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"Children of Collins Cove Methodist Church"
Collins Cove, Burin District

Transcribed from a brass plaque located inside the church
between two windows on the right hand side of the church
when you are facing the altar.


The undermentioned children purchased the
Pulpit, Communion rail and the Chairs in the Rostrum
The window complete in the south end
The silver trowel presented to the Honorable R. K. Bishop
On the occasion of his laying the corner stone, 9th August, 1904

The window in the north end was erected from subscriptions collected by Misses Jessie Ella Inkpen
And Gertrude May Vigus

Beatice Inkpen
Eleazer Inkpen 
James E. Kirby
Carrie Kirby
Herbert Kirby
Hettie Kirby
Daisy Reid
Albert Kirby
Ernest Kirby
Florence Kirby
Willie Kirby
George Kirby
Alma Kirby
Ada Kirby
Grace Kirby
William Kirby
Joseph Kirby
Leslie M. Keech
Miriam E, Kirby
Eldon W. Bishop
Jessie H. Bishop
Ronald C. Bishop
Grace A. Bishop
Jessie P. Beazley
Jennie L. Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
William Corbon
Hannah Corbon
Liliam Corbon
Julia Caesar
Mahala Abbott
John J. Joyce
Gertrude M. Vigus
William R. Vigus
Laura E. Vigus
Benjamin Mitchell
Harold Inkpen
Ethel M. Darby
Cyril R. Darby
Herbert W. Darby
Lionel G. Darby
Brenda M. Inkpen
Norman Parsons
Samuel Parsons
Thomas Collins
Jessie E. Inkpen
Frederick Foote
Richard Foote
George Foote
James L. Foote
Alice M. Foote
Violet J. Foote
Hilda V. Foote
Meta M. Foote
Mary J. Foote
James A. Foote
Leonard B. Foote
Herber Foote
Morgan Foote
Eliza V. Foote
Mary A. Hollett
Lewis Foote
William T. Foote
Richard B. Foote
Willis Mayo
Hubert E. Mayo
Elizabeth H. Mayo
Alice B. Mayo
John W. Mayo
Thomas Churchill
George H. Foote
Herbert Foote
Absalom L. Mayo
Louise Collins
Matthew Collins
Mahala Watts
George Moulton
William Moulton
George Hollett
Margaret Hollett
Phoebe Hollett
Sarah Hollett
Mary A. Hollett
Emma Hollett
Annie Butler
Mackinley Hollett
Hazel M. Hollett
Robert Inkpen Hollett
Georgina Beryl Hollett
Browning Hollett
Jessie Pearl Green 
Gertrude M. Moulton
Beatrice F. Moulton
Ada Inkpen
Mabel Inkpen
Florence Inkpen
Myrtle Inkpen
Carrie Inkpen
Civie May Inkpen
Minnie Inkpen
Beatrice Inkpen
Miriam Inkpen
Willie C. Dancey
Walter Arch. Inkpen
Annie Belle Hollett
Ethel Scott Hollett
Ruby May Hollett
Dulcie A. Darby
Maria Alma Darby
Susannah H. Emberly
James Adams
Claude M. Adams
Maud Adams
Bessie Moulton
Charlie Emberly
Joseph Emberly
Bessie Emberly
John Collins
Emily P. Emberly
Beckie Emberly
Lester Graham Hollett
Charlie Hollett
Guy C. Darby
Raymond Darby
Willie W. Darby
Samuel Darby
Richard Emberly
Jane May Hannaford
Selena W. Hannaford
Kenneth G. Hannaford
James R. Hannaford
Lizzie Adams
Frances E. B. Parsons
Garfield M. Emberly
Laura May Hollett
Eric Bertram Darby
Walter S. Moulton
Sherman Inkpen
Eli M. Green
Solomon Inkpen
Bennie L. Inkpen
Eric P. Inkpen
Lewis R. Darby
Harold J. Hollett
Hubert E. Adams
Lilliam J. Adams
Malcom M. Hollett
Etta M. Hollett
Beatrice E. Hollett
Thomas W. Hollett
Frank S. Hollett
James L. Hollett
Stanley Snow
Flossie Snow
Hannie Hollett
Cecil G. Emberly
Permila M. Ridout
George H. Inkpen
Fred Inkpen
Clarence Inkpen
Jessie M. Moulton
Herbert Dunford
Thomas Dunford
Eli Dunford

