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to the
Honorable Ambrose Shea



To the Honorable AMBROSE SHEA,

Reprinted from: The Harbour Grace Standard Newspaper Jan 10 1874.

 Dear Sir, --
 Mr. Carter’s triumphant return for Fogo and Twillingate having caused a vacancy in this District, we, the undersigned Electors of the District of Harbour Grace, request that you will allow yourself to be Nominated at the coming Election.
 In solicting this favor we have confidence in you that you will not be a party to the carrying out of any important public measure contrary to the wishes of the people.
 We want our best men at the front – those who have the true interests of our Country at heart -- whose ploitical experience and talent fit them for the management of our public affairs.
 We consider you, Sir, as eminently qualified for the place we would assign you; and by acceding to our wishes, you will be laying us under a great obligation.
 We would be glad to see you; and hope that you will visit us at an early day.  Promising you a triumphant return,
   We remain, yours faithfully,
  Harbor Grace Residents

John Munn        George Hunt          Wm. H. Andrews       Thomas Sheppard 
W.J.S. Donnelly  Arch. Nicholas       Thomas Godden          Wm. Sheppard 
T. H. Ridley     Cuthbert Martin      William Sheppard       Wm Sacrae 
P. Devereux      John Brown           Frederick Snow       George Sheppard 
G.C. Rutherford  Patrick Wiseman      William Thistle       James Sheppard 
John Paterson    Hector Martin        Henry Alcock of       Moses Sheppard 
Robert Walsh     Thomas Kehoe             Ebenezer         Solomon Higgins 
Thomas Green     Frederick Brown      George Stirling      Richard Higgins 
Charles Ladner   Geo. Andrews, jr     Hugh W. Snow         Robert Higgins 
Henry Thomey     Collin Stephenson    George Ash             John Sheppard 
James Hippisley  John French          William Snow of      Martin Sheppard 
Alexander Ross   Wm. Fitzgibbon           Charles            Nath Sheppard 
John Ryan        Jas Meaney           James Puddican       Henry Sheppard 
George Pike      George Brown, jr     Thomas Martin          James Clark 
Mark Alcock      Wm. Noseworthy       Thomas Snow            John Noel 
E. W. Quintin    George Brown of      Joseph Lilly         William George 
Michael Brien        William          Samuel Lilly         Jonathan George 
Ebenezer Parsons William Drover       Robert Lilly         William Spurdle 
Robert Munn      John Drover          George Sheppard        John Sheppard 
John Pumphrey    Chas Bradbury        Solomon Sheppard     Thomas Sprudle 
Mark Parsons     Richard Stowe        Martin Sheppard        John Glavean 
Charles W. Ross  Vincent O’Donnel     William T. Pike     Ambrose Sheppard 
Samuel Gordon    George Mackinson     Henry Sheppard         John Sprudle 
William Tapp     James Phelan         Edward Brown           Moses Nosery 
Martin Smart     John Neil            Edward Sheppard        John Nosery 
Henry Trapnell   William Purcell      Robert Ash             William Shute 
J. B. Drysdale   James Lea            G.Pike of Timothy      John Shute 
Willis Parsons   John Grubert         James Simmons          Rich Marshall 
T. Trapnell      Ambrose Barrett      Stephen Snow          Arch Pinkstone 
W. Davis Snr.    George Wolfrey       Charles Snow           Alfred Nosery 
T. Kitchen       John Mitchell        Robert Ash             Edgar Nosery 
G. F. Barnes     Henry Hiscock        John Ash               Jacob Nosery 
E. Martin        George Bennett       James Bray             Levi Sheppard 
G. Harris        Richard Andrews      James Newell         Tobias Sheppard 
J. Payne         Thomas Power         Dunchan Parsons        John Gillard 
H. Clunn         Philip Shea          Henry Parsons          Jonathan Noel 
J. P. Jillard    Richard Leary        Richard Newell         Josiah Noel 
G. Walters       Joseph Sparks        Arthur Butt            Martin Noel 
W. Walsh         Samuel Downing       Eliel Butt             James Riglar 
J. Parsons       William Wells        William Pippy          John Purch 
W. Payne         James Griffin        Jos French of Rbt      William Noel 
J. C. Kennedy    Arthur Reed          Hannibee Davis         Wm. Noel of 
Jos Parsons      Charles Marshal         of Robert             Clement 
Joseph Martin    Patrick Gray         Moses Nichols          Ambrose Noel 
Joseph Martin of Charles Pike         James Bradbury       James Purchase 
  Francis        William H. Pike      Charles Parsons        Joseph Noel 
