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Containing the Names and Present Addresses of Merchants, Shopkeepers and Others, Burnt out by the General Conflagration of July 8th, 1892.

Ayre & Sons   office, 317 Water-st; shop at the old stand, provision
    and retail stores in Stewart’s Cove
Army & Navy Depot,   corner Cochrane and Duckworth-streets (re-built)
J. J. Kearney proprietor    
Athenaeum Reading Room   368 Water-st
Adrian, John tailor and clothier 10 Adelaide st
Anderson, G.L. manufacturers' agent 108 Military-rd; office over W. Campbell, Water-st,
    next to Post Office
Bastow, M.A. auctioneer 6 Beck's cove (re-built)
Bartlett, W.H. hairdresser Water-st, over Sage & Wallace
Baine, Johnston & Co.   office, stores, wareroom and wharf at P. Rogerson & Sons,
Bearns & Finley   office, 300 Water-st, opp. Lash's
Bearns, Wm grocer Water-st, opp. Lash's
Berteau, A. LeC. solicitor 346 Duckworth-st, opp. Seaman's Home
Browning, D.M. solicitor 343 Duckworth-st, east of Seaman's Home
Bowers, P.R.   45 Military-road, printing office, rear of premises, off
    Stewart's Avenue and Bannerman-street
Baird, James   295 Water-st
Butt, T.F. accountant T. & M. Winter, res. Hamilton-street
Bowring Bros   office, not burnt, dry goods shop, O'Dwyer's block
Burke, J. bailiff Bannerman Lodge
British & Mercantile Insurance Co.   Geo. Shea, agent's office over T. Phelan, 338 Water-st
Bakery (Harvey's)   re-building; office opp. the gate of Simpson's Dock
Bavarian Brewery, J. Lindberg   office Signal Hill-road
Bunting, Dr.   office, 271 New Gower-st
Clift, Wood & Co   office, wharf and stores at McDougall & Templeton's
Canning, W.S. Customs Department "Limeville," Battery road
Cormack, J. Customs Department res. Freshwater road
Consul, French (M. Des Isles)   res. "Rostellan," temporary office, 348 Water-st
Consul, U.S. (T.N. Molloy)   office, 8 Queen-st
Cook, Wm. meat and vegetable market 278 Water-st, opp. C. McPherson (re-built)
Clouston, Wm. J.   188 Water-st, cor. Market-house-hill (re-built)
Coffin, John storekeeper res. Pleasant-st
Curran, John clothier over H. Blair, Water-st
Coleman, E.G. locksmith, bell-hanger, etc. Victoria-st (re-built)
Chaplin, M. tailor and clothier shop over Monroe's office, 342 Water-st
Chisholm, J.F. bookseller over Monroe's office, 342 Water-st
Commercial Bank   first floor, 355 Water-st
Connors, F.J. harness-maker 400 Water-st
Campbell, Wm. builders' supply store 434 Water-st
Campbell, Arch. H. lumber &c. corner Springdale and Water-streets
Coastal Steamship Co. (ltd)   office, Simpson's Dock, West End
Carnell, J.T.   re-built on old site, Duckworth-st
Connors, M. butcher shop at Hagerty's, 15 Queen-st
Carberry, Miss "Ladies Emporium" Queen-st
Clapp, W.C. solicitor 345 Duckworth-st
Cormack, J.R.   office 2 Holdsworth-st, res. Freshwater-rd
Cowperthwaite, Rev. H.B. Methodist minister Le Marchant-road
Clift, J.A.   357 Duckworth-st, near Seaman's Home
Carty, M.H. solicitor 274 New Gower-st
Carter, H.H. solicitor Beck's Cove
Connolly, M. butcher shop, Rawlin's-cross, res. Logy Bay road