Lemuel Dunford
Rosalie M. Dunford
Lottie Dunford
Joseph Dunford
Fred N. Dunford
Emily Hoben
Maggie Hoben
Richard Hoben
Matilda Hoben
Hettie Hoben
William E. Hoben
Archie Hoben
Mary A. Brown
George Brown
Annie Joyce
Emily L. Joyce
Elizabeth J. Joyce
James J. Brown
May B. Brown
Willie Brown
Mahala H. Wagg
Wallace F. Wagg
Walter L. Wagg
James K. Wagg
Ethel M. Wagg
Leonard Wagg 
Archibald Wagg
 Cyril L. Vigus
Harold F. Vigus
Clifford Inkpen
Manuel E. Inkpen
Thurza M. Inkpen
Edward R. Inkpen
Stella M. Foote
Albert P. Foote
Annie P. Brushett
Clifford Inkpen
Dolphie Moulton
Wilfred P. Inkpen
John Inkpen
Joseph Inkpen
Ernest Inkpen
Harold Moulton
Lottie Inkpen
Minnie Beazley
Jessie Inkpen
Isaac Inkpen
Ada Beazley
Albert D. Beazley
Della M. Lockyer
Archie M.C. Beazley
Jessie M. Beazley
Hattie W. Beazley
Bessie A. Beazley
Max A. Beazley
Thomas C. Lockyer
Mable M. Vigus
Verlie E. Vigus
Fred J. Tipple
Beatrice B. Moulton
Aubrey E. Moulton
John A. Moulton
Percy M. Moulton
Richard I. Moulton
Winifred M. Joyce
William F. Moulton
Rennie E. Moulton
Thomas Inkpen
Leonard Inkpen
Effie Inkpen
Eli C. Inkpen
Raymond F. Inkpen
Jessie M. Inkpen
Adelaide Inkpen
Maggie Inkpen
Bella B. Inkpen
Ethel M Inkpen
Theresa Revel
Hattie Hollett
Eugene Hollett
Emma E. Walsh
Lydia M.H. Walsh
Mabel M. Hollett
Emmie M. Moulton
Hattie Evans
Mattie B. Moulton
Grace B. Moulton
Herbert Moulton
George B. Lane
A. Maxwell Lane
Victoria P. Lane
Francis F. Lane
Norman Snow
Laura Snow
William S. Snow
Archie Adams
M. Lillian Adams
George Adams
Lewis Adams
Cyril Adams
Thurza M. Dicks
Linda P. Mills
Amelia G. Mills
Whilemina Legg
Maria Legg
George R. Pool
Amelia Jervis
Eliza M. Jervis
Classie D. Inkpen
Willie E. Inkpen
Cecil Max Inkpen
Violet Hoben
Gabriel Hoben
John Frampton
Harold Inkpen
Ida F. Inkpen
Francis B. Mitchell
Jane E. Collins
Emily W. Collins
Eli E. Collins
Winnifred E. Collins
George W. Collins
James A. Inkpen
George Mitchell
Rosie Mitchell
Lottie Mitchell
Ephriam Kirby
Laura Darby
George B. Darby
Dorthea E. Darby
Ida R.E. Brushett
Daisy M. Brushett
Susie B. Brushett
Emily M. Brushett
Edna B. Brushett
Albert E. Goddard
Elsie F. Brushett
Lottie B. Brushett
Mildred O. Brushett
Kenneth G. Brushett
Eda E. Brushett
Rosella Brushett
Bertha B. Brushett
Jessie A. Brushett
William Brushett
Lydia E. Wagg
George W. Wagg
Gerald P. Wagg
Malvina Wagg
Joseph W. Wagg
Frank F. K. Wagg
Mamie R. Wagg
Violet V. Wagg
Willie J. Wagg
Jennie Wagg
John C. E. Wagg
Joseph H. Wagg
Alma P. Wagg
Albert F. Wagg
Henry D. Wagg
Bessie Wagg
Myrtle M. Wagg
Susie Avery
Chesley Avery
George T. Moulton
Charlie W. Moulton
Myrtle B. Hollett
Annie E. Hollett
Renard Moulton
Maud Hiscock
Lottie Hiscock
Philip Hiscock
Samuel Hiscock
John Brown
Pearl Brown
Marguerita R. Brett
James F. Watts
Elizabeth J. Watts
Frederick D. Bishop
Richard D. Bishop
Eva A. Bishop
Victoria A. Bishop
Albert E. K Bishop
Archibald W. Bishop
Mabel Brushett
Charles C. Brushett
Edith A. Smith
Katie B. Morris
Edith F. Richards
Randolph M. Winter
George M. Winter
Oliver S. Winter
Harry R. Winter
Robert. B Winter
Ethel M. Bungay
Hannah W. Bungay
Emily M. Bungay
Mary Bungay
George Bungay
James Brushett
John Brushett
Ernest Brushett
Harry M. Brushett
George R. Foote
Herbert Foote
John A. Mayo
Mary F. Hollett
Elizabeth S. Mayo
Triffie Mayo
Effie M.I. Hollett

  In Memory of
Frank Mitchell
Frederick E. Vigus
Frank G. L. Hollett
Walter W. Brushett
Hedley J. Brushett
G. Maud Brushett
Albert E. Collins
Mary A. Collins
Ellen M. Collins

Transcribed and Contributed Karen Darby (February 2005)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Wednesday March 06, 2013)

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