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Hon. M. Monroe's schooner Myrtle, which arrived at St. John's from the Banks on last Tuesday evening, reports the loss of one of her crew - a man named Sevior of Harbour Main.  The following facts in regard to the casualty are given by the Colonist.  It is the statement of one of the crew of the Myrtle.

At 1:30 p.m. on yesterday, Friday week, all our dories went to overhaul the trawls.  The dory I was in was well to leeward of the others.  Next to us was the dory in which were John Lockore and Patrick Penny.  When our boat was finished we heard a screeching to windward, and we immediately put off in that direction.  In a short time we saw a dory turned bottom up, with a man on her bottom.  John Lockore and Patrick Penny reached her before us.  The man on the dory was Joseph Penny, one of our crew.  He was taken on board of Lockore's dory, when we all pulled to the Bankser.  We knew immediately that Joseph Penny's mate was drowned; but poor Penny was too insensible to answer any particulars coherently.  When we got him on board the Bankser he related the particulars.  In hauling in the trawl buoy the dory overturned, and both were thrown into the water.  John Sevior, who could not swim, sank almost immediately, but Joseph Penny managed to get on the bottom of the dory.  He was thrown off over twenty times, but being a good swimmer he always reached the dory again.  When rescued by his companions he was all but exhausted, and would, no doubt, have perished in a short time.  He is a man of giant frame and is about sixty years old.  He is inured to the hardships of the sea and look every inch a typical Newfoundland fisherman.  John Sevior, the deceased, was a man of thirty-five years, was married but had no family.  Both the men, as well as the rest of the crew belong to Harbour Main.  To the wife and relatives of the deceased, the Colonist tenders its regrets.



Page contributed by: Barbara McGrath
Page transcribed by: Ivy F. Benoit (January 2001)
Page revised: August 2002 (Tery Piercey)

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