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J. RYAN & Co.
King's Cove, B.B., NF, 1904

The Sharemens ledger was published by Jas. Lumsden Son & Co. Ltd,
Wholesale Stationers, Booksellers & Account-Book Manufacturers, Glasgow.
I've been told that there are not many of these in exixtence because once the
business closed down in King's Cove, James Ryan ordered that all books
having to do with the business be brought to the beach-side and burned.
The Sharemens Ledger does have one page missing...(the A names ).
Also you will note that some individuals listed are not associated
with any particular ship and are recorded as doing business with
J.Ryan & Co., King's Cove , B.B., NF. in 1904.

Acc.# Surame Given Name  Ship [or association] Residence
196 Burry Samuel Merrimac Greenspond
45 Byrne William of John Mary Parker Keels
15 Barron John of Patrick   King's Cove
146 Barron William Bonnilass  
18 Brown Thomas of John   King's Cove
282 Butt Francis T.Shanahan Bros.  
121 Butler Henry Bonita  
295 Burke Patrick Peter Moores  
137 Bishop Samuel Kathleen  
50 Barron William of James   King's Cove
49 Barron James of James   King's Cove
55 Battenton Philip Hawke Hr.  
116 Bechan Patrick J. Sch. E.J.Ryan Brigus
  Connors James of John   St.Brendans
  Connors James of Timothy   St.Brendans
  Connors John of John   St.Brendans
  Carew Thomas of Michael    
  Carew Patrick of Edward    
  Carew William of Edward    
  Carew Maurice of Michael    
  Carew James of James   Keels
  Carew William of James   Keels
238 Carew Thomas of Edward Peter Ricketts Sr.   Broad Cove
89 Carew Bridget Catherine Kitty Keels
159 Carew John of James Cyprus Keels
  Chievers Patrick   Plate Cove
  Chapman William   Goose Bay
  Chapman Charles   Goose Bay
  Carpenter Ananias   Goose Bay
  Coombs William    
  Candow Edgar   Tickle Cove
  Candow Robert   Tickle Cove
  Clarke William    
145 Colbert Joseph Bonnilass  
171 Corbett Thomas Meteor  
172 Callahan John Meteor  
107 Curtis Ernest Rosebud  
51 Carew William   Knight's Cove
36 Curtis William of George   King's Cove
8 Curtis Thomas of William   King's Cove
  Curtis James of Azariah   King's Cove
24 Curtis Joseph   King's Cove
  Curtis James of George   King's Cove
94 Clance Michael M&P Mulloney Sweet Bay
32 Costello Daniel   King's Cove
34 Costello Michael of Daniel   King's Cove
166 Costello Michael of John Viola King's Cove
203 Chaulk Archibald of Lawrence Marguerite Charlotte Town
202 Chaulk Mary of Lawrence Marguerite Charlotte Town
205 Cull Abraham Marguerite  
266 Candow Archibald Alf. J. Taylor Tickle Cove
197 Crocker Joseph Merrimac Greenspond
198 Critchley John Merrimac Greenspond
150 Cullen John Mikada  
275 Clark David Peter Cullen  
123 Corbett Bartholomew Bonita  
125 Connolly Martin Bonita  
296 Connolly Samuel Peter Moores  
117 Connolly William E. J. Ryan  
227 Culleton Patrick Orleans Room  
155 Cummings William Cyprus  
  Donnovan Patrick   Broad Cove
  Donnovan William   Brigus
  Dyke Edward    
  Dooley Michael of Edward   Plate Cove
  Dooley Daniel Flora St. Brendans
  Dooley James of Edward   Plate Cove
95 Dooley John of Daniel Flora St. Brendans
  Duffett Thomas    
  Duggan Michael   Harbor Grace
  Delaney Michael    
  Duff Matthew   Holyrood
  Doran John    
  Dunn Thomas E.J. Ryan  
90 Ducey Patrick of Patrick Five Brothers Keels
206 Dalley William Marguerite Charlotte Town
163 Duggan William Viola  
167 Dawley James Viola  
