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Diary of the Rev. M. P. O'Driscoll
For the Years
1874 - 1881

This Document covers the towns of Witless Bay,
Mobile, and Tors Cove and Vicinity

Part Two January 1880 to August 1881



January 1880

January 1st.  Thursday.

Morning fine.  At 12 o’c, a snow storm with outwind commenced drifting and blowing a gale.  At 6 P.M. wind changed to NNE.  Fr. Roche remained at B. Bulls.

January 2nd.  Friday.

Fine.  Roads all Banksed with snow.  A great many people lost thro’ pond ice at the Northward.

January 3rd.  Saturday.

Fine.  Dr. Cary went to Tors Cove.

January 4th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Harry White came from St. John’s.  Published banns of 3 marriages at Tors Cove.

January 5th.  Monday.

Fine.  Confessions at Tors Cove.

January 6th.  Tuesday.

Epiphany.  Very frosty.  Bad paths to St. John’s.

January 7th.  Wednesday.


January 8th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Had two weddings at Tors Cove.  A gang went from W. Bay and B. Bulls seeking government relief.  The Dean and Fr. Roche went to Mobile for a drive.  The Dean is very well.  Thomas went to town.

January 9th.  Friday.

Fine.  The Gang received 9 d. per man with an indefinite promise.

January 10th.  Saturday.

Soft.  Rained heavily at evening.  Thomas came from St. John’s.

January 11th.  Sunday.

Fine and soft.

January 12th.  Monday.

Mild.  Fr. Clancy here going to town.

January 13th.  Tuesday.

I went to town, good sleighing.

January 14th.  Wednesday.

Heavy rain.

January 15th.  Thursday.


January 16th.  Friday.


January 17th.  Saturday.

Came home in 3 hours.

January 18th.  Sunday.

Very fine.

January 19th.  Monday.

Got home father’s cross.

January 20th.  Tuesday.


January 21st.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  I visited schools of Caplin Cove &c.  Cealing T. Cove Chapel.  Dr. Cary came down.

January 22nd.  Thursday.

Dull and foggy.  Ice reported in the vicinity of Bacaleau.  Killed a bullock.

January 23rd.  Friday.

Very fine.  Splendid sleighing.

January 24th.  Saturday.

Morning wet; evening fine.  Seventy Confessions at Tors Cove.

January 25th.  Sunday.


January 26th.  Monday.

Dull.  A young man named Howlett of W. Bay lost his hand by the bursting of a gun.

January 27th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Thomas came from town.

January 28th.  Wednesday.


January 29th.  Thursday.

Very fine.

January 30th.  Friday.

Intensely cold with high wind.

January 31st.  Saturday.

Wet.  Two hundred and ten brls. flour and meal sent on by the government for the relief of poor from Witless Bay to LaManche.  A portion landed at B. Bulls and some at Mobile.  The people of W. Bay had threatened to seize on it if landed here and hence their alowance was landed at Bay Bulls.  The allowance is 1 lb. Per head per day to be worked for, and this the people refuse to do.  They would rather be “ paupers”.  A degenerate spiritless race without any remnant of manhood or decency remaining to them.

February 1st.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Seventy brls. flour and meal landed at Mobile for poor of that place and Tors Cove.  Very slippery sleighing.

February 2nd.  Monday.

Masses at W. Bay and B. Bulls.

February 3rd.  Tuesday.

Very cold.  William cutting ice.

February 4th.  Wednesday.

Outwind and snow this morning.  Funeral of John Tierny; he was 95 years old.  Heavy gale west wind in the evening.

February 5th.  Thursday.

Very fine and cold.  Dr. Cary here on a call to Tors Cove.  The health of the parish has been exceptionally good for the past 6 mos.  I had not a night-call during that time.

February 6th.  Friday.

Fine and cold.  Thomas and William have filled their ice-house.

February 7th.  Saturday.

Cold.  Good sleighing.

February 8th.  Sunday.

Extreme cold.  Therm. 6° below 0.

February 9th.  Monday.

Outwind and snow.  Sent Thomas Cary to town; he returned same evening.

February 10th.  Tuesday.

Fine and very cold.  Hariet Molony buried.

February 11th.  Ash Wednesday.

Extreme cold this morning and last night.  Therm. 12° below 0.  I had Mass in Tors Cove, evening prayers in Mobile.

February 12th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Frank Dillon broke his arm.  William went for Dr. Cary.

February 13th.  Friday.

A good deal snow last night.

February 14th.  Saturday.

Dull.  A gang hauled a quantity of stone to Tors Cove Chapel.

February 15th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Fr. Clancy here.  Sleighing heavy.  Heavy travelling.

February 16th.  Monday.

Warmest day yet.  Fr. Walsh came.  Pat and others caught in slob while out “ducking”, escaped with difficulty.

February 17th.  Tuesday.

Still snowing and drifting.  Fences covered, roads impassable and the largest Bankss of snow seen for years.

February 18th.  Wednesday.


N.B. There were five Sundays in this month, which event will not occur again for 100 years.

February 19th.  Thursday.

Raining.  Government laborers shovelling main-line.

February 20th.  Friday.

Very fine and freezing.

February 21st.  Saturday.

Fine.  Went to Tors Cove.  Messrs. Scott and Murphy, telegraph-operators, arrived making arrangements to get poles allowing 2/- per stick.  Fr. Clancy here from St. John’s.  I heard 60 Confessions at T. Cove.

February 22nd.  Sunday.

Called at 2 o’c A.M. from T. Cove to Mobile.  Outwind and sleet.

February 23rd.  Monday.

Heavy rain.

February 24th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Fr. Walsh started for Cape Broyle.  Fr. Clancy went home on Sunday.  Commenced chopping frame of Mobile New Chapel.  A gang of 12 men.  Fifteen men working at Tors Cove Chapel today.  Very soft travelling.  Wild-duck most numerous this winter and numbers of them killed specially in vicinity of Burn Cove and the islands off it.

February 25th.  Wednesday.


February 26th.  Thursday.

Free thaw.  Good work doing at Mobile and Tors Cove Chapel.  Ice in all the harbors.

February 27th.  Friday.

Very mild.  Evening wet.  Snow going rapidly.

February 28th.  Saturday.


