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Soldiers from the 4th "The Kings Own" Regiment Who Were Stationed in Newfoundland in June, 1787

Lt. Joseph M. Ormsley2 Thomas Chambers Richard McIntire
Lt. John Isaac Thomas Curry James McDonald
Lt. William Barton Thomas Cochran John McBride
  Samuel Campbell John Maguire
Ens. Samuel Dales John Connors Barnd. McGinnes
Ens. Godfrey Massey Michael Connors John McIves (?)
Ens. Richard William Spicer Thomas Dunn Henry Morgan
  William Denmark Patrick Murphy
Surg. Mate Francis Maguire John Dunn Peter McElvanne
  Joseph Durett James McDonaugh
Serg. Robert Fleming Thomas Dawson James Mur'hy
Serg. William Small Michael Donelly James McArdle
Serg. John Bavell Francis Duffey Dennis Newgent
Serg. Benjm. Hustivayte (?)3 Thomas Donovan John Newlande
Serg. William Meacham James Ellis Peter Ormsby
Serg. George McDonalds William Elliott Robert O'Fayman
  John Fearn Edward O'Callaghan
Drummer William Anderson Charles Fitzgerald Richard Prestage
Drummer James Taylor Patrick Fox John Prestage
Drummer Hugh Dorman Camick Gums Arthur Quinn
Drummer William Vims (Vines?) Abraham Greenwood William Rogers
  Robert Herring Arthur Read
Corp. Hugh Ure George H______ Domh (?) Roach
Corp. Thomas Woods John Hi______ James Spear
Corp. William Reynor Michael Hefferan William Stewart
Corp. George Cottell John James Edward Sweeny
Corp. William Freeman Walter Irwin William Shields
Corp. James Prescott James Jones John Splain
Corp. William Stanfield Joseph Kirk John Stevely (?)
Corp. James Moore John Killing Hugh Steven
  Shantich Knowles Patrick Smith
Privates: Thomas Keys William Scott
Thomas Adams Abraham Kershaw John Tray
William Avery John Kearnes Robert Thompson
Thomas Badle Henry Iackins Isaac Tenpenny
James Brrey John Lard Charles Urquhart
George Buchanan John Laverty John Watham
Andres Black Alex Laird James White
John Bowden Brian Laverty Thomas Wilkinson
John Burner John Leviston Richard Waterhouse
William Barton Thomas Lowry William Wiltin
James Brumlaw John Martin James Whittle
Edward Bennett John Moore  
John Burke John McLean  
James Boyde John McCarty  
Adam Beonside (?) Francis McDonough  
Alex Brough Barnd. Monaghan  
Stephen Baker James Mulholand  
James Colter Hugh McVeagh  
Privates (continued): Edward McGurk  
Henry Carroll John Montgomery  
John Campbell    
1 The Regiment left Ireland 24 May 1787, bound for Nova Scotia (Annapolis Royal). On the way, these men were left in St. John's.
2 Names listed are not in strict alphabetical order; grouped generally by surname initial.
3 Names with a "?" or "____" are those which were illegible in the original.
Source: Regimental Record, WO12/2196, found at the Public Record Office at Kew Gardens, London, England.

Transcribed by Joanna Hostney (January, 2002)

Page Revised: February - 2003 (Don Tate)

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