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Bonavista Bay Churches



This is just a starting point in our collection of information on the Churches of Bonavista Bay. Those able to provide Church names, photos, write-ups, or other information as asked to contact Donna Randell


Badger's Quay/Pool's Island Anglican Parish
Box 59,
Badger's Quay, NF
A0G 1B0

  • Badger's Quay, St. Alban
  • Pool's Island, St. James

Bonavista Anglican Parish
Box 489
NF A0C 1B0

  • Bonavista, Christ Church
  • Elliston, St. Mary

Brooklyn Anglican Parish
Box 71
Lethbridge, NF
A0C 1V0

  • Brooklyn, St. Andrew
  • Bunyan's Cove, St. Michael & All Angels
  • Canning's Cove, St. John the Evangelist
  • Jamestown, St. James
  • Lethbridge, St. Matthew
  • Winter Brook, St. Mary the Virgin

Gambo Anglican Parish
Box 239
Gambo, NF
A0E 1T0

  • Dover, St. Michael & All Angels
  • Glovertown, St. Edward the Confessor
  • Hare Bay, St. Augustine
  • Middle Brook, St. George
  • Terra Nova, Holy Trinity

Greenspond/Newtown/Pound Cove Anglican Parish
Box 149
Newtown, NF
A0G 3L0

  • Greenspond, St. Stephen
  • Newtown, St. Luke
  • Pound Cove, St. Mary the Virgin

Indian Bay Anglican Parish
Box 30
Bonavista Bay, NF
A0G 4L0

  • Centerville, St. Barnabas
  • Indian Bay, St. Mary the Virgin
  • Trinity, St. Alban
  • Wareham, St. John the Baptist

King's Cove Anglican Parish
King's Cove
Bonavista Bay, NF
A0G 1S0

  • Charleston, St. Thomas
  • Keels, St. Philip
  • King's Cove, St. James the Great
  • Princeton, St. Peter
  • Redcliffe, St. Michael
  • Summerville, St. Mark

Salvage Anglican Parish
Box 100
Eastport, NF
A0G 1Z0

  • Burnside, St. Alban
  • Eastport, Holy Cross
  • Salvage, St. Stephen
  • Sandringham, Resurrection
  • St. Chad's, St. James

Jehovah's Witness

  • Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall
    Cabot Highway


  • Gospel Hall, Bloomfield


  • Grace Pentecostal Church - Bonavista - 468-7220
  • Pentecostal Parsonage - Bunyan's Cove - 467-5320
  • Grace Pentecostal Church, Valleyfield - 536-2327

Salvation Army

  • Salvation Army Citadel - Bonavista - 468-7167
  • Salvation Army Citadel - Bunyan's Cove - 467-5552
  • The Salvation Army, Charlottetown, Terra Nova Park - 664-3331
  • The Salvation Army, Dover - 537-5800
  • The Salvation Army, Gambo 674-0028 (office)
  • The Salvation Army, Glovertown - 533-2314 (Citadel 533-6940)
  • The Salvation Army, Hare Bay - 537-5800
  • The Salvation Army, Lethbridge, A0C 1V0
  • Salvation Army Citadel, Musgravetown/Bloomfield Corps 467-5552
  • The Salvation Army Corps Box 25, Musgravetown, A0C 1Z0
  • Salvation Army Citadel, Wesleyville - 536-2574

Seventh Day Adventist

  • Seventh Day Adventist Church,
  • Lethbridge, A0C 1V0
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church,
  • Bonavista
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church,
  • Glovertown

Roman Catholic

Gambo Roman Catholic Parish
P.O. Box 59
Gambo, NF
A0G 2E0
phone 674-4484

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Gambo
  • Sacred Heart Church, Cull's Harbour
  • St. Anne's Church, Dover

King's Cove Roman Catholic Parish's.htm
King's Cove, NF
A0C 1S0
phone 447-6201

  • Sts. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church, King`s Cove
  • Sacred Heart Church, Open Hall (same as Plate Cove 545-2205)

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Parish (1966)
Plate Cove East, NF
A0C 2C0
phone 545-2205

  • St. Patrick`s Church, Plate Cove East - 545-2325
  • St. Anne`s Roman Catholic Church, Summerville
  • Holy Family Church, Southern Bay
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Sweet Bay

St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic Parish
P.O. Box 42
St. Brendan's, NF
A0G 3V0

  • St. Gabriel`s Church, St. Brendans, B. Bay

St. Joseph and St. Patrick Roman Catholic Parish
P.O. Box 68
Port Union, NF
A0C 2J0
phone: 469-2834 (fax: 469-2386)

  • Roman Catholic Church in Bonavista
  • St. Joseph's Parish Center - Bonavista - 468-2091
  • St. Patrick's Church, Port Union

United Church of Canada

Memorial United Church - Church Road - Bonavista - 468-2074
Elliston-English Hr. Pastoral Charge:

  • Elliston United Church
  • Newman's Cove United Church
  • English Hr United Church
  • Grace United Church - Dunfield

Catalina-Little Catalina Pastoral Charge:

  • Calvary Memorial -- Little Catalina
  • Bethany United Church - Catalina

Summerville Pastoral Charge:

  • Hope United Church - Charleston
  • Summerville United Church
  • Faith United Church -- Princeton
  • Portland United Church, Portland
  • Grace United Church - Brooklyn
  • Memorial United Church - Lethbridge

Heritage United Church -- (serves Bloomfield and Musgravetown)
Port Blandford Pastoral Charge:

  • St. Paul's United Church -- Bunyan's Cove
  • Alton United Church - Port Blandford
  • Emmanuel United Church - Charlottetown
  • Holy Trinity Church - a joint Anglican-United Church building in Terra Nova

Glovertown Pastoral Charge:

  • Central United Church, Glovertown
  • Riverside United Church -- Glovertown South
  • Olivet United Church - Traytown
  • Good Shepherd United Church -- Happy Adventure

Gambo Pastoral Charge:

  • Emmanuel United Church, Gambo
  • Knox United Church - Hare Bay

Wesleyville-Valleyfield Pastoral Charge:

  • Greenspond United Church
  • Ebenezer United Church - Brookfield
  • Memorial United Church -- Valleyfield
  • Jubilee United Church -- Wesleyville

Newtown-Lumsden Pastoral Charge:

  • Bethany United Church - Cape Freels
  • St. Andrew's -- Deadman's Bay
  • Wesley United Church - Lumsden
  • Trinity United Church -- Newtown
  • St. Thomas United Church -- Pound Cove
  • St. Mark's United Church -- Templeman

Compiled by Donna Randell
Thanks to Keith Budden, Rev. John Murphy, Captain Grandy, Rev, Michael Barker, Emily Mullett, Martha Warren, Thomas Cole, Joe Duffett, and James Butler for all their help with this project.



Contributed by: Donna Randell August 28,2000
Page Revised: July 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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