Consul, (Spanish) Antoni Singala   office, 8 Queen-st
Duley, T.J. & Co. watchmakers and jewellers 296 Water-st
Duley, T.J.   res. 82 Freshwater-rd
Dickenson, H.K. broker Albert Hotel, Beck's Cove-hill
Dunfield, Hy. Curate St. Thomas' res. Devon Place, Forest-road
Dicks & Co. bookbinders & stationers Adelaide-st and 300 Water-st
Diamond, L. tinsmith cor. George's and William-streets
Dryer & Greene auctioneers 32 George's-street
Dooley, Denis butcher shop, next O'Flaherty & McGregor, New Gower-st
Delgado, A.A.   380 Water-st
Emerson, Chas. solicitor Duckworth-st, one door west of Seaman's Home
English, Joseph journalist, prop. "Advocate" foot of Bulley's-lane (re-built)
English, Wm. baker opp. John Steer, Water-st
Edens, T.J. groceries and provisions Cullen's block. 348 Water-st and cor Rawlin's-cross
"Evening Herald" newspaper office, Prescott-st (re-built)
"Evening Telegram" newspaper office, 'The Beach," Duckworth-st
Furneaux, J.E. proprietor "Evening Herald" residence 27 Monkstown road
Fraser, J. McL. commission merchant office at Alex. Rankin's, cor. Beck's-cove and Water-street
Findlater, A. accountant res St. Patrick's-st
Frew, Wm. draper shop, Market-house hill, opp. Thorburn & Tessier (re-built)
Furlong, M.W. solicitor 344 Duckworth-st
Fenelon, M. bookseller and stationer office at Central Fruit Store, 308 Water-st
Furlong, L. O'B. commission merchant office at J.P. Furlong's, 3 Arcade Buildings, Water-st
Fisheries' Bureau,   office, 9 Monkstown-rd
A. Neilsen, Sept.    
Fraser, O. solicitor office, 1 Bates'-hill
Flynn, John waterman orders to be left at Municipal offices, between
    10 a.m. and 4 p.m. each week
Gas Light Co's office   over Milligan's Book-store, 229 Water-st
Greene, T.J. accountant 114 Military-rd
Goodfellow & Co.   office and store at McDougall & Templeton's; retail store
    and shop re-built on old site
"Guardian" Insurance Co.   office over H. Blair, T. & M. Winter, agents
Gillard, J.T. broker office over H. Blair, Water-st
Gibbs, M.P. solicitor 161 New Gower-st
Gough & Moore plumbers Duckworth-st (re-built)
Greene, D.J. solicitor 344 Duckworth-st
Greene, M.K. (of Dryer & Greene)   Lakeside Cottage. Quidividi
Gamberg, C. painter residence, Freshwater-road; orders may be left at
    J.J. O'Reilly's, Water-st
Garland, S.E. bookseller and stationer 296 1/2 Water-st
"Gazette, Royal" newspaper office, rear of Colonial Building
Hill, John draper Ayre & Sons, Windsor lake, Portugalcove-road
Hill, J.C. surveyor of lumber Porgugalcove-road
Hill, W.J. hardware dealer Portugalcove-road
Harbor Master's office   Queen's wharf
Hayward, H.E. Insurance Agent and office, C.F. Bennett & Co.'s
  wine merchant  
Hodge, T.D. commission merchant office at C.F. Bennett & Co.'s
Hynes, James auctioneer 4 Waldegrave-st
Horwood, W.H. solicitor at Galway's, Water-st, opp. A. Goodridge & Sons
Harvey & Co agents New York and office cor. of Adelaide and George-streets, and at
  Montreal steamers, London Simpson's Dry Dock, West End
  and Lancashire Fire  
  Insurance Co.  
