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Colonial Office Records

Letter in Support of Capt. John Moody's
Defense of St. John's against the French

Transcribed letter-by-letter from the Colonial Office
194 Series, volume 3, page 474 - 476, reel B-206



Recd 28 March 1705/6

To The Right Honorable The Lord Nottingham Principall Secretary of State

Wee The Merchants, Factors, and Planters Inhabiting and residing in her Majesties Province of Newfoundland and the Islands thereof, take leave upon the following occasion, Humbly to lay before the Governmt. this our most humble and Dutyfull address.

That Whereas upon the twenty first of January last 1705 Messr. Supercass Governr. of Placentia, (with about Six hundred men amongst whom were many Candian and Indian Salvages.) Surprised first the Harbour of St. Johns and afterwards the adjacent Ports in this Country. where after murdring many, they made the rest Prisoners And afterwards laid formal Seige five weeks to our Forts and Castles, Comanded for her Majesty by Captn. John Moody with about fifty Soldiers to Whose courage and conduct, Wee unanimously declare that next to God and her Majesty Wee give not only our lives and Liberties, but also by their So bravely defending their Forts and castles did preserve Intire the Interest of her Majesty, And the Honour of England. as well as the trade and Commerse of this Province from Inevitably falling into the possession of the French King. Our Gratitude to Captn. Moody and the rest of his Officers and Soldiers for so greate and Signall a peice of Service, And Our Duty to her Majesties Interest, required this testimony from our hands as well as hearts And that with Submission, to what the Governmt. shall think in their wisdome most beneficial for her Majesties honour and Interest in this Country; We beg leave to represent the said Captn. John Moody a person of Untainted Loyalty and Undoubted Courage as appears by this last action, And Zealous Promise? of Religion and good behaviour, as well as a greate Encourager of what is truly for the advantage? Of the trade of this Country, And Every way well qualified for the Governmt. of this place which wee are so sensible of by the Greate diffrence we have found to Our Advantage from the Good Conduct and Justice Shown Since his arrival, from the miseries and Exactions we daily suffred from those who formerly Comanded in this place which wee Humbly beg leave to lay before the Governmt. And pray they would be pleased to take the same into their Consideration And wee Shall be Ever bound in duty and respect to your Lordship And beg leave to assure you wee are most heartyly and Sincerely on all occasions.

Yre. Lordships Most Oblidged And most Obedient humble Servts.

James Benger
Richd. Cousworthy
John Collin
Geffry Lang
John Adams
Phillip Tallack
Tho. Gushey?
Colin Campbell
Jon? Pemberton
Archd. Conign?
Semuel Gowes?


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