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The Bonavista Surnames List

The Bonavista Surnames List intended to be strictly the town of Bonavista but I have allowed surnames from surrounding towns as you can plainly see. Please notify me of any omissions herein.




Bonavista Area Surnames and the Year First Reference:

CE1675= NFLD Census 1675.
CO= Colonial Office Records.
DIR64 = Directory 1864.
BR= Bonavista Parish Registers
BRC= Bisilica Roman Catholic, St. John's.
GSI= gravestone inscription.
KCRC= King's Cove Roman Catholic Register.
LB= documents from Lloyd Brown, Edison, New Jersey. USA.
Lovell= 1871 postal Directory
MAC= MacAlpine's 1898
MCGR= McGrath
MM= The National Maritime Museum
MUN= Memorial University History.
NA= Newfoundland Ancestor.
NAL= Newfoundland Almanac.
NCS= Newfoundland Church Society.
OC= Colonial Secretary's Office, Outgoing Correspondence, PANL G.N.2/1/a:
PANL= Public Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Pet= Petition 1830.
Prowse= A History of Newfoundland...
RG= Royal Gazette.
SPG= Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
SEARY= Surnames of the Island of Newfoundland
TA= Tilley Accession.
TR= Trinity Parish Registers.
VL= Voter's List.
WP= William Pickering Account Books, 1695-1718, Salem, Massachusetts.


Abbott		1709.		John		Bonavista		Wife's GSI
Adlam		1708.		Thomas		Bonavista		WP
Akerman		1783.		Abraham		Bonavista		SPG
Allwood		1795.
Alexander	1817.		William		Bonavista		RG9 Sep1828
Allen		1857.		John		Elliston
Amer		1717.		William		Bonavista		GSI
Anderson	1846		Roger					BIC
Andrews		1708.		Thomas		Bonavista		WP
Anglem		1836.
Angleton	1835.
Arnott		1821.		Archibald	Bonavista		CO194.64
Autem		1704.		Capt.		Bonavista		Prowse
Avery		1793.		William		Bonavista
Avis		1794.
Ayers		1708.		John		Bonavista
Ayles		1804.		James		Bonavista
Aylward		1803.		James		Bonavista
Badcock		1879		William JC	BIC				TA
Baker		1789.		William		Bonavista		BR
Bartlett	1762.		Lewis		Bonavista		OC
Bayley		1675.		John		Barrow Harb.	CE1675.
Barker		1819		Catherine	Tickle Cove		KCRC
Barnes		1822		William		BIC.
Bass		1791.		Thomas		Bonavista		SPG
Batson		1872.
Batt(s)		1749.		Joseph		Bonavista		Pedley
Barry		1785?		Margaret	Bonavista		TR
Beaumont  	1791.		John		Bonavista 
Bemister	1791.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Benger		1833.		Israel		Plate Cove		BR
Bishop		1810.		James		Bonavista		BR
Black		1822.		David						KCRC
Blackmore	1781.		Henry		Bonavista		D'ALB2
Blackwood	1826.		Ebenezer	Bonavista		BR
Blake		1727.		Mr.			Bonavista		OC
Bland		1791.		John,Magistrate	Bonavista
Bonovior	1725.		Isaac		Bonavista		OC
Bound/Bond	1787.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Bradley		1787.		Richard		Bonavista		BR
Brent		1677.		George		Bonavista		CO 1
Brenton		1752.		William		Bonavista		OC.  
Brian		1805.		James		Keels
Bright		1792.		Francis		Bonavista		SPG
Brine		1814.		Robert		Bonavista		BR
Bryan		1780		William		Bonavista		TR
Bristowe	1790.
Bromley		1801		John		Bonavista		TR
Brown		1733.		John		Bonavista		OC
Brushett	1792.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Bryant		1708.		Canady		Bonavista		WP
Buckler		1675.		William		Little Harbour	CE1675.