Hayward, A.O. solicitor, &c over Galway's, opp. A. Goodridge & Sons
Harvey, Dr. A.J.   3 Devon Row
Hearn & Co.   office, Job's Cove, Water-st
Hancock, Rev. W. Curate of C.of E. Cathedral res. Theological College, Forest-road
Hutchings, C. solicitor cor. Adelaide and George-streets, over Hutchings the
Hoarn, John liquor dealer 326 Water-st
Howley, J.P. geologist office, Post Office Building, Water-st
Ireland, W.B. cabinet-maker and 280 Duckworth-st, head of McBride's-hill (re-built)
Jordan, Andrew P. groceries, provisions and 178 and 180 Water-st, opp. Thorburn & Tessier (re-built)
Jordan, P. & Sons clothiers and drapers shop, 340 Water-st
Jackman, E.M. tailor 364 Water-st, over H.J. Stabb
Johnstone & Lily, builders   Gower-st, opp. Prescott-st
Job Bros. & Co.   office, 336 Water-st, over A. Lindstrom
Jardine, Jas. Customs Department res. St. Patrick-st
Knowling, George   389 Water-st; hardware store, 366 Water-st; provision stores
    and wharfage at Browning's, Rennie's cove
Kennedy & Co. groceries over James Bryden, 285 Water-st
Kelly, P. tailor 380 Water-st, opp. John Steer
Keegan, Dr. L.E.   65 Military-road
Kennedy, T.C. late of Kennedy   building, cor. Ordnance and Gower-streets, store
and Co.   King's-bridge-road
Knight, James R. commission merchant office, over Shirran & Pippy, 315 Water-st;
    residence, Barnes'-road
Kenny, F.J. plumber Albert Hotel
Keating, T. liquor dealer re-building cor. Prescott and of Water-sts; res William-st
Knight, Herbert solicitor over Shirran & Pippy, 315 Water-st
Lily, F.D. solicitor over Kehoe's, 300 Water-st
Le-Messurier, H. & Son   350 Water-st, one door east of Post Office
Lane, T.D. stationer, etc. office, at Hagerty's Queen's street
Mare, W.H., Son & Co.   office at Tessier's premises, 435 Water-st
Mulloy, T.N. U.S. Consul office, 8 Queen's-st
Morey, M. & Co.   office (upstairs), 8 Queen's-st
Meehan, Wm. solicitor office, 353 New Gower-st
Martin, J.H. & Co hardware next door to Sailor's Home, Duckworth-st (re-built)
Morris & Morris solicitors 344 Duckworth-st
Murray, James merchant office, 339 Duckworth-st
Murphy, T.J. solicitor 1 Bate's-hill
March, S. & Sons coal merchants office 315 Water-st over Shirran & Pippy
Maher, P. shoemaker Ordnance-st (building)
Marriott, J.W. Secy. C & C. C. Society 4 Devon Row
Mitchell, Bryan grocer Friendly Hall, old Portugal-cove-road, will build at head of
McKenzie, Dr.   3 Queen's-st, over R. Prowse & Sons' office
Mitchell, T. chairman Municipal Council res. Friendly Hall, Old Portugalcove-road, shop, Queen's-road
Maunder, J. tailor shop, head McBride's-hill, 286 Duckworth-st
Mott, H.Y.   office at M. Chaplin's, over Monroe's office
Marshall & Rodger   office, over H. Blair's dry goods store, re-building one door
    west of old stand, open in about a month
"Morning Despatch"   office, Hon. M. Monroe's store
Martin, Mrs. J.H.   31 Plymouth-road, Hoylestown
Malone, M. grocer King's-road
McCoubrey, John W. proprietor "Times" British-sq
McCoubrey, R. of "Times"   British-sq
McCoubrey, A. George tinsmith rebuilt west of Market House-hill, Water-st
McDougall, E.B commission merchant and 361 Water-st
McGrath, W.S. harness-maker 210 Duckworth-st (re-built)
McMurdo, Thos. & Co.   333 Water-st, at W. McNeil's
McNairn, J. Vet. Sur. office, Curran's Forge
Nayle, R. hardware Neylesview, Freshwater-road (will re-build)
Newfoundland Tobacco Works   office at H. J. Stabb, Cochrane-st
C. McK. Harvey, manager    
O'Mara, J.T. Druggist & Chemist rebuilt head of King's-road
O'Dea, J.V. commission merchant office, over Wm. Campbell, Water-st, next to Post Office
O'Flaherty & McGregor tailors 17 New Gower-st
Phoenix Fire Insurance Office   76 Cochrane-st
W.& G. Rendell, agents    
Pittman & Mews groceries & provisions 375 Water-st
Peace, Robert & Co.   office, 427 Water-st, at Mrs. W.J. Scott's
Prowse, R. & Sons   office, 3 Queen's-st
Pitman, J.J. solicitor Prescott-st (re-built)
Pilot, Rev. Dr.   4 Devon Row
Parnell, F. grocer Ashleaf Cottage, Longpond road
Poole, Chas. R.   190 Water-st (re-built)
Pitts, J. & W. merchants office, res. Hon. Jas. Pitts, King's Bridge-rd
Queen Insurance Office   2 Holdsworth-st
Quigley, John blacksmith Duckworth-st (re-built)
Rendell, A.S. Insurance Agent office, Tessier's upper premises, Water-st
"Royal" Restaurant, C.H. Danielle   cor. Beck's cove hill and Duckworth-street
Robinson, E. merchant 369 Water-st
Robertson, J.R. commission merchant 3 Waldegrave-st
Rothwell & Bowring   office and stores, O'Dwyer's premises
Receiver General's office   basement Colonial Building
Rendell, Dr.   55 New Gower-st. Hours: 7.30 to 10.30 a.m.;
    2.30 to 3.15 and 7.35 to 8.30 p.m.