February 29th.  Sunday.

Morning very fine, evening wet.  The weather during all this month was “ shuffling” and in the end very disagreeable.

March 1st.  Monday.

Mild and thawing.

March 2nd.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Margaret at Mobile.

March 3rd.  Wednesday.

Drifting  a little.  Dr. Cary here.

March 4th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  “Jack” ran away this evening and broke the sleigh.  I escaped unhurt.  Outwind and drift at night.  Of late there has been very stormy weather on the Atlantic; the ocean covered with ice.

March 5th.  Friday.

Very fine.  A good deal snow fell last night.

March 6th.  Saturday.

A storm of wind and drift.

March 7th.  Sunday.

I did not travel today, not being very well, and the Bankss of snow large.  Fr. Roche got to Bay Bulls assisted by a guard of 6 men and a horse.

March 8th.  Monday.Fine. There are going to the ice: 27 men from W. Bay, 18 men from B. Bulls, 9 men from Mobile and 9 men from T. Cove &c.

March 9th.  Tuesday.

Fine and cold.  I am very unwell.  Fr. Roche went to Tors Cove to give evening prayers and look after the Chapel work.  Note from “McGee’s Weekly”-

In Scotland out of every 100 births 8.87 are illegitimate;

In England out of every 100 births 5.11 are illegitimate;

In Ireland out of every 100 births 2.36 are illegitimate.

March 10th.  Wednesday.

A raw NE wind.  Thomas went to town about “ Relief”.  Sealing fleet sails.

March 11th.  Thursday.

A dreadful storm of wind and snow last night and today.  The largest Bankss of snow yet.  Boats anchored at Bay Bulls drove from their moorings, saved with difficulty.

March 12th.  Friday.

Still drifting and very cold.  Martha, wife of Uncle Harry, died.  She was 71 years of age; a native of Burin.  Maiden name Butler, R.I.P.

March 13th.  Saturday.


March 14th.  Sunday.

Fine.  Thomas came from town, being two days walking home.

March 15th.  Monday.

Very fine.  I went to Mobile.

March 16th.  Tuesday.


March 17th.  Wednesday.

St. Patrick.  Raw North Easter.

March 18th.  Thursday.

Men from Tors Cove to Aquaforte going to St. John’s to haul home poor Relief.  Father Clancy’s man went to town with two dogs to haul home a barrel to “His Reverence”.

March 19th.  Friday.

Very cold.  Men from the Southward hauling home a half barrel meal per man on hand-slides today, through frost and snow.

March 20th.  Saturday.

Mild.  Heavy ice on coast.  I heard confessions at Tors Cove.

March 21st.  Sunday.


March 22nd.  Monday.

Very fine.  First arrival from the ice, the “Walrus” S. S., loaded.

March 23rd.  Tuesday.


March 24th.  Wednesday.

Ice still on coast.

March 25th.  Thursday.

Mass and Exposition at Tors Cove, for the first time.  Drifting.

March 26th.  Friday.


March 27th.  Saturday.

Ceremonies at Tors Cove.  Vessels arriving slowly from the seal fishery.

March 28th.  Easter Sunday.

Harbors all blocked with ice.  Sea-Ducks most numerous.

March 29th.  Monday.

Fine and thawing.  Fr. Roche on Stations at Bay Bulls.

March 30th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Six men went from Witless Bay to work at Tors Cove Chapel.  Some cases of pleurisy at Tors Cove.

March 31st.  Wednesday.

Raining.  Heavy ice, in over 200 very fine Prime Harps.  “Beating seals” landed at Witless Bay today; killed inside Gull Island.  A great “God send” to the poor people.  Some also killed in the other harbors.


This was a most stormy and cold month;  heavy gales and snowfalls.  Great poverty on the whole shore which was rendered doubly severe on account of the needy having to have the Relief from St. John’s on bad paths and empty stomachs.  Very few arrivals from the ice and poor prospects of successful seal fishery.  A good deal of seals taken from the land in Green Bay, Bonavista Bay, and about St. John’s; recently, also our own shore.

April 1st.  Thursday.

Foggy and chilly.  Some seals caught today.  The body of a man drifted along on the ice, but the ice was going so fast at the time that it could not be brought on shore.

April 2nd.  Friday.

A great many seals landed at W. Bay and B. Bulls.  The dead body which drifted past on yesterday was landed today at Tors Cove.  It proved to be Patrick Hogan of Northern Bay, Conception Bay, one of four who perished off that place on Easter Saturday.  He had on his neck scapulars, on Agnus Deic, a medal of . S. Patrick and Bridget and a prayer copied by his “ Sister Jane Hogan 1877”- it was by these we recognized his faith and name. We had him placed in a double pitched coffin and sent on to town.  On today also David Howlett of Tors Cove, while shooting birds, discharged a load of seal-shot into the upper part of his right thigh.  I bandaged the wound and had him removed to hospital.  He lost a great quantity of blood, and, I fear, will not recover.  Edward Keefe died at Tors Cove, aged 18.  The first death that occurred from Tors Cove to LaManche for thirteen months.

April 3rd.  Saturday.

Very fine.  Some seals taken.  A great number would have been killed, but the ice opened.  The S. S. Walrus took her second trip 5 miles off the”Narrows”.  David Howlett died in the hospital.

April 4th.  Sunday.

Fine and thawing.  Some Witless Bay men saved themselves with difficulty from being driven off, while seal hunting today.

April 5th.  Monday.

The ice open, and very few seals caught.  Fr. Roche went to St. John’s.  Seals selling at W. Bay for 21/6 per qtl.

April 6th.  Tuesday.

Heavy rain.  Funeral of David Howlett.  Seals rose to 23/-.

April 7th.  Wednesday.

Steamers arriving with very poor trips.  Ice shoving off.  Some seal hunters at Mobile and Tors Cove (in punts) made narrow escapes.

April 8th.  Thursday.

A heavy gale NW.  Seals 24/6.

April 10th.  Saturday.

Soft.  The Dean was very unwell for awhile this morning, he fainted.  Fr. Roche returned from St. John’s. (Fac. Recep.) .

April 11th.  Sunday.

Raining.  The Dean well again, T. God.

April 12th.  Monday.