Budden		1835.		Joseph		Bonavista		SPG
Bullock		1708.		Richard		Keels?			WP
Bundle		1871		William		Bonavista		Lovell
Burge		1824.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Burt		1825.		Cornelius	Elliston		BR
Burton		1730.		John?		Bonavista		CO 194.9
Butler		1791.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Butt		1792.		Joseph		Bonavista		BR
Byrne		1822.		John		King's Cove		KCRC
Carnaille	1784.					Bonavista		LB
Campbell	1702.		John?		Bonavista		Prowse
Candow		1864		David & James	King's Cove	DIR64
Carpenter	1797.		John		Bonavista		BR
Carroll		1815.		Joseph		Bonavista		BR
Caravan		1835.		John		Elliston		VL
Casey		1821.		Mary		Bonavista		KCRC
Chaffey		1803.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Chalk		1787.		Martha		Bonavista		BR
Chant		1826.		John		Elliston		BR
Chard		1819.		Mark		Elliston		BR
Cheasty		1733.					Bonavista		OC
Clarke		1730.		John		Bonavista		CO 194.9
Cleny		1708.		William		Bonavista		WP
Clinch		1774.		John, DR.	Bonavista		SPG
Clouter		1787.		Henry		Bonavista		BR
Cobb		1806.
Coffee		1824.		Maurice						KCRC
Coffin		1822.		John		King's Cove		BR
Colbert		1826.		John						KCRC
Cole		1789.		John		Bonavista		D'ALB4
Coles		1819.		George		Elliston		BR
Collier		1840.		George		Bonavista		BR
Collins		1791.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Combden		1864		Chas(Rev)	Bonavista
Connors		1798.		John		King's Cove		MCGR
Conway		1822.		John						KCRC
Cook		1816.		Lawrence					KCRC
Coole		1830.		John		Bonavista		BR
Coombes		1791.		Thomas		Bonavista		SPG
Cooney		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Cooper		1817		John		Bonavista		Lovell
Cotten		1836.		Rev.?		Elliston
Cotteral	1762.		Mr.			Bonavista		OC
Coughlan	1826.		James		Bonavista		KCRC
Could		1813.		William		Bonavista		BR
Cox/Coch	1675.		Christopher	Barrow Harbour	CE1675.
Crab		1824.		William		Bonavista		BR
Crew		1675.		Thomas		Bonavista		CE1675.
Crocker		1791.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Cross		1792.		Robert		Bonavista		SPG
Crossman	1843.		John		Bonavista		BR
Cuff		1802.		John		Bonavista		BR
Cullen		1791.		Joseph		Bonavista		SPG
Culleton	1821		Moses		Tickle Cove		KCRC
Cummens		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Curdle		1792.		James		Bonavista		SPG
Curtis		1675.		John		Bonavista		CE1675
Dare		1725.		William		Bonavista		GSI
Davin/Dobbin1774.		Thomas		Bonavista		CO194.32
Davis		1792.		Benjamin	Bonavista		SPG	
Dean		1797.		William		Bonavista		BR
Delaney		1857.
Denty		1802.		Heber		Bonavista		BR
Dewey		1805.
Dick		1797.		Mary		Bonavista		BR
Dillon		1821.		James						KCRC
Disney		1789.		Mr.			Bonavista		OC
Dominey		1826.		John		Bonavista		BR
Doody		1820.		Michael						KCRC
Douglas		1831.
Dowden		1789.		Moses		Bonavista		BR
Downe		1681.		William		Bonavista		CO1
Downing		1833.		Joseph						KCRC
Dounay 		1816.		Margaret					KCRC
Doyle		1828.		Sylvester					KCR
Drodge 		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Driscoe		1817.		Michael		Elliston		KCRC
Dunn		1801.		Samuel		Bonavista		BR
Dunphy		1828.		Thomas		Elliston?		KCRC
Dunscombe	1835.
Dunstan		1835.
Durdle		1796.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Dugdale		1784.		Robert		Bonavista		LB
Dwyer		1816.		Thomas						KCRC
Dyer		1844.		William		Bonavista		NAL
Dyke		1791.		Richard		Bonavista		BR
Eagan		1831.		Alice		Keels			KCRC
Eason		1830.
Easton		1833.		John		Bonavista		BR
Edmonds		1786.		Henry/Harry	Bonavista		BR
Elliott		1800.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Ellis		1814		William Rev.Bonavista		Meth.
Etsell		1792.		William 	Bonavista		SPG
Facey		1844.		John		Bonavista		BR
Fanning		1767.		John		Bonavista		BR
Faulkner	1791.		Joseph		Bonavista		BR
Fennell		1813.		Mary		Keels			KCRC
Ferry		1830.		Patrick						KCRC
Fielden		1791.		William		Bonavista		SPG
Fifield		1800.		James		Bonavista		BR
Filly		1817		Joseph		Bonavista		Lovell
Fisher		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Fitzgerald	1803.		Elizabeth	Bonavista		BRC
Fleming		1815.
