, Thomas King, Thomas
Lawler, Laurence Miller, George Laden, John
Lawler, Michael Moran, Michael Lawes, Andrew
Lawler, Timothy Morgan, Benjamin and Son Lawes, Thomas
Layman, William Morgan, James Lawler, Dennis and Son
Leary, Margaret Mullowney, John ( Cooper) Lawler, John
Leary, Patrick Mullowney, John ( Skip) Lawler, John Broad Cove
Leary, Patrick Mullowney, Maurice Lawler, Mary ( of Dennis)
Leary, Patrick and Co. Mullowney, Patrick Lawler, Matthew ( of Murto)
Leary, Thomas Mullowney, Richard Lawler, Murto
Lee, David Mulloy, James Lawler, Murto ( of Murto)
Leurry, Michael Murphy, James Reverend Lawler, Timothy Broad Cove
Lidstone, Thomas Murphy, John Leary, Edward (of Pat)
Lilly, James Murphy, John ( Fox) Leary, Patrick
Long, James Murphy, Martin Lovett, William
Long, James Murphy, Murto Maddigan, Martin
Lovelace, Robert Murphy, Walter Maddigan, Philip
Lowry, James Neale, William Maney, Thomas
Luby, William Neill, Con Kingman's Cove Martin, Anastatia
Lundregan, Patrick Neill, Derby Martin, Edward
Lynch, Thomas Neill, James ( Senior) Mayo, Thomas
Mahaney, Denis Neill, Mary ( Old) McCarthy and Keating
Mahaney, Dennis and Sons Neill, Nancy McCarthy, Charles
Mahaney, Martin Fermeuse Neill, Patrick McCarthy, Dennis
Mahaney, Michael Neill, William ( Long) McCarthy, Elizabeth
Mansfield, Michael Neyle, Richard McCarthy, Florence ( of Dennis)
Marten, John Neyle, William (Tuk) McCarthy, Florence ( Senior)
McCarthy, Charles Norris, Thomas McCarthy, Florence (of William)
McCarthy, Charles O' Neil, John McCarthy, James
McCarthy, Dennis ( Junior) Fermeuse O' Neill, Owen McCarthy, John
McCarthy, James Owens, Patrick McCarthy, John
McCarthy, John Payne, John McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Julia Pedigree, Mathew McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Patrick Pendergast, James McCarthy, Peter
McCarthy, Thomas Peppy, Jane McCarthy, Thomas ( of Thomas)
McCarthy, Thomas (Junior) Peppy, Philip McDonald, Michael
McDonald, Edward Phelan, John Aquaforte McDonald, Michael Fermeuse
McDonald, James Phelan, John ( Bankser) Meagher, Daniel
McDonald, Jeremiah Phelan, Patrick Meagher, James
McDonald, John Plece, Mary Meagher, John
McDonald, Patrick Fermeuse Poland, Charles Meagher, Thomas
McGrath, John Poland, John Meagher, Timothy
McGrath, John Power, George ( Junior) Merrigan and Power
McGrath, John Fermeuse Power, George ( Senior) Merrigan, Edward
McGrath, Joseph Power, George (Senior) Merrigan, Edward
McKenny, Francis Power, James Renews Merrigan, James ( of William)
McLarty, James Power, James (Shoreman) Merrigan, William
McLeane, Michael Power, Jane Merrigan, William ( of William)
McNamara, James Power, John ( Irish) Merrigan, William ( Senior)
Meagher, Christopher Power, John ( Junior) Mitchell, John B.