192 Dalton Nicholas Monarch  
193 Dawson James Monarch  
48 Ducey David Mary Parker Keels
60 Dooley Daniel   Sweet Bay
276 Dinn William Peter Cullen  
287 Dinn Joseph James P. Cullen  
288 Dinn John James P. Cullen  
144 Donnolly Michael Jr. Bonnilass  
138 Dominey Patrick Kathleen  
  Fry Thomas   Sweet Bay
  Fry Richard of James   Indian Arm
62 Fry William of George Hawke Hr.  
  Fitzgerald Henry   Keels
  Fitzgerald Michael   Harbor Grace
  Fitzgerald John   Open Hall
  Fitzgerald William   Open Hall
239 Fitzgerald Michael of Henry Thomas Maddox Keels
  Furlong Pierce   Plate Cove
  Ford Stephen   Trinity
  Ford William   South Shore
  Ford Joseph of John   South Shore
  Ford Arthur    
  Fahey Patrick of Sam   Brigus
  Fallen John   Harbor Grace
234 Fitzgerald John of Henry John Ryan Keels
226 Fitzgerald Johanna Orleans Keels
81 Furlong James of John Ellen F Plate Cove
243 Fitzgerald Bernard of James Maddox Barron Keels
122 Flynn Maurice Bonita  
160 Fitzgerald Henry Cyprus Keels
194 Flynn Michael Monarch  
83 Fennell Johanna Ellen F Plate Cove
54 Fennell Michael Hawke Hr. Bonavista
229 Gallahue William of William Orleans Room Knight's Cove
232 Gallahue Annie of William James Ryan Tickle Cove
  Griffin Thomas & Sons   Broad Cove
  Griffin James   Broad Cove
14 Griffin Edward   Broad Cove
  Grunter George    
  Garrett John    
  Galway David    
  Gushue John   Indian Arm
170 Glavine Ellen Viola  
59 Gushue Patrick Hawke Hr.  
63 Greening Samson H. Harbor Indian Arm
143 Guest Thomas Mikada  
  Holloway Virginia   Goose Bay
  Holloway John   Goose Bay
  Hogan William   St. Brendans
250 Hogan Patrick First Trial Tilton Harbor
  Hapgood Abraham    
  Hounsell Euoch    
  Heaney Samuel   Plate Cove
  Heaney John of Pierce   Plate Cove
  Hunt Robert    
  Hunter William    
  House Stanley    
213 House Elias Landseer  
  Hynes Peter   St. Brendans
  Harris George   Goose Bay
  Hussey Bartholomew    
  Healey Patrick    
22 Handcock Frederick   King's Cove
  Handcock John Henry   King's Cove
  Handcock Charles   Goose Bay
  Handcock Henry T.   Goose Bay
6 Handcock Henry Mary Parker King's Cove
38 Handcock Levi of William   King's Cove
  Holleran James of John   King's Cove
  Holleran Joseph   Indian Arm
  Holleran Thomas   Indian Arm
228 Holleran William Orleans Room Keels
180 Hart Benjamin N.B. Ryan Gose Bay
183 Hart Samuel N.B. Ryan Goose Bay
188 Hawco James Monarch  
151 Hannon James Sr. Mikada  
153 Hannon James Jr. Mikada  
115 Hayse William N.B. Ryan  
57 Hayse John Cyprus  
135 Hussey William Kathleen  
270 Heaney Lizzie of Pierce P. Heaney Plate Cove
41 Hogan Stephen   King's Cove
284 Hellier Anastasia T. Shanahan Bros.  
  Joy Edward & Son   Open Hall
191 Joy William Monarch  
  Kenefict James   Broad Cove
  Kelly James   St. Brendans
  Kelly John   Tickle Cove
  Kelly Patrick of James   Tickle Cove
  Kelly Samuel of James   Tickle Cove
74 Kelly Lawrence Meteor  
  Keating John   Brigus
  Keatin James   Brigus
  Knee Samuel    
  Kane Samuel    
  Keates Thomas   Goose Bay
  Keates Albert   Goose Bay
  Kavanagh Denis    
  Kennedy James Slip  
16 Kerrivan John   King's Cove
281 Keough John T.Shanahan Bros.  
65 Keough Daniel of Andrew Hawke Hr.  
269 Keough John Pierce Haney Plate Cove
56 Kelly Nicholas Hawke Hr. Sweet Bay
57 Kelly John Hawke Hr. Sweet Bay
67 Keough Michael Hawke Hr.  
  Legge Thomas of Joseph   Sweet Bay
  Legge Joseph of John   Sweet Bay
  Legge Joseph T.    