Soft.  A gang from W. Bay and Mobile shovelling road for Dean’s carriage.  Twenty men working at Tors Cove Chapel viz-from Mobile-5, W. Bay-6 and Tors Cove 9. Two days each gang.

April 13th.  Tuesday.

Snow showers.  Fr. Roche on Stations, B. Bulls.

April 14th.  Wednesday.

Heavy breeze NW.  A call to LaManche.

April 15th.  Thursday.

Raining.  Stations at Tors Cove.

April 16th.  Friday.

Fine and thawing.  Stations at Tors Cove.

April 17th.  Saturday.


April 18th.  Sunday.

Outwind and snow.

April 19th.  Monday.

Breeze NW.  Bankss of snow.  Anniversary of Dean’s ordination-57 years a priest.  He was for a drive today.

April 20th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Boats going to St. John’s.

April 21st.  Wednesday.

Raining.  “Brothers” sailed for St. John’s.

April 22nd.  Thursday.

Dull.  Finished Stations.

April 23 rd.  Friday.

Raining.  Used a carriage today.

April 24th.  Saturday.

Chilly.  S. S. Caspian while entering narrows struck on a sunken rock.  A great deal of her cargo damaged.

April 25th.  Sunday.

Very fine but cold.  Last of sealing steamers, in all, badly fished.

April 26th.  Monday.

Fine.  Snow going fast.

April 27th.  Tuesday.

Raining.  Last gang for the season at Tors Cove Chapel.

April 28th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  Ed. Leary here.  Thomas’ two boats came from St. John’s.  The dean goes to Mobile everyday.

April 29th.  Thursday.

Fine.  Thomas came from town.

April 30th.  Friday.

Fine.  On yesterday Dr. Power, accompanied by Fr. Mo. Ryan, salied for Rome on S. S. Hibernian.May 1st.  Saturday.

Heavy rain.

May 2nd.  Sunday.

Fine.  A gang clapboarding Tors Cove Chapel.  Called to LeManche.

May 3rd.  Monday.


May 4th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Preparing ground for potatoes.

May 5th.  Wednesday.

Sowed first potatoes.

May 6th.  Thursday.

Ascension.  Dull.  Stormy night.

May 7th.  Friday.

Fine.  No fish yet.

May 8th.  Saturday.

Very fine.  People at W. Bay still receiving government relief.

May 9th.  Sunday.

Fine.  On Friday morning two men were washed off the deck of a Fermeuse boat and drowned.  One of them was named John Murphy of this place, the other, Grace of Brigus.  The boat had been driven off the land in the gale of Thursday night, and shipped a heavy sea while making in next morning.

May 10th.  Monday.

Fine.  Thomas went to town; Aidan at Mobile.  Nuns sowed potatoes.

May 11th.  Tuesday.

Raining.  Dr. Cary here.

May 12th.  Wednesday.


May 13th.  Thursday.

NE wind and fog.  Thomas and Aidan came from town.

May 14th.  Friday.

Wind NE.  Funeral at Tors Cove.  Two Banksers in, no fish.

May 15th.  Saturday.

NE wind.  No account of fish being caught anywhere to this date.  William sailed for the Westward.

May 16th.  Sunday.

NE wind and some rain.

May 17th.  Monday.

Chilly.  Fr. Walshe here.

May 18th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  A few fish at W. Bay.

May 19th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  Martha Wall takes charge of Tors Cove school; 41 children present at opening.  Mr. White and Harry at Mobile.  First Salmon at Bay Bulls.

May 20th.  Thursday.


May 21st.  Friday.

First summer day.  Fr. Walshe here from St. John’s.

May 22nd.  Saturday.

Chilly.  A few fish at Tors Cove.

May 23rd.  Sunday.


May 24th.  Monday.

Raining.  Good reports from the westward.

May 25th.  Tuesday.

Chilly.  Some salmon at Tors Cove; Michael Power made me a present of one.

May 26th.  Wednesday.

Chilly.  To this date the weather has been very cold, not a breeze of west wind.

May 27th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  A procession of the most adorable Sacrament at Witless Bay, numerously attended.  Feast of “ Corpus Christi”.

May 28th.  Friday.


May 29th.  Saturday.

Extremely warm.  On yesterday 50 people died from sunstroke in New York.

May 30th.  Sunday.

Fine, but chilly.  Thomas and I went to St. John’s.

May 31st.  Monday.

Dr. M. Howley went to Renewse to receive a nun in the Convent there.


This month was very cold and damp.  A number of cows perished for want of hay.  No fish or salmon.  A great many people without summer supplies; no advance given at Witless Bay.

June 1st.  Tuesday.

Dull.  I returned from town.

June 2nd.  Wednesday.

Very fine.

June 3rd.  Thursday.

Foggy.  No fish or salmon.  Banksers arriving well-fished.

June 4th.  Friday.

Raining.  Received account of the death of Dean’s brother John, who died at Maxbooly on May 11th.

June 5th.  Saturday.

Raining.  Bad reports from Westward.  Father of J. and R. O’ Donnell arrived.

June 6th.  Sunday.

Raining.  Harry White at Mobile.

June 7th.  Monday.

Raining.  Fathers Clancy and Howley here.

June 8th.  Tuesday.

Raining.  A bay Bulls Bankser arrived counting 450 qtls. Fish.  Some sign of fish today.

June 9th.  Wednesday.

Heavy rain.  One boat at Mobile had a qtl. Fish.

June 10th.  Thursday.

Foggy.  Frs. J. and R. O’ Donnell and self went to Renewse.

June 11th.  Friday.

Fine.  No fish at Renewse.

June 12th.  Saturday.

Dull.  We returned to W. Bay.  Several Banksers at Cape Broyle well fished.

June 13th.  Sunday.

Heavy rain morning; evening very fine.

June 14th.  Monday.

Showry.  Frs. R. O’ Donnell and Roche went to St. John’s.  Traps at Bay Bulls well fished today.  Had a gang hauling Father’s cross to the graveyard.

June 15th.  Tuesday.

Heavy rain and gale of N. wind.  On yesterday a seine at Caplin Cove hauled 40 qtls. Fish.

June 16th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  Erected Father’s Cross.  Fr. J. O’ Donnell arrived from Renewse.  First caplin seen; a little fish.