Meagher, John Power, John ( Senior) Molloy, Jeremiah
Meagher, John Power, John and S. Molloy, Thomas Portugal Cove
Meagher, Richard Power, Martin Fermeuse Molloy, William Portugal Cove
Meagher, Thomas Power, Martin ( of John) Molloy, William and Sons
Meagher, Thomas Power, Mary Moore, Joseph
Meagher, William Power, Patrick Moore, Thomas
Michelmore, William Power, Richard Moore, Thomas
Mitchell, James Power, Richard Mullowney, John
Moran, John Power, Stephen Mullowney, John
Moran, Michael Fermeuse Power, Thomas Mullowney, Michael
Morgan, James Power, William Mullowney, Patrick
Morgan, James Power, William ( Junior) Mulrooney, Patrick
Morgan, William (of William) Power, William ( Senior) Murphy, Dennis
Mudge, Nicholas and Co. Pridham, John Murphy, Edward
Mullolly, Andrew Fermeuse Prowse, Robert Murphy, Edward Broad Cove
Mullowney, John Quinland and Jackman Murphy, James Broad Cove
Mullowney, John ( Cooper) Quinland, Edward Murphy, John Broad Cove
Mullowney, Patrick Quinland, Richard Murphy, Murto
Mullowney, Richard Ready, Patrick Murphy, Murto ( Senior)
Murphy, John Redmond, Thomas Murphy, Pierce Bear Cove
Murphy, John Reed, John Fermeuse Murphy, Thomas
Murphy, Martin Reed, John ( Eng) Murray, Patrick
Murphy, Michael Reed, John Ferryland Neil, Constantine
Murphy, Murto Fermeuse Rendell, Richard Neil, James
Murphy, Reverend James Rielly, Thomas Neil, Joseph
Murphy, William Roache, Garret Neil, Mary Ann
Neill, Constantine Fermeuse Roache, James Neil, Michael
Neill, Derby Roache, Margaret Neil, William ( of Mary)
Neill, James ( Junior) Fermeuse Roache, Patrick ( Junior) Neill, William
Neill, John Fermeuse Rollins, Edward Nowlan, JohnOates, Andrew
Neill, Mary Rollins, John O' Neil, Constantine
Neill, Nancy Rooste, John O' Neil, John Fermeuse
Neill, Patrick Rooste, John O' Neil, Michael and SonRyan, Patrick
Neill, William Rooste, Patrick O' Neil, Owen
Neill, William (Junior) Rooste, Thomas ( Senior) O' Neil, Thomas
Neyle, Richard Rooste, William O' Neill, Michael
Norman, James Rose, Fanny O' Neill, Owen Clears Cove
Norman, John Rose, Richard O' Neill, William Clears Cove
Norris, Thomas Row, John O' Neill, William and Sons Clears Cove
Northway, Robert Row, Mary Penny, Jeremiah
O' Neill, Owen Fermeuse Row, William R. Power and Quinn
Oates, Michael Ryan, Andrew Power, Edward
Owens, Patrick Ryan, David Power, Edward ( of George)
Palfrey, Richard Ryan, Dennis Power, Edward ( of John)
Parish, John Ryan, Edward Chance Cove Power, George
Patten, John Ryan, James Power, George
Payne, John Ryan, James Power, James ( of James)
Pedegree, Thomas Ryan, John Power, James ( of Richard)
Pedigree, Mathew Ryan, Nicholas Power, John
Pendregast, James Ryan, Simon Power, John
Peppy, George Ryan, William Power, John
Peppy, Jane Sanero, Edward Power, John ( of Jane)
Peppy, Philip Saunders, John W. Power, Mary
Phelan, James Scoble, William Power, Michael
Phelan, John Aquaforte Sexton, Peter Power, Peter
Phelan, John (Bankser) Shallow, Andrew Power, Pierce
Phelan, Patrick Fermeuse Shallow, Edward Power, Thomas ( of Peter)
Pierce, John Shallow, Mathew Quinland, Edward
Poland, Charles Shallow, Richard Quinland, Edward
Poland, John Shannahan, Mathew Quinland, Edward ( of Robert)
Pope, Mathew ( Senior) Shannahan, Nancy Quinland, Lawrence
Power, Alice Shea, Denis Quinland, Mary ( of Robert)
Power, Edward Sheehan, John Quinland, Michael
Power, George ( Junior) Sheehan, Thomas Quinland, Richard
Power, George (Senior) Simms, George Quinland, Robert
Power, James Simpson, William Quinn, Ambrose
Power, John Skelton, Henry Reddy, Jane ( of Laurence)
Power, John ( Irish) Squires, Joseph Reddy, Thomas ( of Thomas)
Power, John ((Junior) Squires, Phoebe Reddy, Thomas ( Senior)
Power, John (Senior) Stephens, John Reed, Thomas
Power, Martin Fermeuse Sullivan, Timothy Rice, James
Power, Mary Summers, William Rice, Patrick
Power, Maurice Tapper, John Riggs, Thomas
Power, Michael Taylor, W.E. Roache, Dennis ( of John)
Power, Michael ( Fox) Tobin, Christopher Roache, James
Power, Patrick P. Tobin, Mary Roache, John
Power, Philip Tobin, Michael Roache, John
Power, Richard Tobin, Richard Roache, John ( of John)
Power, Richard Tobin, William Roache, John and Brothers
Power, Stephen Toole, Michael Roache, Joseph ( of John)
Power, Thomas Toole, Thomas Roache, Joseph ( of Thomas)
Power, William ( Junior) Towell, William Roache, Mary F.