  Long Matthew   King's Cove
  Lane Samuel Sr.   Indian Arm
  Lane John of Samuel   Indian Arm
  Lane Benjamin   Indian Arm
  Lane Richard    
  Lane William    
  Lane Henry   Indian Arm
  Leddin Albert   Keels
47 Leddin Mary Batteau Room Keels
  Leary John    
  Lewis Patrick   Broad Cove
  Lewis Alexander Rosebud  
  Little Thomas & Son   South Shore
280 Lynch James T.Shanahan Bros.  
267 Lane William Thomas Bowen & Bro.  
185 Lethbridge Mary Ann N.B. Ryan Goose Bay
285 Murray Philip Jas.& Patrick Cullen  
241 Mesh James Thomas Maddix Keels
87 Mesh Thomas of Thomas Kitty Keels
88 Mesh Joseph Kitty Keels
93 Mesh Joseph Five Brothers Keels
86 Marshfield William Kitty Keels
277 Murray Michael Peter Cullen  
  Moss Thomas   Keels
  Moss Henry   Keels
  Moss John of Luke   Keels
  Matthews Albert   Goose Bay
  Matthews William   Goose Bay
  Matthews Michael of James   Broad Cove
  Matthews William   Broad Cove
  Mackey James of Edward   St. Brendans
  Mackey Patrick of Edward   St. Brendans
  Mackey Joseph of Daniel   St. Brendans
158 Mackey Jeremiah Kitty  
  Mesh William   Gooseberry Isls.