Flood		1815.		Henry						KCRC
Flinn		1788.		Hannah		Bonavista		BR
Fogwell					Elliston
Foley		1818.		David						KCRC
Follett		1825.
Folquet		1784.		Joshua		Bonavista		LB
Ford		1790.		Gerard		Bonavista		D'ALBERTI4
Frampton	1792.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Franey		1824.		Matthew						KCRC	
Fraser		1816.		Joseph		Bonavista	    RG30JUL1816
Frowds		1731.					Bonavista		OC
Fry			1820.
Gale		1803.		Ann		Bonavista			BRC
Galston		1708.		Stephen		Bonavista		WP
Gantlett	1677.		Barnaby		Bonavista		WP
Garland		1821.		George		Bonavista		CO194.64
Garrett		1790.		Christopher	Bonavista		OC
Garris		1871		Giles		Bonavista		Lovell
Gash		1858.		Thomas		Keels			KCRC
Gatehouse	1828.		Stephen		Bonavista		BR
Gaylor		1819.		Thomas		Bonavista
Gibbs		1827.		Esau		Bonavista		BR
Gillett		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Gillingham	1792.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Godden?		1792.		Joseph (Budden?)Bonavista	SPG
Goff		1792.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Goodland	1792.		William		Bonavista		BR
Goldsworthy	1825
Gosling		1790.		Edward		Bonavista		SPG
Gough		1825.		John		Elliston		BR
Gould		1789.		John		Bonavista		BR
Grace		1831.		Henry		Bonavista		BR
Grant		1816.		Edward						KCRC
Grey/Grea	1815.		Mary						KCRC
Green		1789.		Humber		Bonavista		BR
Greenan		1796.		Joseph		Bonavista		BR
Griffin		1820.		Catharine					KCRC
Griffith	1833.		Patrick						KCRC
Groves		1793.		Henry		Bonavista		BR
Guy			1823.		Samuel		Bonavista		BR
Habgood		1791.		James		Bonavista		BR
Hackett		1774.					Elliston		MUN
Haddon		1851.		John		Bonavista		BR
Hale		1831.		William		Bonavista		BR
Hailey		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Hallett		1824.		Orlando		Bonavista		BR
Hampton		1823.		James		Bonavista		BR
Hancock		1750.		William		Bonavista		MCGR
Hanton		1820.		John						KCRC
Harding		1752.
Hardy		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Hardyman	1789.		John		Bonavista		BR
Harnett		1832.		William						KCRC
Harris		1810.		James		Bonavista		BR
Harty		1825.		Edward						KCRC
Hawkins		1843.
Hay			1871.		James		Bonavista		Lovell
Hayes		1825.
Hayward		1752.		Benjamin	Bonavista		OC
Haywood		1708.		Richard		Bonavista		WP
Hayman		1733.		Thomas		Bonavista		OC
Healey		1834.		Jane						KCRC
Meaney?		1774.					Elliston
Hearn		1871		Michael		Bonavista		Lovell
Hearty		1789.		Mich & Jon	Bonavista		CO194.38
Heasey		1792.		Thomas		Bonavista
Hebbard		1807.		John		Bonavista		BR
Henning		1730.		John		Bonavista		Prowse
Hewitt		1816.		Stephen		Bonavista	    RG30JUL1816
Hewlett		1823.		Nicholas	Bonavista		BR	
Hickey		1832.		Patrick						KCRC
Hicks		1786.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR
Hickson		1820.
Higgins		1838.
Hill		1808.		James		Elliston		BR
Hillier		1708.		William		Bonavista		WP	
Hines		1818.		James						KCRC
Hitchcock	1796.		John		Bonavista		TR.
Hobbs		1792.		Robert		Elliston		SPG
Hodder		1854.		John		Bonavista		BR
Hogan		1774.		Daniel		Bonavista		CO194.32
Hollahan	1806.		William		Elliston		BR
Hollett		1825.		James		Bonavista		
Holloway	1808.		Stephen		Bonavista		BR
Hookey		1833.		Samuel		Bonavista		BR	
Hooper		1791.		Stephen		Bonavista		SPG
Norton?		1708		William		Bonavista		WP
Hosier		1791.		Giles		Bonavista		SPG
House		1731.		Mr.			Bonavista		OC
Howard		1681.		Benjamin	Bonavista		CO1
Hudson		1708.		John		Bonavista		WP
Humby		1806.		William		Bonavista		BR
Humphries	1789.		John		Bonavista		BR
Hunt		1808.		Samuel		Bonavista		BR
Hunter		1822.
