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Footnotes - Recapture of St. John's





Recapture of St. John's - Amherst

Covill - Footnote #1 - This spelling is in the original.

Amherst - Footnote #2 — From the London Gazette, Oct. 12, 1762.

McDonnell - Footnote #3 — McDonald in the Journal.

Recapture of St. John's - Colville

Editor's Forward - Footnote 1 NB: In order to maintain authenticity and faithfulness to the original Occasional Paper I have not corrected any spelling mistakes found in either the work of Commander Little or the original dispatches he has transcribed. C. Morry, April 27, 2003.

Martinica - Footnote 2 - NOTE 1 Martinica and Martinque are the same West Indies island.

Sir James Douglas - Footnopte 3 NOTE 2 Sir James Douglas was knighted by King George II after Saunders sent him back to England with details of the capture of Quebec in 1759.

Water Footnote - 4 NOTE 1 Hungary water was a distilled water made of rosemary flowers infused in rectified spirit of wine.

March - Footnote 5 NOTE 2 March was wild celery or water parsley.

Spain - Footnote 6 NOTE 1 A delay of over three months in receiving a declaration of war might have had serious consequences.

Wails - Footnote 7 NOTE 2 The first Test Act in England (1672) and its successors disabled Roman Catholics from holing public office or sitting in Parliament and all officials were required to make a declaration against transubstantiation and to take the sacrement. The Roman Catholic Emancipation Act (1829) removed practically all these disabilities.

Lordship - Footnote 8 NOTE 1 This is His Lordship's spelling of "gunwales".

Spirketting - Footnote 9 NOTE 2 Spirketting is the inside planking of a ship between the portholes and the waterways (long timbers hollowed in the middle which carry off water from the deck).

Kitty Witty - Footnote 10 NOTE 1 This is QUIDI VIDI in Colville's phonetic rendition. He changes his spelling later on.

Louisburg - footnote 11 NOTE 2 This section was underlined by Clevland and has a pencilled notation "Send a body of Troops."

St. John's - Footnote 12 NOTE 3 Major (local Lt. Col.) William Amherst was appointed in command of the troops by his brother Major-General Jeffery Amherst Commander-in-Chief in North America. William kept a journal of the St. John's expedition which was published by Dr. Webster. There is a copy in the Dalhousie University Library. See also Crowsnest August 1958.

Ships - Footnote 13 NOTE 1 This and the other marked sections of the despatch were underlined in London.

Lordships - Footnote 14 NOTE 1 This was a particular mark of honour and usually resulted in early preferment and promotion. Captain Charles Douglas was made a baronet for his services under Carleton in Lake Champlain 1776 where he was the Senior Naval Officer at the victory of Valcour Island. Another Douglas—James—was sent home by Saunders with the details of Quebec 1759. He was knighted and died Admiral of the White.

Both were at Quebec, James in command of the 64 gun Alcide, and Charles captain of the 16 gun armed ship Boscawen.

Coville - Footnote 15 NOTE 1 It has been observed before that it is different to be precise about the spelling of the noble Lord's name. Here is an instance where even he cannot make up his mind.
Note in Clevland's writing: St. John's
20th Sept. 1762
Lord Colville
Rec'd 12th Oct.

Bilander - Footnote 16 NOTE 2 A Bilander was kind of hoy with a trapezoidal mainsail used in Holland for coastal and canal traffic. In other words it was a small one masted sloop-rigged vessel i.e. for-and-aft with a jib stay and a standing bowsprit whose mainsail formed an irregular quadrilateral.

1762 - Footnote 17 The date of this letter is an error of Colville's for he did not reach Spithead from Newfoundland until 25th October.



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