June 17th.  Thursday.

Wet.  Our potatoes overground.

June 18th.  Friday.

Very fine.  James McLoughlan here.

June 19th.  Saturday.

Very fine.  Toads Cove woods on fire, caused by trouters from St. John’s.  Called to LaManche; Michael Melvin of that place has 80 qtls. fish hauled;  Michael Doyle, 60.  James O’ Donnel here.  He and Fr. Jeremiah went to town.

June 21st.  Monday.

Fine.  First caplin hauled at Witless Bay, a good deal fish on them.  Some traps well fished at W. Bay and Mobile.  Fish hauled at Great Island.

June 22nd.  Tuesday.

A cold and foggy northeaster.  No fish, caplin very scarce.  Dr. Cary here.

June 23rd.  Wednesday.

Heavy rain, NE.  Fr. Roche went to town.  A good deal fish for hook and jiggers all along the shore, also in the neighbourhood of St. John’s, at Harbour Main &c.

June 24th.  Thursday.

Fine, NE.  Fish “catching”, none for seines or traps.  Caplin not very plenty.

June 25th.  Friday.

A breeze NW.  Traps at W. Bay well- fished.  Bummers doing well.  No fish hauled yet.  Fr. Roche came from town.

June 26th.  Saturday.

Fine.  William and Walsh from the Westward with 80 and 100 qtls.  Western boats generally badly-fished.  Good deal fish in traps and catching.

June 27th.  Sunday.

Outwind and rain.  Ambrose and Ed Ronayne home with 50 and 40 qtls.

June 28th.  Monday.

Fine.  Bummers well fished on “bultows’, fish very large.

June 29th.  Tuesday.

S. S. Peter and Paul.  Very fine.  People fishing for church.  Returns as follows;

Witless Bay                                         100 qtls.

Bay Bulls                                            70 qtls.

Mobile                                                70 qtls.

Tors Cove to LaManche                      70 qtls.

N. B.  Lewis did very little.  Traps well.  Bultows fairly.  A great deal fish caught at Renewse and Fermeuse, not so much at Ferryland.

June 30th.  Wednesday.

Very warm.  Caplin most abundant.  William hauled 20 qtls. fish.


The weather during this month was dull and chilly.  A good deal fish caught on hook and line and in traps.  Western fishery in general not good, owing to scarcity of herring.

July 1st.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Fish plenty on Bultows, not much for traps or seines.  Earthing potatoes.

July 2nd.  Friday.

Very warm.  Fish pretty.  Thomas had 25 qtls. in trap, some hauled.

July 3rd.  Saturday.

Chilly.  Evening very wet.

July 4th.  Sunday.

Very fine.

July 5th.  Monday.

Very fine.  Fr. Walshe and Mother Aloysius( of Riverhead) here.  Great deal fish trapped.  Fr. Roche to town.

July 6th.  Tuesday.

Fine. ( Breeze W. yesterday).

July 7th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  Fish for traps and seines, none catching.  M. Feely begins work-6/6 per day.

July 8th.  Thursday.

Fine.  My eye sore.

July 9th.  Friday.

Heavy thunder at morning.  A great deal fish trapped at Mobile.  Frs. Walsh and Scoot here.  Some B. Bulls codseine men from Westward loaded, from Cape St. Mary’s ground.

July 10th.  Saturday.

Heavy rain and thunder at evening.

July 11th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Dr. Cary here.

July 12th.  Monday.

Very fine.  Fr. Roche and Mother Aloysius went to town.  Mary Wade of Conception Hr. came as Lay Sister to Convent.

July 13th.  Tuesday.

A splendid day.  Parties cutting up seines to make traps.  No fish for seines.  Last night Dr. Thomas Howley called to see Dean.

July 14th.  Wednesday.

Heavy rain.

July 15th.  Thursday.

Fine.  Breeze, W. wind.

July 16th.  Friday.

Very fine.  Fr. Scott here from Renewse.  Great deal fish in traps.  William took from a trap 150 qtls.

July 17th.  Saturday.

Fine.  A report of a quantity fish trapped at Ferryland.  No fish for hook and line since early in July.

July 18th.  Sunday.

Wet and foggy.  Two cases of Diptheria at Mobile, one death.

July 19th.  Monday.

Very warm.

July 20th.  Tuesday.

From this date until the end of the month my eye was sore.  The weather during July was very fine and calm and excessively warm.  No fish to be caught or netted, but very plentiful for traps, and towards the end of the month there was a good deal hauled.  Very poor trips from the westward.  Labrador and Straits good.


August 1st.  Sunday.

Very fine.  On yesterday a freighter our coals.  Crops good.

August 2nd.  Monday.

A great deal fish trapped at Mobile yesterday and today.  Caplin abundant; no squids anywhere, even in Conception and Trinity Bays.  Stephen French lost a freighter at Pety Harbour.

August 3rd.  Tuesday.


August 4th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  Tom Keough called.

August 5th.  Thursday.

Fine.  Received a telegram from Queenstown saying that Annie had left for Newfoundland.

August 6th.  Friday.

Very fine.  Confessions at Tors Cove.  A sudden peal of thunder and heavy rain for 10 minutes at 2:00 P.M.

August 7th.  Saturday.


August 9th.  Monday.Fine.  No fish.  New potatoes.  Put first new hay in barn.  Dr. Cary here.

August 10th.  Tuesday.

Dull.  Some fish on Squids.

August 11th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  William sailed for the W.  D. T. Greene and wife called.  Traps landed.  My eyes still sore.

August 12th.  Thursday.

Foggy.  Dr. Power and Dr. Ryan arrived from “ Hibernian”, also my sister Annie.

August 13th.  Friday.


August 14th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Annie came home.  A priest named Fr. Martin arrived with Dr. Power.  He is a middle-aged man, and has been on the Irish mission.

August 15.  Sunday.

Assumption.  Very fine.  Boats did well at the Point and Glace Cove this week, all that had bait making large catches.  On Thursday night a steamer named “Flavian” ran ashore in fog at Great Island.  She was a new ship of 1300 tns.  General cargo, principally, bell-metal, railway iron, delf and salt.  Her cargo is being discharged, and she will propbably be got off.  Capt. Prior was second officer on board. NB. A seine hauled 40 qtls. fish at Tors Cove.