Hurley		1789.		John		Bonavista		CO194.38
Ingram		1792.		Benjamin	Bonavista		SPG
Jacob		1708.		John		Bonavista		WP
(Johnstone?)1762.		John		Bonavista		OC
Jones		1720.		Henry, Rev.	Bonavista		CO194.9
Joy			1803.		James		Bonavista		
Kean		1823.		Thomas		Bonavista
Keating		1821.		John		Elliston
Keats		1677.		John		Bonavista		CO1
Keefe		1826.		Mary		Cape Cove
Keel		1787.		Moses		Bonavista		BR
Keen		1719.		William		Bonavista
Kelly		1803.		Morris		Bonavista
Kelligrew	1864		Edward		Salvage			DIR64
Kelloway	1958		Rev Absalom?Elliston
Kennedy		1774.		Michael		Bonavista		CO194.
Kenny		1826.		Thomas		Cape Cove
Kentle		1786.		William		Bonavista		BR
Keough		1816.		Patrick		Bonavista		KCRC
Kerley		1708.		John		Bonavista		WP
Kielly		1832.		Thomas W.,Rev. RC	Bonavista		
King		1708.		William		Bonavista		CO1
Knight		1675.		Jonathan	Salvage			CE1675.
Lamb		1758.		Mary		Bonavista		OC
Lander		1790.		John		Bonavista		BR
Lane		1789.		Roger		Bonavista		BR
Lannan		1828.		Joanna		Bonavista
Lawrence	1816.		John		Bonavista		
Legge		1803.		Catherine	Bonavista
Lemon		1835.		Henry		Elliston
Lench					Charles, Rev.		
Lynch		1857		Lynch		Bonavista		Lovell
Little		1791.		Giles		Bonavista		SPG	
Littlejohn	1757.
Linthorne	1720					Bonavista		NCC.
Lodge		1900?		Charles						BIC
Long		1803.		Mary		Bonavista		BR
Lonnergan	1774.		John		Bonavista		CO194.32
Loveys		1791.		James		Bonavista		SPG
Lush		1792.		Wm&Ed		Bonavista		SPG
Lynch		1857.		Thomas		Bonavista		
MacKay		1803.		Thomas		Bonavista		
Maddox		1858.		John		Keels
Mahoney		1814.		Maurice		Bonavista		
Malone		1789.		William		Bonavista		
Manuel		1802.		Thomas		Bonavista
Mansefield	1860.
Marche		1791.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Marks		1795.		James		Bonavista
Marshall	1681.		John		Keels
Martin		1765.		Timothy		Bonavista		OC
Ma(r)shfield1792.		Cornelius	Bonavista		SPG
Mason		1815.		John		Bonavista
Matcham		1811.		Joseph		Bonavista	
Mathews		1855.		Jane		Keels
Mayne		1789.		John		Bonavista
McCarthy	1820.		Charles		Bonavista
McCormick	1820.		Patrick		Bonavista
McEachin	1871		Angus		Bonavista		Lovell
McGowan		1880.		[constable]	Catalina?
Meade		1803.		
Mealey		1822.		Thomas		Bonavista
Mesh (Marsh)1789.		Richard		Bonavista
Mifflen		1791.		Solomon		Bonavista		SPG.
Miles		1787.		Charles		Bonavista		BR.
Miller					Andrew		Bonavista		WILL
Minchin		1822.		Thomas		Elliston		BR
Mintle		1835.
Minty		1825.		William		Elliston		BR
Moloney		1799.		Thomas		Bonavista
Monks		1797.		James		Bonavista
Morey		1803.		James		Bonavista
Maney 		1774.		William		Bonavista		CO194.32
Morris		1676.		Thomas		Bonavista		CO1
Morrissey	1821.		Thomas		Bonavista
Moss		1825.		Barnaby		Bonavista		BR
Mouland		1790.		James		Bonavista
Muggeridge	1832		Bartholomew	Tickle Cove		BR
Mulally		1810.		Edward		Bonavista
Mullett		1823.		Edward		Bonavista
Murch		1840		William		Bonavista Bay
Murphy		1815.		Wm&Jas		Bonavista
Neal		1824.		Edward		Keels
Neary		1828.		Thomas		Bonavista
Netten		1845.		William		Bonavista
Newell		1675.		Thomas		Bonavista		CE1675.