Power, William ( Senior) Treanor, William Roache, Patrick
Power, William (Junior) Wallace, John Roache, Peter
Pridham, John Walsh, William Roache, Peter ( of Thomas)
Pridham, Richard Webber, William Roache, Philip
Pridham, Thomas Welch, John Roache, Philip ( of Thomas)
Prowse, Robert Welsh, Edward Roache, Richard
Prowse, Samuel Welsh, James Tricks Cove Roache, Thomas
Quinland, Edward Welsh, James (Shoreman) Roache, Thomas
Quinland, Richard Welsh, John Roache, Thomas
Quinn, William Welsh, John Burnt Head Roache, Thomas and Sons
Rawlins, Edward Welsh, John ( Shoreman) Roache, William ( of Thomas)
Ready, James Fermeuse Welsh, Joseph Robinson, Ann
Ready, Patrick Fermeuse Welsh, Joseph Rogers, James
Redmond, Thomas Welsh, Mary Rogers, John
Reed, John Welsh, Mary Rogers, John
Rendell, Richard Welsh, Nicholas Rogers, Robert
Richards, James Welsh, Richard T. Cove (Tricks) Rogers, Stephen ( of Henry)
Rielly, James Welsh, William Rogers, Stephen ( of Henry)
Rielly, Thomas Welsh, William St. John's Rogers, Stephen ( of John)
Roache, Edward Wheaton, William Rogers, Stephen ( of John)
Roache, James Wheeler, James Rogers, William
Rooste, John Whelan, Esther Rose, Christopher
Rooste, John Whelan, Nicholas Rose, Thomas
Rooste, Martin Whelan, William Rose, Thomas ( Senior)
Rooste, Patrick White, Nicholas Rossiter, Michael
Rooste, Thomas White, William Royal, John
Rooste, Thomas (Junior) Wickens, Patrick Ryan William
Rooste, William Wilcox, Benjamin Ryan, David
Rose, Richard Wilcox, James Ryan, Elizabeth
Rose, Thomas Williams, Martin Ryan, Nicholas
Row, John Wogan, William Ryan, Nicholas
Row, Mary Woodley, John Ryan, Nicholas and Brothers Fermeuse
Row, W. B. Yarden, Christopher ( Junior) Ryan, Thomas
Row, William Yarden, William Shallow and Johnson
Row, William Yarden, William Shallow, Andrew
Ryan, David Yeo, William Shallow, Edward Clears Cove
Ryan, Dennis Fermeuse   Shallow, Edward Clears Cove
Ryan, Edward   Shallow, James
Ryan, Edward   Shallow, John
Ryan, James   Shallow, Matthew
Ryan, John   Shallow, Richard ( Senior)
Ryan, Joseph   Shallow, Richard ( Senior)
Ryan, Michael   Shallow, William
Ryan, William   Shallow, William Clears Cove
Sanero, Edward   Shannahan, Edward
Saunders, John W.   Shannahan, Gerald
Scoble, William   Shannahan, James
Shallow, Mathew Fermeuse   Shannahan, John
Shannahan, Catherine   Shannahan, Matthew
Shannahan, Mathew   Shannahan, Matthew
Shaw, William   Shannahan, Peter
Shea, Michael   Sharpe, John
Sheehan, John   Sheeon, Edward Broad Cove
Simms, George   Sheeon, James Broad Cove
Skelton, Henry   Sheeon, John Broad Cove
Skelton, Joseph   Sheeon, Michael and Brother Broad Cove