August 16th.  Monday.

Very fine.  A Tors Cove man, Laurence Blackler, fellinto the hold of the “Flavian” today and was badly bruised.  Mobile and Tors Cove full of fish and caplin. Lewis taken aboard in Tors Cove.  Fish for catching on bait of all kinds and to be jigged.  F. Clancy here.

August 17th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  Annie and S. went to LaManche.  Fish plenty.

August 18th.  Wednesday.

A beautiful day.  Casting caplin at Mobile today; herring also abundant.

August 19th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Thomas Greene and some trouters at Mobile.  Fish very plentiful.

August 20th.  Friday.

Foggy.  Fr. Clancy here.

August 21st.  Saturday.

Very fine.  Thomas and Annie went to Ferryland.  Some boats from Westcoast with 100 qtls. for a fortnight.  Squids scarce.

August 22nd.  Sunday.


August 23rd.  Monday.

Very fine.  Thomas and Pat putting off first “dry fish”.  Herring abundant.  No squids.

August 24th.  Tuesday.


August 25th.  Wednesday.

Dull. All our hay in barn, not a good crop.  Potatoes small, no blight.

August 26th.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Hannah and family arrived.

August 27th.  Friday.

Very fine.

August 28th.  Saturday.

Dull.  Heavy rain at night and a very heavy gale from SW.  William home with 85 qtls. after a fortnight.  The best week’s fish at W. Bay for years, on herring.  No squids anywhere.

August 29th.  Sunday.


August 30th.  Monday.

Fine.  No bait.  On yesterday an Irish sailor was killed by falling from the yard-arm of the “Flavian”, at Great Island.

August 31st.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  Fr. Roche and I brought the Dean to LaManche, with a “pair”.


The weather during this month was remarkably fine.  Fish was most abundant whenever bait could be procured.  Squids were never known to be so scarce.  The Labrador catch equal to last year.  The straits also good.  Prices fish, 18/-, 15/-, 12/-.

September 1st.  Wednesday.

A delightful day.  Dr. Cary here.

September 2nd.  Thursday.

A delightful day.

September 3rd.  Friday.

High W. wind and some rain.

September 4th.  Saturday.

Dull.  Extremely sultry.  “Brothers” from westward, 75 qtls.  Bait scarce this week, but fish to be caught whenever bait was procured.

September 5th.  Sunday.

Very warm and showry.  Announced “Dues” at Mobile and Tors Cove.  Hannah and Mrs. White went to town.

September 6th.  Monday.

Very fine and warm.  Fr. Roche went to town.  One of the warmest days to date.

September 7th.  Tuesday.

Fine and very warm.  Fish scarce.

September 8th.  Wednesday.

Fine and very warm.

Sept 9th.  Thursday.

Fine.  Anniversary of Dr. Power’s arrival.

Sept 10th.  Friday.

Dull.  Wind NE.  Fr. P. O’Donnell and Fr. Roche came from town.

September 11th.  Saturday.

Raining.  On yesterday the S. S. “Flavian” was floated off the rocks at Great Island, £7,000 having been expended in the enterprise.  The enquirers were Mr. Condon of St. John’s and Chisholm of Liverpool.

September 12th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Nothing done on fishing grounds the past week, no bait.  On yesterday arrived in St. John’s, the Rev. Thomas Roc, nephew of Father Hennebury for the Hr. Grace Mission.

September 13th.  Monday.

Fine and very warm.  Cut oats.

September 14th.  Tuesday.

Fine and very warm.

September 15.  Wednesday.


September 16th.  Thursday.


September 17th.  Friday.

Very warm.  Fr. S. O’ Donnell, Annie and I took a drive on the Holyrood Line, road very bad.

September 18th.  Saturday.

Fine.  No fish past week, for want of bait.

September 19th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  A “call” to Tors Cove last night.  James O’ Donnell came for Father Jeremiah.  Fr. T. Walsh arrived from Renewse.

September 20th.  Monday.

Dull.  Wind NE.

September 21st.  Tuesday.

Fine.  No bait, but fish plenty.

September 22nd.  Wednesday.


September 23rd.  Thursday.

Fine.  No bait.

September 24th.  Friday.

Dull.  The Dean was unwell this morning with turn of the stomach.  Dr. Cary happened to be in W. Bay at the time.

September 25th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Dean well again.  No bait of any of the past.  Fish plenty.

September 26th.  Sunday.

Chilly.  A heavy breeze NE.  Fr. Clancy here en route to town.

September 27th.  Monday.

Dull.  NE>

September 28th.  Tuesday.

Dull.  NE.  William gave up the western voyage.

September 29th.  Wednesday.


September 30th.  Thursday.

Dull.  Thomas came from town.  Fr. Pat O’ Donnell, Bridget Leavy and Alice O’ Donnell arrived.


During this month very little fish was caught owing to scarcity of bait.  If bait had been plenty, any quantity of fish would have been caught.  Crops—hay deficient; potatoes small, but dry; turnips very good; flour cheap-from 26/-; pork, butter and molasses reasonable; fish 18/-16/-14/-.

October 1st.  Friday.

Exceedingly warm.

October 2nd.  Saturday.

Fine.  During the past week Rev.  Mother had gangs last week enlarging the Convent stable.

October 3rd.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Fr. Pat O’ Donnell left for St. John’s.

October 4th.  Monday.

Very fine.  Western boats giving up the voyage-plenty fish, but no bait.  Court passed to Ferryland on circuit.  Fr. Roche loading a boat at Bay Bulls.

October 5th.  Tuesday.


October 6th.  Wednesday.

Dull.  Thomas came from town.

October 7th.  Thursday.

Showry.  Two boats belonging to Wm. Fortune of Tors Cove brought home from the Banks; one 25, the other 28 qtls. fish.

October 8th.  Friday.

Very fine.  People digging their potatoes; they are small, but dry, no blight.

October 9th.  Bait still scarce.

October 10th.  Sunday.

Fine.  Announced Mr. Fred Goodridge as the candidate selected by the Priests of the Shore to fill Mr. Conroy’s vacancy.

October 11th.  Monday.