  Mesh Frederick   Goose Bay
  Mesh William of Joseph Kitty Keels
  Mullowney John    
  Mullowney John of Thomas    
  Merrigan James    
  Moores Martin    
  Mackey James Speedwell Holyrood
  Murphy Edward   Stock Cove
  Muckeridge Eli   Tickle Cove
236 Murphy Thomas of James Peter Ricketts Knight's Cove
218 Murphy Maurice of James John Ricketts Knight's Cove
231 Mason Winifred John Philpott & Bros.  
46 Oldford James   Tickle Cove
  Oldford William    
  Oldford James    
  O'Toole Thomas    
  O'Toole Francis    
  O'Toole Nicholas    
  Osmond Obediah    
  Osmond Israel    
  Osmond Joseph Merrimac Greenspond
199 Osmond Joseph    
  Power Patrick of Martin   Broad Cove
  Power William   Brigus
  Power Michael   Brigus
  Power Lawrence   Brigus
42 Power Edward   Broad Cove
  Power Edward    
  Power Thomas   Broad Cove
  Power Patrick Slip  
  Penny Ambrose   Trinity
  Penny Mark   Trinity
  Penny Israel   Trinity
  Penny Josiah   Trinity
  Penny William   Harbor Grace
  Penny William & Sons    
189 Penny. John Monarch    
  Peddle Hubert    
  Peddle Stephen    
  Pardy Thomas   Goose Bay
  Pardy John   Goose Bay
  Piercey Richard    
  Pendergast William    
  Palmer Job   Goose Bay
  Parsons Henry    
20 Philpott Nicholas   King's Cove
44 Philpott James of John   King's Cove
  Philpott John of John   Plate Cove
  Philpott John of James   Plate Cove
  Philpott Francis   Plate Cove
82 Philpott Thomas Ellen P Plate Cove
247 Philpott Richard R.P. Russell Plate Cove
58 Philpott Pierce Hawke Hr.  
64 Philpott John of John Hawke Hr.  
66 Philpott Patrick of John Hawke Hr.  
204 Powell Charles Marguerite  
209 Parsons Martin Landseer  
210 Perry Robert Sr. Landseer  
211 Perry Robert Jr. Landseer  
214 Perry Virtue Landseer  
182 Pardy Richard N. B. Ryan Goose Bay
181 Pardy George N. B. Ryan Goose Bay
168 Pretty Francis Viola  
169 Pretty Charles Viola  
128 Power John Imagene  
148 Power Michael Mikada  
152 Power William Mikada  
154 Power Mary Mikada  
175 Power Maurice Quickstep  
174 Power John Meteor  
184 Pardy Philip N.B. Ryan  
186 Penny Theresa Monarch  
  Quinton Noah    
230 Ricketts John of Simon Orleans Room Knight's Cove
  Ricketts Elizabeth   Knight's Cove
33 Ricketts James of William Batts Room Knight's Cove
237 Ricketts. Thomas of Simon Peter Ricketts Knight's Cove  
162 Ricketts Edward of David Viola Knight's Cove
219 Ricketts Joseph of John Peter Ricketts Knight's Cove
232 Ricketts Ann Frances James Ryan Knight's Cove
52 Ricketts James of David Hawke Hr. Knight's Cove
  Reader James & Son    
  Russell George    
  Russell Frederick   Tickle Cove
233 Reid Edward John Ryan Keels
23 Ryan James Cardigan King's Cove
39 Ryan Thomas of William Batteau King's Cove
286 Rodgers Thomas Jas.P.Cullen  
289 Rodgers Mary Jas.P.Cullen  
149 Reynolds Richard Mikada  
53 Ryder John Hawke Hr. Bonavista
61 Ryan William of William Hawke Hr.  
40 Sullivan James of James   King's Cove
13 Sullivan Thomas of Patrick   King's Cove
31 Sullivan James of Patrick   King's Cove
27 Sullivan John of James   King's Cove
244 Sullivan Joseph Maddox Barron  
  Skeanes George   Brigus
  Sweetapple Edmund   Gooseberry Isls.
  Sparkes James    
  Sparkes George    
  Saunders John   Tilton Harbor
  Skiffington James of George   South Shore
  Skiffington Robert   South Shore
  Simmonds Charles    
164 Smith Robert Viola  
165 Spurrell George Viola  
147 Shea Johanna Bonnilass  
283 Shanahan Ronald Tho. Shanahan & Bros.  
  Taylor Robert    
207 Taylor Elias Landseer Gooseberry Isl.
208 Taylor Llewellyn Landseer Gooseberry Isl.
  Tucker Arthur   Goose Bay
139 Tucker Ellen Kathleen  
118 Tucker William E.J. Ryan  
  Vincent Cornelius   Pinchard's Isl.
  Whalen Patrick of Patrick   Indian Arm
  Whalen Peter    
  Whalen Martin    
  Whalen James    
43 Whalen Thomas of Thomas   Broad Cove
131 Whalen David Imagene  
  White Joseph of Patrick   St.Brendans
  White Samuel of Joseph   St.Brendans
  White John Tho. Of Joseph   St.Brendans
  White Samuel Sr.   St.Brendans
  White Patrick of John   St.Brendans
  White William of Michael   St.Brendans
  White Michael of Michael   St.Brendans
  White Joseph of Samuel   St.Brendans
37 White William   Indian Arm
195 White John Merrimac Greenspond
200 White Frederick Merrimac Greenspond
201 White James Merrimac Greenspond
  Wicks Sinclair   Broad Cove
41 Wicks Thomas    
  Wells Charles    
  Wells Joseph    
  Wells Samuel of James    
212 Wells Benjamin Landseer  
  Walters James   Trinity
  Woolridge James   Trinity
  Winters Obediah    
  Wiseman John    
  Wiseman Frederick    
  Wareham William   Keels
10 Walsh Michael Margaret R. Plate Cove
35 Walsh Thomas   Plate Cove
  Walsh Peter & Son   Tickle Cove
  Walsh James    
  Walsh Thomas   Brigus
  Walsh Patrick of John    
  Walsh Maurice of James   Open Hall
114 Walsh Thomas E. J. Ryan  
84 Walsh William Ellen P. Plate Cove
92 Wheeler Robert Boat Four Bros. Keels
129 Walker Edward Imagene  
130 Walker Thomas F. of Thomas Imagene  
132 Walker Annie Imagene  
275 Ward Richard Peter Cullen  

Transcribed and Contributed by Cyril FitzGerald
March 2006

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (Wednesday March 06, 2013)

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