Rouse, Mrs. S.P.C.K. Depot over Tessier's office
Stabb, H.J. merchant and insurance office, 364 Water-st
Sclater, David   Water-st, next Tessier's upper premises
Sclater, J.B. commission merchant 420 Water-st
Snow & Co. harness makers 422 Water-st
Simms, J.S.   Prescott-st, re-built on old site
Shea, Ed. solicitor office, 353 New Gower-st
Smythe, M.F. agent Singer sewing 286 Water-st
Scott, P.J., Q.C.   over Mrs. Manning, 330 Water-st
St. John, F.   re-built on King's road, will open a grocery and provision store
Smith, A.G. & Co. brokers office, over Parker's hardware store, 327 Water-st
Shea & Co. agents Allan Line over Timothy Phelan's 338, 338 Water-st
Stott, Jas. grocer residence, Rose Cottage, Cove-road, P.O. Box 424
Slattery, J.L. accountant, Municipal residence 10 Knight's-st
Savin, W.E.   Telegraph Office
Savings' Bank   basement Colonial Building
Sleater, R.L. watchmaker Water-st, west
St. John & Fennell grocers 134 Duckworth-st (re-built)
Stabb, Dr.   55 New Gower-st
Southcott, J. & J.T. architects rebuilding at Musgrave Terrace, New Gower-st
Thorburn, M. broker over Eureka House, 362 Water-st, corner Water and Queen
"Times" newspaper office British-sq (rebuilt)
Tobin, M. & J.   382 Water-st, opposite John Steer
Tait, Dr. J.S.   office, 340 New Gower-st, opposite the "Royal" Restaurant
    Hours. 9 to 10 a.m., 2 to 4 p.m., 7 to 8 p m.
Telegraph Co.'s Offices   at General Post Office and Water street east, opposite
    Harvey's bakery
Thorburn & Tessier   store and office, Clift's Cove
Thompson, Rev. J.S.   at Harvey Place, Circular-road
Winter, Morison & Hayward solicitors 301 Water-st
Woods, Sydney hardware dealer 3 New Gower-st
West & Rendell commission merchants 357 New Gower-st
Wood & Kelly solicitors 346 New Gower-st
Whiteford, J.A. watchmaker and optician over Hutchings' sail-loft
Wellman , M. painter 69 Rennie's Mill road
Worsley, N.   360 Water-st, opp. Bowring's (building)
Winter, T. & M.   office over H. Blair, Water-st
White, P.D. Customs' Dep't. 59 Military-road
Wilson, Wm. grocer cor. Gower and Colonial streets (re-built)
Woods, J. & Sons coal merchants 13 Gower-street
Walsh, W.P. groceries office at T.J. Eden's, 348 Water-st
*** N.B. — It is the intention of the compiler to issue a more complete directory at a later date, and hewill be thankful to receive the new addresses of persons whose names are not in the above list.