Very fine.  William loaded and went to St. John’s.  Good deal fish catching on very little bait.  Some squids at Tors Cove.  Father John Ryan and James McLoughnan here.

October 12th.  Tuesday.

Pretty fine.  Digging our potatoes.

October 13th.  Wednesday.

Pretty fine.  Dull in the evening.  A heavy sea for the past 8 days.  Finished potatoes; they are rather small, but very dry.  The potato crop generally is the best for years, no blight.

October 14th.  Thursday.

Outwind and heavy rain.  Evening wind came off in a gale.

October 15th.  Friday.

Showry.  A heavy sea.

October 16th.  Saturday.

Dull.  Finished digging potatoes.

October 17th.  Sunday.

A heavy breeze from the N last night and today.  Fr. J. Walsh here.

October 18th.  Monday.

Fine.  Dr. Cary here.  Heavy sea.

October 19th.  Tuesday.

Dull.  Judge Prowse held Court in the Schoolhouse of W. Bay today.  Court is to be held here once a month by one of the Judges of the Magistrate’s Court of St. John’s.

October 20th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  Put off dues at T. Cove.  Hannah and Annie came from town.

October 21st.  Thursday.

Fine and chilly.  Frs. Walsh and Scott here.

October 22nd.  Friday.

Dull.  Uncle Jerry annointed.

October 23rd.  Saturday.

Dull.  NE wind and heavy sea for the past fortnight.

October 24th.  Sunday.


October 25th.  Monday.

Uncle Jerry died this morning at 5 o’c.  He was 76 years of age-R.I.P.

October 26th.  Tuesday.

Chilly and dull, wind NE.  I had mass for Uncle Jerry in Bay Bulls.

October 27th.  Wednesday.

Dull.  Uncle Jerry buried.  Fr. Roche returned from town.

BREAK IN DIARY: PAGES  89 and 90 missing

November 24th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  Masons working at the Dean’s vault.

November 25th.  Thursday.


November 26th.  Friday.

Snowing, first sleighing.

November 27th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Dr. Cary here.  The Inspector of Schools arrived.

November 28th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Williams’ boat from town.

November 29th.  Monday.

Dull.  Killed a cow.

November 30th.  Tuesday.

Some snow last night, soft today.  Mr. Fenelon began school inspection yesterday.

December 1st.  Wednesday.

Cold, fine sleighing.  William left on last trip.

December 2nd.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Killed a cow-212lbs.

December 3rd.  Friday.

Dull.  John Dwyer making stall for nuns.

December 4th.  Saturday.

NW wind and drift.  Pat Fortune came from town, last “trip”.

December 5th.  Sunday.


December 6th.  Monday.

Chilly.  Mother over.  Killed a cow-300 lbs.

December 7th.  Tuesday.

Soft and thawing.

December 8th.  Wednesday.

Thomas went to town.  Soft.

December 9th.  Thursday.

Raining.  Kelly, Mason, building Convent Schoolhouse chimney.

December 10th.  Friday.

Chilly.  William came from town.

December 11th.  Saturday.

Cold Northeaster.

December 12th.  Sunday.

Heavy rain.  I was unwell today.  Thomas and Harry White came from town.

December 13th.  Monday.

Cold NW wind.  Fr. Battcock passed on to Brigus.  Brother to Fr. G, William Battcock, died this morning from the effects of a gun accident.

December 14th.  Tuesday.

Dull and foggy.  Bad sleighing.

December 15th.  Wednesday.

Heavy rain; snow gone.

December 16th.  Thursday.


December 17th.  Friday.

Fine and very warm.  Dr. Cary here.

December 18th.  Saturday.

Some snow fell last night.

December 19th.  Sunday.

Very fine, good sleighing.

December 20th.  Monday.

Fine.  Pat went to town.

December 21st.  Tuesday.

Dull.  Heavy NE wind.

December 22nd.  Wednesday.

Foggy and soft.

BREAK IN DIARY: PAGES 93 and 94 missing.


January 22nd.  Saturday.


January 23rd.  Sunday.

Outwind and some snow last night; hardly enough for sleighing.

January 24th.  Monday.

Wind W and some snow.

January 25th.  Tuesday.

A good deal snow last night.  First sleighing since early in December.

January 26th.  Wednesday.


January 27th.  Thursday.


January 28th.  Friday.

Fine.  Good news from William.

January 29th.  Saturday.


January 30th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Fr. Walsh here.

January 31st.  Monday.

Very fine.  Fr. Walsh here.


The oldest inhabitant can’t recall sush a mild winter.  Very little poverty to date.  Good work doing at Tors Cove Chapel.  No carpenter employed.

February 1st.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  Thomas went to town.

February 2nd.  Wednesday.

A big gang at Tors Cove hauling stone for wall under Chapel-greatest enthusiasm.

February 3rd.  Thursday.

Fine.  Fr. Roche called to Tors Cove at 10 ½ P.M.

February 4th.  Friday.


February 5th.  Saturday.


February 6th.  Sunday.


Fine.  Fr. Roche went to town.  Had a call to Bay Bulls, another to Burn Cove.  Coercion Bill for Ireland passed.

February 8th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.

February 9th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  The Dean remarkably well.

February 10th.  Thursday.

Very fine.

February 11th.  Friday.


February 12th.  Saturday.

Fine.  A great many cases measles in Witless Bay.

February 13th.  Sunday.

Outwind and snow, turned to rain.

February 14th.  Monday.

Fine.  W. Bay full measles.

February 15th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Spent night in Tors Cove.  Good work doing at Burn Cove quarry.

February 16th.  Wednesday.

Outwind and drift in the morning, evening fine, heavy breeze W.

February 17th.  Thursday.


February 18th.  Friday.

Very fine.

February 19th.  Saturday.

Outwind and drift from 3:00 to 8:00 P. M.  Rain at night and heavy breeze W.

February 20th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  Harry White at Mobile.  Fr. Clancy here going to town.

February 21st.  Monday.


February 22nd.  Tuesday.

Outwind and heavy drift, turned into rain in the evening.  The Dean remarkably well.

February 23rd.  Wednesday.

Heavy breeze W.  A very heavy sea in Mobile yesterday, the most violent for years.  Not so at Witless Bay.  The priest’s house of Fermeuse burnt down.  The woman in charge of it narrowly escaping.  It was an old house and not worth much.

