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List of Inhabitants
in St. John's and Petty Harbour

Transcribed from the Colonial Office
194 Series, volume 3, page 470-472b, reel B-206

Reced. from Lt. Moody
Reced. 28:March 1706
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A list taken by the french of the inhabitants & others In St. Johns and Petty Harbor
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Richd. Cole Mr. x
Robt. Tieer
Robt. Bickford
Edwd. Allen
Thos. Hicks
Thos. Tneirs?
Richd. Fry
Phillip Murry
Jno. Benner
Jno. Ryder (Wanting)
Wm. Craft (Wanting)
Jno. Collin master
George Goddans
Roland Markin
Simon Faver?
Samll. Jeffrey
Thos. Cook
Jno. Prower
Phillip Rever
Jeffrey Long Mr.
Anthony Farley
Jno. Pitman
Jno. Soper
Jno. Loch
Jno. Willicot
Robt. Willicot
Samll.? Ellis
Me? Hudly wee?
Robt. Eale
? Stephens
Wm. Carbey
Jno. Ford
Nathn. Maid
Thos. Leiveington?
William Penfrare Mr.
Benja. Smith?
?ben Perry
William Roberts Mr.
Jno. Youngs
Robt. Andrews
Jno. Marshall Mr.
Jno. Fosper
Henry Marshall
Richd. Sprigs
Charles Curtis
Phillip Dyer
Jno. Garland
Jno. Furlong Mr.
Richd. Peters
Peter Tucker
Arther Tucker
Henry Furnix
Jno. Welsh
Matthew Bud
Curnelious Holloway
Jno. Muffrey
James Fiels? (Wanting)
Thos. Marble (Wanting)
Thos. More (Wanting)
Jno. Cole? Mr.
Jilberts Barn
Aaron Coch
Jno. Thompson
Jno. Collins
Clemt. Wichney
Henry Guay
Jno. Tucker Mr.
Richd. Say
Oliver Lang Mr.
Francis Russell
Charles Coaker Mr.
Henry Dinch?
Barnard Balland
Christopher Archer Mr.
Wm. Pulman
Jno. Johns?
Jno. Boon
Henry Vimey
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Phillip Williams Mr.
Jno. Rendell
James Merrech?
Thos. Presson
William Hale
Walter Short? Mr.
Edwd. Fane?
William Hoist
William Clefford
Peter Janes
Edwd. Mumford
William Gazzach Mr. (Wanting)
George Gazzach (Wanting)
Richd. Bradley (Wanting)
Jno. Roberts (Wanting)
Danll. Rynd
Samll. Cirty x
Richd. Sampson Mr.
Ralph Mattoch (Wanting)
William Handcoch Seish? Side?
Henry Griffey
Danll. Cornell
Jno. Darr
Allen Ford?
Jno. Rrin? (Wanting)
Jno. Brumwell Mr. (Wanting)
Darbey Duder
Tobias Nyles Mr.
Richd. Robins
Thos. Veltin?
Francis Pierre? Mr.
Wm. Edwanes
Gilbert Jane Mr.
Robt. Grain?
Wm. Snelling
Thos. Goderidge
Richd. Bonden? Thos. Query?
Jeseph Nales? (Mr Campbe? Men)
Thos Brooks (Mr Campbe? Men)
Jno. Stephens (Mr Campbe? Men)
Robt. Baggs (Singlemen)
Jno. Bartlite (Singlemen)
Richd. Penny (Partners)
Jno. Wake (Partners)
Peter Circum (Prowmen)
Samll. Richds. (Prowmen)
Robt. Lewis Mr.
Edwd. Benner
George Thomas
George Lewis
Danll. Williams
William Hamon?
Richd. Hatch
Henry Harris
Thos. Silland?
Edward Rhoes?
Jno Moulding
William Reuones?
Danll. Roe
Charles Nowles
Jno. Jeffreys
Peter Poor
Jno. Frampton
George Ryall
Danll. Lurley
George Voal
Edwd. Ralway
James Killich?
Richd. Bunker
Nicholas Moon
James Williams
Phillip Damenere
William Spark Senr.
Richd. Haynes
Charles Class (Petty Harbor)
William Phillips (Petty Harbor)
Christopher Carter (Petty Harbor)
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Peter Ceate? Mr.
Jno. Martyn
Thos. Whone Mr.
James Ford
Robt. Howard
Jno. Wood
Richd. Howard
Hales Phillips Mr.
John Reeves
Bartholo. Whileway
Jno. Adams Mr.
Jno. Silver
James Smith Mr.
Jno. Kittle
Jno. Perrin
Jno. (Wanting)
Jno. Gnetia Mr. x
George Presson
Jno. Nellson
Thos. Barnes
Henry Williams
Willm. Sparke
Thos. Roberts Mr.
his boy Wm. Sanders
William Clarke
Jno. Croop
Samll. Jeffrey (Wanting)
Wm. Weast? Mr. x
William Tallin
Jno. Williams
Robt. Adams
Jno. Drone Mr.
William Sterman
Robt. Gray (Wanting)
Andrew Drew (Wanting)
William Fleming (Wanting)
Henry Boy Mr.
Jno. Tucker partnr.
Samll. Gill
Richd. Piere?
Robt. Holesworth
Elias Holding
William Bositon
Simon Drew
Richd. Russell
Giles Goss
Abraham Dyer
Jno. Julian
Elias Whone (partners)
James Goss (partners)
James Fuss
Jno. Holeman
Thos. Rugg
Richd. Filmone?
Thos. Hawkins Mr.
Robt. Harris
Thos. Lyues?
Jno. Hodge
Lankester Wooddy
Jno. Webb
David Stephen?
Ambrose Smerden
Jno. Burton Mr.
Jno. Courey?
Jno. Gilborne
Griffey Russell Mr.
Tho. Phillips
Jno. Corens?
Jno. Fletcher (Wanting)
Jno. Fletcher Junr. (Wanting)
Jno. Nicholes Mr.
Jno. Williams
Jno. Lightingill



Page Transcribed by Steve Nicklen (January 2003)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (January 2003)
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