REVENUE DEPARTMENT.— The business of the customs is now being done in the Museum, Post OfficeBuilding, Water-st. West of the Post Office an examining warehouse is being erected, and the wallsof the old warehouse on Queen's wharf are being covered in to make a bond store. The Receiver General's office and Treasury Department are in the Financial Secretary's Office, inthe basement of the Colonial Building: — Office hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m; pay days:— Tuesdays
THE SURVEYOR GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT is located in the Legislative Council Clerk's office, Colonial Building.
THE CHIEF CLERK AND REGISTRAR of the Supreme Court has his office, for the present, in the Reporter'sroom, basement of the Colonial Building, but will remove in a few days to a new office, near the ruins of theCourt-house.
THE SAVINGS' BANK has got back to its old quarters in the basement of the Colonial Building—the first doorat the foot of the staircase.
THE MUNICIPAL OFFICES:—The Water Department, Engineer's Department, Secretary's office and Councilroom are in the Fish-market, Clift's cove, where the Council meetings are held, as usual, every Thursdayafternoon. Orders for John Flynn, waterman, to be left at this office between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.each day.
THE POLICE COURT, Magistrates' Court and Central District Court are in the Reading-room, Sailors' Home; Lock-up, Fort Townshend.
It is understood that a mail packet will be immediately placed on White Bay, to connect with the coastalsteamers' mails. It is reported that information will be received by the return of the "Virginia Lake" thatthis packet has commenced the service, which will include Jackson's Arm and Western Cove. It is comtemplated that the days of arrival of the Allan steamers from Halifax for England will be changedfrom Wednesdays to Fridays. The Pillar Boxes in the city are regularly cleared as before the fire. There are still a few P.O. boxes to be let. The rates of postage, since the 1st of July, for the Australian Colonies, New-Zealand, Cape Colony, Nataland all countries and colonies in the Postal Union will be forwarded to destination as follows:— Letters, 5 cents per 1/2 oz; post cards, 2 cents each; reply cards, 4 cents each; newspapers, books, printedpapers, commercial papers, patterns and samples, 1 cent per two ozs. We learn the Allan Company now intend that their steamers calling at St. John's, en route to Liverpool,will not touch at Halifax, thus cutting off our mail connection with the Maritime Provinces by the Allansteamers. This is a one-sided arrangement which surely cannot be supported by the terms of the contract.
RATES OF POSTAGE. — Letters:—Within the colony, from one place to another—3 cents per ounce. City, or drop letters for city delivery— 1 cent per ounce. Great Britain, Europe, Canada, United States, St. Pierre—5 cents per half ounce.
NEWSPAPERS.—Within the colony, local and foreign printed newspapers—under 4 ounces, free; over4 ounces, at book rates. Great Britain, Canada, United States—1 cent per 2 ounces. Single newspapers—under 1 ounce, a half cent. A Newspaper must have no cover, or a cover open at both ends, which can easily be withdrawn. It mustcontain no enclosure. It must have no writing thereon but the name and address of the person to whom itis sent.
LETTER CARRIERS' DELIVERY.—There will be two deliveries a day—at 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.—and aspecial delivery, when practicable, upon the arrival of Atlantic or Coastal mail steamers. Change ofresidence should be notified to the Postmaster General, in writing. The Postmaster General is desirousthat complaints (when necessary) should be made without delay, and that carelessness on the part ofofficials should be reported.
Mr. William Campbell, proprietor of the Builders' Supply Store, resumed business immediately after thefire, at the shop formerly occupied by T. & J. Grace, 434 Water-street, opposite the premises of P.&. L.Tessier. Here Mr. Campbell has in stock a full supply of paints, oils, tar, pitch, nails, roofing felt and all kindsof builders' requisites. Mr. C. carries the largest stock in this line in the city, and, owing to the large quantity of goods he handles,is enabled to sell at a small profit. He also buys in the best markets, and, as he has made this line of businesshis especial study, he is in a position to supply the best material obtainable at the lowest possible figure. His store is now fully stocked and he will soon be carrying on as extensively as before the fire.

Link to "Description of the 1892 Fire"

Transcribed by Norma Elliott (December 2003)

Page Revised: December 2003 (Don Tate)

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