February 24th.  Thursday.

Heavy travelling.

February 25th.  Friday.

Fine.  A gang hauling stone from Burnt Cove quarry.

February 26th.  Saturday.

Morning fine, evening some snow.  Pat went to and returned from town.

February 27th.  Sunday.

Heavy breeze NW, with snowshowers, very cold.  The salvage case of the” Alice Lyne” was settled during the past week.  This vessel was abandoned about six weeks ago five miles north of Bay Bulls; 21 men from B.B. boarded and brought her to St. John’s; she was valued at £3,500.  The salvors received each £22.15.0 only, being entitled to at least double that amount.

February 28th.  Monday.

Soft, snow melting fast.


The weather during this month was very fine; no severe frost or heavy snow storms; no ice on coast.  A good deal of poverty.  Very few from this parish going to the ice.  A great deal work done by the people of Tors Cove at their new chapel.  Some very fine sticks and a large quantity of stone procured by the people of Mobile for a similar purpose.  A good deal poverty at W. Bay and Tors Cove; relieved promptly by the government.

March 1st.  Tuesday.

Very warm and free thaw.  Fortune storing ice.  It is 12 ins. Thick.  Wind NE.

March 2nd.  Wednesday.

Dies cinerum.  Very fine, thawing, wind NE.  I had Mass in Tors Cove.

March 3rd.  Thursday.

Fine.  Great many children dying of Measles.

March 4th.  Friday.

Very fine.  Received bad news of William.

March 5th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Pat and Stephen went to town enroute to Harbor Main.  Received letter from Fr. O’ Donnell stating that William is better.

March 6th.  Sunday.

Heavy SE wind, and rain.

March 7th.  Monday.

Heavy SE wind, and rain and snow.

March 8 th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  Thomas’ ice all in.

March 9th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  Pat returned reporting favourably of William.

March 10th.  Thursday.

Steamers sailed for the ice.  From the Port of St. John’s 12 steamers and 3 sailing ships , 5,107 Tons and 3,294 Men.  Two vessels less than last year.

March 11th.  Friday.

Fine.  Corpse of Joanna Crane(Davis), brought to Mobile.  Thomas to town.

March 12th.  Saturday.

Very fine.  Ninety eight Confessions at Tors Cove.

March 13th.  Sunday.

Outwind and rain.

March 14th.  Monday.


March 15th.  Tuesday.

Very fine, thawing.

March 16th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  A gang putting in windows of Tors Cove Chapel.

March 17th.  Thursday.

St. Patrick.  Fine.  Funeral of Michael Moore.  NE.

March 18th.  Friday.

Heavy breeze NE and wet snow.  Sealing steamers said to be jammed in Green Bay.  Dr. Cary here.

March 19th. Saturday.

Raining.  Breeze NE.

March 20th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  NE.  No ice.  The wind has been from the North since Tuesday, without any appearance of ice.

March 21st.  Monday.

Dull.  Sealing steamer”Tiger”, Capt. Dawe, arrived from the Gulf loaded; reports S. S. “Leopard” full.  A seal seen in Mobile.  Carriaging.

March 22nd.  Tuesday.

Foggy.  I am unwell today.

March 23rd.  Wednesday.

Foggy and raining.

March 24th.  Thursday.

Very fine, snow near all gone.

March 25th.  Friday.

Annunciation.  Fine.

March 26th.  Saturday.

Chilly and dull.

March 27th.  Sunday.

NW wind with some snow.

March 28th.  Monday.


March 29th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.

March 30th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.

March 31st.  Thursday.

Dull.  Snow in the evening.


This month has been remarkably mild and fine.  No ice on the coast.  A great many deaths, especially from measles at Witless Bay.  A great deal of poverty at Witless Bay and Tors Cove, relieved by government giving the road grants in advance.  Very little work done in return, except at Mobile.

April 1st.  Friday.

Very fine.  I celebrated Mass for the last time in the old Chapel of Tors Cove.  Removed theAltar and furniture to new chapel.  William Morey’s boat landing freight at Witless Bay.

April 2nd.  Saturday.


April 3rd.  Sunday.

Fine.  I celebrated Mass for the first time in the New Chapel of Tors Cove.  The Chapel was merely blessed, the ceremony of Dedication being deferred until the work is nearer completion.

April 4th.  Monday.


April 5th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  A gang from Mobile removing the ceiling of the old Chapel, Tors Cove.  The materials of this chapel are to used in the new Chapel of Mobile.  A gang also working at the new chapel grounds.  S. S. “Resolute”, Capt. Jackman from the ice loaded, 26,000.  People of W. Bay and Tors Cove in for Relief.

April 6th.  Wednesday.

Fine.  Evening chilly.

April 7th.  Thursday.

Fine and cold.  Good work doing at the grounds of Tors Cove Chapel-15 men.

April 8th.  Friday.


April 9th.  Saturday.

Very fine.  Several steamers from the seal fishery with full trips.

April 10th.  Sunday.

Palm Sunday.  A beautiful day.

April 11th.  Monday.

Fine.  Stephen went to Ferryland.

April 12th.  Tuesday.

Dull.  Mr. John White received into the Church by Father Clancy.

April 13th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.

April 14th.  Thursday.

Dull.  Ceremonies at Witless Bay and Tors Cove.

April 15th.  Good Friday.


April 16th.  Easter Saturday.

Very fine and warm.  Some steamers arriving from the seal fishery with poor trips.

April 17th.  Easter Sunday.

Raining.  Rejoicings at Tors Cove for the New Chapel.

April 18th.  Monday.

Fine.  Commenced ploughing.  Fencing “ Pelters Farm”.

April 19th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  The Dean is fifty two (52) years ordained today.  He assisted at Mass this morning, celebrated by me in the dining room.  Stations at Tors Cove.  Dr. Cary here.  Erecting a new belfry at Tors Cove and painting inside of Chapel.  Twenty men at work.

April 20th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  Stations T. Cove.

April 21st.  Thursday.

It froze very hard last night.  The sky illuminated with Aurora.  Today chilly.  Fr. Roche on Stations.

April 22nd.  Friday.


BREAK IN DIARY: PAGES 102 and 103 missing.