Newman		1675.		Wm&Robt		Bonavista		CE1675.
Norris		1803.		Susanna		Bonavista
Nowlan		1825.		Michael		Bonavista
Oake		1752.		John		Bonavista		OC
Oakley		1813.		James		Bonavista
O'Connell	1815.		Jeremiah	Bonavista
O'Donnell	1831.		Catherine	Bonavista
Oldford 	1791.		George		Bonavista		SPG
Over		1871		John		Bonavista
Owen		1826.		Richard		Bonavista
Palmer		1820.		William		Bonavista
Pardy		1786.		William		Bonavista
Parell		1792.		William		Bonavista		SPG
Parrott		1774.		Ruth		Bonavista		CO194.
Paul		1786.		William		Bonavista		
Pearce		1788.		Charles		Bonavista			
Peasley		1745?.		Rev.
Peckham		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG
Penny		1831.		Catherine	Bonavista		BR
Percey		1830.		Hannah		Bonavista
Perriman	1675		George		Bonavista		CE1675.
Phelan		1820.		Rebecca		Keels	
Phevan		1792.		Robert		Bonavista		SPG
Phillips	1791.		Timothy		Bonavista		SPG
Philpott	1786.		John		Bonavista		BR
Phinney		1871.		Rev. John S.Bonavista		Lovell
Phippard	1675.		Richard		Bonavista		CE1675.
Pike		1708.		Richard		Bonavista		WP
Pilcher		1825.
Pitcher		1791.
Pitt		1675.		Jonathan	Salvage			CE1675.
Pinchard	1675		Jonathan	Salvage			CE1675.
Pinder		1791.		Richard		Bonavista		SPG
Pinn		1841.		William		Bonavista
Pitt		1829.		Betsy		Keels
Pittman		1862		Miss		Bonavista		NCS
Pladwell	1791.		William		Bonavista		SPG
Pollett		1792.		Thomas		Bonavista		SPG
Poor		1762.		Nicholas	Bonavista		OC
Porley		1675.		William		The Gaze??		CE1675.
Porter		1762.		Thomas		Bonavista		OC
Pottle		1792.		Martin		Bonavista		SPG
Powell		1787.		Richard		Bonavista		BR
Power		1790.		Peter		Bonavista		BR
Pretty 		1791.		James		Bonavista		SPG
Price		1804.		William		Bonavista		BR
Pudner		1791.		Edward		Bonavista		SPG
Purcell		1826.		William		Bonavista		BR
Purdon		1708.		Henry		Bonavista		WP	
Pye			1851.
Quinland	1822.		Maurice		Bonavista.
Quinton		1843.		Edward		Keels.
Randall		1758.		Joseph		Bonavista		OC.
Ray			1823		Catherine	King's Cove		KCRC.f
Rendell		1828.		Richard		Elliston		BR.
Reader		1797.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR.
Reid		1730.		Michael		Bonavista		Prowse
Riley		1824.		Daniel		Bonavista
Roach		1822.		Thomas		Bonavista
Roberts		1708.		William		Bonavista		WP.
Robins		1708.		William		Bonavista		WP.
Rock		1914.
Rocket		1832
Rolles		1784.		John		Bonavista		BR.
Romaine		1822.		John		Bonavista		BR.
Rose		1752.
Rowe		1825.		Henry		Elliston		BR.
Rowsell		1855.		Samuel		Bonavista		BR.
Russell		1799.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR.
Ryan		1774.		Margaret	Bonavista		CO194.32
Ryder		1762.		George		Bonavista		OC.
Sainsbury	1834.		John		Keels
Saint		1792.		Charles		Bonavista
Sanders		1708.		William		Green Island	WP.
Sanger		1820.		John		Elliston		BR.
Saunders	1800.		Joshua		Bonavista		LB.
Scanlan		1871.		Rev. Matthew	Bonavista
Seaward		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG.
Sellars		1817.		William		Bonavista		
Sevier		1840.		John		Bonavista		BR.
Sexton		1815.		Stephen		Canaille	
Shallow		1829.		Patrick		Keels
Shambler	1675.		James		Bonavista		CE1675.
Sharp		1826.		James		Bonavista
Shearing	1708.		William		Bonavista		WP.
