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Banking Schooner
Mina Swim of Burin
Lost Feb. 1917
23 Men Lost


Mina Swim built in Essex Massachusetts 1904 was a 2 Masted 10 Dory Banking Schooner launched 1905 spent two years in The American Trade. It was purchased by Lefeuvre’s in 1907 sailing from Boston to Burin. For the next ten years , she fished on Querro and down to Labrador. Late each fall when fishing was over she took freight from Bull's Cove to St. John's . Measurements were 82 ft. and netted 60 tons.

Left Burin at 3:00 pm Feb. 1917 bound for Querro. There was a terrible storm that night and she was never seen again. Also WW1 was in full bloom and so was submarine activity and floating mines were known to be in that area.

20 men listed out of 23

Captain John Jarvis, Path End, Burin
Mate, Tom Riggs, Bull's Cove
William Brushett, Salmonier
John Brushett, Salmonier (brother of William)
Robert Cook, Salmonier
James Giles, Path End*1
Robert Goods
James Hannem, Salmonier
Thomas Lake, Salmonier
John Lundrigan, Salmonier
Robert Lundrigan, Salmonier
Robert lundrigan, (Sr), Salmonier
Norman Martin, Bull's Cove
Samuel Mitchell, Burin Bay Arm
Wesley Mitchell, Burin Bay Arm, (brother of Samuel)
Albert Moulton, cook
Samuel Plank, Port Aux Bras
Thomas Thorne
Joseph Vincent
William Butler, Salmonier


Information transcribed by: Frank Brinston (April, 2001)




LeFeuvre Bros banking schr. Mina Swim, which is now more than four weeks out from her home port of Burin, is still unreported. The Portia which arrived yesterday brought no information of the vessel, but those on the steamer believe it probable that she is caught in the ice. Saturday Mr. T. LeFeuvre, M.H.A., waited on Acting Premier Bennett and arranged for the S.S. Glencoe which left Burin Saturday afternoon to search for the missing schooner.

The Daily News, St. John's Newfoundland
Mar. 12, 1917



The Burin banking schooner Mina Swim, referred to recently as being overdue at the home port, is still unreported and grave anxiety is felt by the relatives of those on board. Though a search has been made by the S.S. Glencoe, and the banking fleet have been keeping a look out for her the last few weeks, the whereabouts of the overdue schooner has not been located, nor has any wreckage been found that would indicate she met with disaster. The missing schooner carries a crew of 21 men, all told, the greater number being married and with families.

The Daily News, St. John's Newfoundland
Mar.21, 1917


Additional information obtained from the Maritime History Archives, at Memorial University, indicates that the Mina Swim was presumed sunk by a subamrine.


Information Transcribed and Contributed by Colin Waye (April 2011)



GILES, James*1 I am doing research for our town (Town of Burin) and came across your website on the lost vessel Mina Swim. I have connections relatives to this ship being lost and also grew up in Bullscove where the vessel left and noticed one name James Giles from Path End as one of the lost men. I beleive this name is an error of pronunciation over the years; as in my personal Ancestory history I am related to a family from Path End and there last name was "Childs" one of which was James Childs son of John Childs and Mary Ann Brushett. He was born in Dec. 22 1872 and died on the Mina Swim at age of 44. I think over the years the name got pronounced "Giles" by local residents. Darrell Riggs Resident of Town of Burin

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