May 17th.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  At 10:00, two nuns received the white veil of the Presentation Order from the Bishop in Witless Bay Chapel.  They were my sisters Annie and Mary Wade-in religion Sisters M. Philomena and Josephine, Laysister.  A very large congregation was present.  Sixty children walked in procession, twenty six guests were entertainer at a dejeunier in the Convent, and 115 children dined in the schoolroom.  The Bishop, Frs. Walsh and Roche left for Ferryland at 3:00.

May 18th.  Wednesday.


May 19th.  Thursday.

Dull.  Evening wet.  The Bishop and Priests arrived from Renewse at 8:00 P.M.  There was a profession at Renewse.

May 20th.  Friday.

Fine.  Dr. Power and Fr. Walsh left for town at 9 ½ o’c.  First salmon.

May 21st.  Saturday.

Fine.  A Bankser, T. Williams, at Bay Bulls with 600 qtls.

May 22nd.  Sunday.

Very fine, but chilly.

May 23rd.  Monday.

Very fine, but chilly.  Mick Walsh sailed for the westward.

May 24th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  A punt at Mobile had a fish and a salmon weighing 21 lbs.

May 25th.  Wednesday.

Chilly, it froze last night.  Had a gang at Tors Cove Chapel.  Eighty Confessions at T. Cove.  There was snow on the ground this morning.

May 26th.  Thursday.

Ascension.  Very fine.  There fell a little snow last night.  No account of fish from any quarter, except “ Bankss”.

May 27th.  Friday.


May 28th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Some fish at W. Bay.

May 29th.  Sunday.

Very fine.

May 3oth.  Monday.

I went to town.

May 31st.  Tuesday.

I was unwell.


The weather during this month was chilly, and unfavorable for fish and crops.  NO fish anywhere.  Merchants supplying pretty freely.

June 1st.  Wednesday.

Very fine.

June 2nd.  Thursday.

Very fine.  Stephen and I went to Harbor Main.

June 3rd.  Friday.

I was at Hr. Main until

June 7th.  Tuesday.

Stephen , William and I left Hr. Main, arriving at Topsail at 5 o’c where we spent the night.

June 8th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  We arrived home at 4 ½ o’c.  Ben Cary from Westward with 50 qtls.  Two small Banksers at Bay Bulls loaded.  Michael Melvin of LaManche has 120 qtls. fish hauled.  No fish catching; no salmon.

June 9th.  Thursday.

Morning very wet; evening fine.  Heavy breeze NW.

June 10th.  Friday.


June 11th.  Saturday.

Fine.  Some sign of fish today.

June 12th.  Sunday.

Very fine.

June 13th.  Monday.

Very fine.  Report of fish being trapped at Ferryland and Brigus.

June 14th.  Tuesday.

Very warm.

June 15th.  Wednesday.

Very fine.  First caplin seen at Tors Cove.  Ed Ronayne from westward with poor trip and bad reports.  No fish on the caplin, up to this there has been very little fish for hook and line.  Dr. Cary here.

June 16th.  Thursday.

Corpus Christi.  Morning wet; cleared up at 2:00.  Procession at 4 ½.

June 17th.  Friday.

Very fine.  Good signs of fish today.  Traps well fished at Tors Cove, Mobile and Bay Bulls.  A good deal fish also jigged.

June 18th.  Saturday.

Dull.  Uncle Harry to Mobile.

June 19th.  Sunday.

Heavy sea and breeze N.  Heavy rain last night.  I was unwell today and had no mass.

June 20th.  Monday.

Fine.  Traps driven and torn in yesterday’s sea; none , however, altogether lost.

June 21st.  Tuesday.

Very fine.  First caplin got at Witless Bay; good deal fish on them.  Good signs fish everywhere.

June 22nd.  Wednesday.

Raining, NE.  Earthing potatoes, and transplanting.

June 23rd.  Thursday.

Fine.  Heavy breeze NW.

June 24th.  Friday.

Fine and chilly.  Re-lit fires.

June 25th.  Saturday.

Very fine.  End of a very good week’s fishing for hook and line, some traps also did remarkably well on all the shore.  Poor accounts from the W.

June 26th.  Sunday.

Very fine.  A western boat home to Tors Cove with 90 qtls. NB. A comet appeared in the Northern sky.

June 27th.  Monday.

Very fine.  A good day’s fishing for traps and hook and line.

June 28th.  Tuesday.

Fine.  Fish scarce today.  Stephen and Senior Greene came from town.

June 29th.  Wednesday.

S. S. Peter and Paul.  People fishing for the church and secured very little owing to a storm of wind and sea that sprung up at 1:00 P.M. continuing all the evening and night.  Wind SE.  Great anxiety felt for the safety of fishing traps.

June 30th.  Thursday.

Fine.  Traps not much damaged and most of them well fished.


The weather during this month was remarkably cold, not a warm day and no west winds.  The crops look well, especially grass and potatoes.  The shore fishery very fair, especialy trapping.  Western fishery, in general, not good.  Herring most abundant.  Banksers did well, but lost a good deal of gear owing to rough weather.

July 1st.  Friday.

Fine.  Good fishing for traps.  Walsh from Westward, 70 qtls.

July 2nd.  Saturday.

Dull.  The strongest tide known for years; traps very much damaged by it.  Ambrose Ronayne from Westward, 65 qtls. for 4 hands.

July 3rd.  Sunday.

Very fine.  A number of traps landed in a damaged state; permission given to repair and set them.

July 4th.  Monday.

Very fine.  No fish in traps today, owing to very strong tides.  Some fish caught.  Fr. Walsh, Renewse, here.

July 5th.  Tuesday.

Raining.  Not much fish today.

July 6th.  Wednesday.

Morning wet, evening fine.  Not much fish.  Hannah and family came from town.

BREAK IN DIARY: Pages 108, 109, 110, 111 missing.

August 29th.  Monday.


August 30th.  Tuesday.


August. 31st.  Wednesday.



Very dull weather.  Great deal fish and hay spoiled.  Not much fish to be caught except on Cape Boland(Bollard?) Banks.  Western boats did not do much.  Crops not good.


Typed by Ray Curran October 2001



Page transcribed by Ray Curran (2001)
Page revised: August 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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