Slade, R. J.   Shelley, William
Squires, Benjamin   Slattery, Thomas
Squires, Joseph   Snow, George
Stabb, John ( mJunior)   Squires and Dunphy
Stephens, John   Squires, James
Stoyles, John   Squires, Joseph
Sullivan, Timothy   Squires, William
Summers, William Fermeuse   Stephenson, Samuel
Terry, Thomas   Stockman, Joseph
Tobin, Christopher   Stone, William
Tobin, Elizabeth   Sullivan Richard
Tobin, Mary (Old)   Sullivan, Patrick
Tobin, Michael   Tarbet, Dennis
Tobin, William   Tobin, George
Toole, Thomas   Tobin, James
Toole, Thomas   Tobin, James
Toole, Thomas   Tobin, James ( Senior)
Tozer, George   Tobin, John ( of James)
Treanor, William Fermeuse   Tobin, John Thomas
Waddleton, James   Tobin, Michael ( of William)
Wallis, John   Tobin, Richard
Walsh, Mary   Tobin, William
Walsh, William   Tobin, William
Warren, William (Junior)   Toole, Jeremiah
Webber, James   Toole, Jeremiah ( Senior)
Webber, William   Toole, John
Welsh, Edward   Toole, Michael
Welsh, James   Toole, Thomas
Welsh, James   Trainor, William Fermeuse
Welsh, James   Vickers, John
Welsh, James Fermeuse   Walsh, Martin
Welsh, James Fermeuse   Walshe, John Reverend
Welsh, John   Welsh, James
Welsh, John   Welsh, James ( Nix)
Welsh, John   Welsh, James and Son
Welsh, Joseph Fermeuse   Welsh, James and Sons
Welsh, Joseph Fermeuse   Welsh, John
Welsh, Mathew   Welsh, John
Welsh, Nicholas Fermeuse   Welsh, Joseph
Welsh, Oliver Fermeuse   Welsh, Martin Kingman's Cove
Welsh, Patrick   Welsh, Martin (Shoreman)
Welsh, Richard   Welsh, Michael
Welsh, Richard Fermeuse   Welsh, Michael
Welsh, Thomas   Welsh, Michael
Welsh, Walter Fermeuse   Welsh, Michael
Wheaton, William   Welsh, Nicholas
Whelan, Nicholas   Welsh, Nicholas
Whelan, Nicholas   Welsh, Patrick
Wickens, Martin   Welsh, Patrick
Wickens, Patrick   Welsh, Patrick
Wickens, Patrick   Welsh, Patrick and Sons Fermeuse
Wilcox, Benjamin   Welsh, Peter
Wilcox, James   Welsh, Peter
Wilcox, James   Welsh, Peter
Williams, Martin Bay Bulls   Welsh, Richard
Williams, Thomas   Welsh, Robert
Williams, Walter   Welsh, Thomas
Winser, Peter and Son Aquaforte   Welsh, Thomas
Wood, William   Welsh, William and Son
Woodley, John   Whealan, George
Yarden, Christopher ( Junior)   Wickens, Christopher
Yarden, Emma   Wickens, Lawrence
Yarden, William   Wickens, Martin
Yeo, William   Wickens, Richard
    Wickens, Richard
    Williams, Thomas Bay Bulls
    Windsor, Henry Aquaforte
    Woodford, James
    Yarden, Joseph

Page transcribed by: Ray Curran and Cindy Morrison (January 2001)
Page revised: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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