Shears		1832.					Bonavista
Shelley		1801.		Josiah		Bonavista
Sheppard	1681.		Stephen		Bonavista		CO1.
Short		1790.		Isaac		Bonavista		
Singleton	1792.		Thomas		Bonavista		SPG
Skeffington 1705.		George		Bonavista		Prowse.
Slate/Sleate1708.		Thomas		Bonavista		WP.
Smith		1752.		Lawrence	Bonavista		OC.
Smyth		1822.		John		Bonavista
Somerstone	1792.		Richard		Bonavista		SPG
Soper		1826.		Thomas		Bonavista		BR.
Spicer		1708.		Emmanuel	Bonavista		WP.	
Spracklin	1854.		Elizabeth	Bonavista		BR.
Squires		1798.		Simon		Bonavista		BR.
Stafford	1762.		William		Bonavista		OC.
Stagg		1792.		Edward		Bonavista		SPG.
Stanley		1837.		John		Elliston		BR.
Steed		1792.		William		Bonavista		OC.
Stephens	1681.		William		Keels			CO1.
Steward		1843.		James		Bonavista		 
Strathie	1821.		Alexander	Bonavista
Stokes		1675		Richard		Salvage			CE1675.
Street		1792.		John		Bonavista		SPG.
Strickland	1842		Henry		King's Cove		SEARY
Sullivan	1805.		Catharine	Bonavista
Sweeney		1831.		Thomas		Bonavista
Sweetland	1807.		Joseph		Bonavista
Swyer		1817.		Philip		Bonavista
Talbot		1677.		George		Bonavista		CO1
Taylor		1786.		William		Bonavista
Teed		1749.		Josiah		Bonavista		OC
Temple		1816.		Thomas		Bonavista
Templeman	1803.		James		Bonavista
Terrant		1752.		Thomas		Bonavista		OC.
Terry		1820.		Patrick		Bonavista
Thompson	1862		Charles		Bonavista		NCS
Thoms		1787.		John		Bonavista
Tilley		1675.		William		Bonavista		CE1675.
Tobin		1824.		John		Bonavista
Trask		1828.		Charles		Elliston		BR.
Tremblett	1819.		Joshua		Bonavista
Troke		1708.		Edward		Bonavista		WP.
Troy		1813.		Mary		Bonavista
Trusler		1732		William		Bonavista		Prowse
Tucker		1807.		Nebuchadnezzar	Elliston	BR.
Turner		1765.		William		Keels
Vallis		1831.		J.			Bonavista
Very(Ferry)	1675		Thomas		Bonavista		CE1675.
Verge		1841.		Thomas		Bonavista
Vickery		1677.		Joseph		Bonavista		OC.
Vincent		1749.					Bonavista		OC.
Wade		1830.		Robert		Elliston
Welcome		1654.		John		Bonavista		MM
Walker		1847.		James		Elliston
Wallis		1675.		Richard		Bonavista		CE1675.
Walsh		1815.		Bridget		Bonavista
Ward		1810.		Rev.William	Bonavista
Wareham		1834.		Stephen		Keels
Warren		1795		John		Bonavista		SPG.
Warren		1675.		John		Salvage			CE1675.
Wary		1675.		Thomas		Bonavista		CE1675.
Watts		1708.
Way			1792.		Philip		Bonavista		SPG.
Webb		1757.
Weeks/Wicks 1808.		Richard		Bonavista
Welden		1814		Ann			Bonavista		TR
Wells		1794.		Henry		Bonavista
Weston		1702.		Capt.(William)?	Bonavista	Prowse
Wheeler		1792.		Wm&John		Bonavista		SPG..
Whelan		1814.		Martin		Bonavista
Whiffen		1828.		William		Bonavista		
White		1727.		Cyrus		Bonavista		OC.
Whitehorn 	1830.		Thomas		Bonavista		Pet.
Williams	1825.					Elliston
Wilson		1829.		Rev. William	Bonavista
Wiltshire	1796.		William		Bonavista
Wiry		1677.		Thomas		Bonavista		CO1.
Wiseman		1798.		William		Bonavista
Wood		1841.		Rev.Thos.Martin	Bonavista
Woodford	1805.		Thomas		Bonavista
Wright(Ward)1791.		William		Bonavista		SPG.
Wyng		1698.		William		Bonavista Bay	Prowse
Yeatman		1836.		William		Keels



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