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Newfoundland Disasters
The Florizel

From a book, A Winter's Tale, by Cassie Brown, which lists
all the passengers and crew of the Florizel at the back.

By the way, this book is excellent.
Those who Died - passengers

James H. Baggs (40), Curling, Bay of Island
Miss Mabel Barrett (23), St. John's
Captain James Bartlett (25) Bay Roberts, Conception Bay
Blanche Beaumont*1 (11), St. John's
Captain O.P. Belleveau (38), Weymouth, NS
Edward Berteau, St. John's
William E. Bishop (48), Burin
Wilbert Butler (35), St. John's
William F. Butler (50), St. John's
Mrs. William F. Butler (40), St. John's
Frank Chown (19), St. John's
John Connolly (31), St. John's
Michael Connolly (74), St. John's
John Costello (49), Conception harbour, Conception Bay
James Crockwell, Bay Bulls
James Daley (40), St. John's
Miss Annie Dalton (33), Western Bay
William Earle (42), Fogo, Notre Dame Bay
Patrick J. Fitzpatrick (42), Argentia, Placentia Bay
John Forrest (23), Charlottetown, PEI
R.J. Fowlow (30), Cupids, Conception Bay
Edgar Froude (38), St. John's
Edward Greening (36), Bonavista
Peter Guilfoyle (27),Harbour Grace
Billy Guzzwell (11), St. John's
Charles Howell (24), Trinity, Trinity Bay
Captain Joseph Kean (44), St. John's
Patrick Laracy (50), St. John's
George Long (37), St. John's
John Lynch (55), Bay Bulls
John Maloney (7 months), St. John's
Joseph Maloney (29), St. John's
Mrs. Joseph (Mary) Maloney (28), St. John's
George Massie (41), Chicago, ILL
Mrs. George Massie (38), Chicago, ILL
Katherine Massie (8), Chicago, ILL
James J. McCoubrey (40), St. John's
Thomas McMurdo McNeil (45), St. John's
C.H. Miller (42), St. John's
James Miller (30), St. John's
William Moore, St. John's
Clarence E. Moulton (7), St. John's
George A. (Bert) Moulton (33), St. John's
Betty Munn (3&1/2), St. John's
John Shannon Munn (37), st. John's
Leonard Nicholls (31), St. John's
Michael O'Driscoll (37), St. John's
George Parmiter, Harbour Grace
Jack C. Parsons (27), St. John's
Miss Elizabeth Pelley (29), Smith SOund, Trinity Bay
Heber Piercey (22), Western Bay
Andy Power (24), Argentia, Placentia Bay
George Puddester (42), Bay Bulls
Walter J. Richards (24), La Have, NS
Gerald St. John (20), St. John's
Newman Sellars (20), St. John's
F. C. Smythe (40), St. John's
Fred Snow (22), St. John's
George E. Stevenson (53), New York
Miss Evelyn Trenchard (30), St. John's
Robert Wright (45), St. John's

Survivors - Passengers

Ralph Burnham (23) St. John's
Miss Kittie Cantwell (21) St. John's
John Cleary (27) Argentia, Placentia Bay
Noah Dauphinee (36), Tantillion County, NS (Tantallon????)
Miss Minnie Denief (21), St. John's
William Dodd (22), Torbay
Albert G. Fagan (29) St. John's
Archibald E. Gardiner (30), Britannia Cove, Trinity Bay
Dave Griffiths (24), Long harbour, Placentia Bay
John P. Kiely (32), St. John's
Alex Ledingham (30), St. John's
Gregory Maloney (45), Bay Bulls
William Parmiter (40), St. John's
John G. Sparrow (27) Argentia, Placentia Bay
Joseph Stockley (22), Bonavista
Major Michael S. Sullivan (42), St. John's
Thomas Whelan (27), Torbay
Those Who Died - Crew

Charles Bailey, A.B., Port Rexton, Trinity Bay
F. Beguere, fireman, Spain
George Crocker, A.B., Greenspond
Michael Dunphy, waiter, St. John's
Stanley Foley, waiter, St. John's
Francisco Fornas, fireman, Spain
Tomas Garcia, fireman, Spain
Arthur Gover, A.B., Trinity
Alegrandro Grierio, fireman, Spain
Fred Gutherie, 2nd cook, Liverpool, England
Thomas Hennebury, oiler, St. John's
Gordon Ivany, waiter, St. John's
Margaret Keough, stewardess, St. John's
John R. King, Second Officer, Arichat, Nova Scotia
John Lambert, A.B., St. John's
Patrick Lynch, waiter, St. John's
Joseph McKinnon, baker, St. John's (formerly Glasgow, Scotland)
Jose Mendez, fireman, Spain
A. Moody, baker, Hampshire, England
John Power, A.B., paradise, Conception Bay
John V. Reader, Chief Engineer, Halifax, NS
Francisco Reguira, fireman, Spain
Ramon Rez, fireman, Spain
Enrique Rodriguez, fireman, Spain
Gerardo Rodriguez, fireman, Spain
Manuel Rodriguez, fireman, Spain
Charles Snow, second steward, St. John's
Jose Soane, fireman, Spain
Stanley Squires, waiter, St. John's
Jose Vila, fireman, Spain
William Walters, A.B., Trinity
Austin Whitten, waiter, St. John's
Manuel Yannez, fireman, Spain

(Bodies not recovered)
Francisco Fornas, fireman, Spain
Edward Greening, Bonavista (passenger)
Charles Howell, Trinity (passenger)
Gordon Ivany, St. John's
Clarence E. Moulton, St. John's (passenger)
Leonard Nicholls, St. John's (passenger)

Those Who Survived - Crew

Seaman Joseph Burry (33), Greenspond
Wireless Operator Cecil Sidney Carter, New York
Third Engineer Eric Collier (26), St. John's
Gunner George Henry Curtis (36), Hythe, Southampton, England
Oiler John Davis, St. John's
Waiter Henry Dodd (21), St. John's
Seaman William Dooley (34), st. John's
Waiter James Dwyer (26), St. John's
Fireman Jose Fernandez, New York
Waiter Alex Fleet (24), St. John's
Seaman Thomas Green, Fermeuse
Guner Alfred Hatchard (33), Poole, England
Third Officer Philip Jackman (31), St. John's
First Officer William James (35), St. John's
Pantry Waiter John Johnston, (22), St. John's
Second Engineer Thomas Lumsden (35), St. John's
Captain William Martin (43), St. John's
Seaman William Molloy, (29), Cape Broyle
Cook Joseph Moore, St. John's
Wireless Operator Bernard John Murphy (24), Liverpool, England
Carpenter Jacob Pinsent (32), Pool's Island, Greenspond
Boatswain Michael F. Power, St. John's
Waiter Chrlie Reelis (23), St. John's
Cook Fred Roberts (27), St. John's
Waiter Henry Snow (22), St. John's
Fourth Engineer Herbert Taylor (22), St. John's
Oiler Edward Timmons, St. John's

May they never be forgotten.


Page Contributed by Janice Fralic Brown (1998)
Page Revised by Craig Peterman (August 2002)

BEAUMONT, Blanche*1 My family records show that her name should have been listed on the ship's passenger list as Blanch BAMENT. She was my grandfather's sister - Arthur BAMENT -- Born in St. John's 1908. Jack Gordon

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