C. Watts         Thomas Hawkins           of John            Aaron Noel 
Path Walsh       George Pike Jr.      Charles Bradbury       Jonathan Noel 
Jno Coady        Joshiah Pike         Isaac Martin           Wm Noel of Wm 
Jno Lynch MWW    Matthew Davis        Joseph Pynn          Thomas Parsons 
Thos Cram        Nathaniel Davis      James Pike           William Parsons 
Hector Martin    William Ash          John Martin            John Parsons 
John Stevenson   Edger Davis          George Andrews       George Parsons 
T. R. Collins    John Thomas          William Andrews        Moses Noel 
William Hatcher  Charles Warren       Richard Andrews        Richard Noel 
John Harris      Thomas Pilley        George Parsons      James Parsons of 
Matthew Martin   Jacob Trapnell       John Parsons             George 
Austin Martin    Eli Pike             J.Stretton Pasons    Archibald Noel 
George Corbin    George Sheppard      Jonathan Parsons    Michael Costigan 
C. L. Kennedy    Robert Davis         Charles Parsons        John Newman 
Alex Parsons CM  Moses Drover         Edmund Parsons         John Coombs 
Philip Brown     William Bray         Joseph Parsons         Henry Gosse 
Richard Maddigan Henry Bray           Jonathan Parsons     John C. Heater 
Robert Anderson  John Tucker              of Robert        Andw. Mortimore 
Richard Lahy     John Davis           William Taylor Sr.   Dunchan Courage 
Wm Grubert       Alfred Horward       William C. Taylor    Albert Courage 
John Butler      Fred. Horward        John Herald          Alexander Bray 
Stephen Martin   John Courage         Edward Sweetland       Jacob Gosse 
John Picco       John Bray            Francis Herald       Nathaniel Gosse 
Bernard Parsons  John Cole            John Warford           James Curtis 
John Pike of Edw Chas. Nichols,jr     John Sweetland         George Martin 
Charles Breaker  J. Stevenson, jr.    Wm P Simmonds          George Pike 
John Strathie    Frederick Martin     Jonathan Parsons       Barth. Gosse 
Nathaniel Martin Stephen French       Tide Waiter            Thomas Good 
James Butler     Charles French       Thomas Parsons       Charles Walker 
Pat Sullivan     William French       Jonathan Kennedy      Matthew French 
Wm M. Ford       Matthew French       George Kennedy         John Nicholas 
Thomas J Wills   Stephen Courage      Robert Kennedy         William Gosse 
David Fletcher   Mark Walsh           William Kennedy      Thomas Bartlett 
Nath Gosse, B S  William Sillers      Samuel Adams        Robert Lundrigan 
George Sheppard  William Warren       Nathaniel Davis        William Snow 
Francis Martin   James Alcock         Eliel Davis            Levi Mercer 
John Hutchings   Robert French of     John W. Kennedy       George Eddison 
John Payne of         Robert          Jonath. Bradbury    Richard Sheppard 
    Wm           Thomas French of     Isaac Bradbury         John Herald 
George Kitchen         Thomas         Charles Pike           Mich. Mulcahy 
Thomas Munro     Frederick Thistle    Henry Gordon           John Smith 
James Hunt       Samuel Parmiter      Solomon Snelgrov       Jacob Smith 
Rich. Stephenson Samuel Stowe         Ebenezer Barnes        James Rogers 
George Stewart   Charles Crocker      Henry Whiteway         William Smith 
George Hatcher   George Crocker       Fritz Grimm            William Noel 
Solomon Anthony  James Cotter         Charles Webber        George Anthony 
Michael Allen    Eli Verge            Jonathan Webber       William Piddle 
John Spence jr   John Talbot             of Jonathan        William Luglor 
Joseph England   Cap. J. Stevenson    Edmond Ash            Isaac Bradbury 
Robert Lahy      Henry Luffman        James Ash              John Neil 
John Spence Sr   John Cole jr.        James Lindsey          Ambrose Pike 
Eugene Taylor    John French          P T C Gill            Thomas Parsons 
John F. Apsey    Stephen Nichols      George Meach           Albert Pike 
Robert P. Newhook Richard Taylor      Edgar Davis            Albert Crane 
Eli Rodgers      Frederick White      Edgar Adams            Stephen Gosse 
Robert Snow      Henry Newhook        George Heater        Alexander Perry 
Roderick McRae   Uriah Downing        John D. Webber        William Coombs 
William Brown Sr. Joshua Reams        John Whiteway          W. T. Martin 
Thomas Nichols   J. C. Davis          Charles Davis          J. C. Webber 
Joseph Martin    Joseph Bray          Ambrose Pike           G. H. Snow 
Thomas Brown     William Hunt jr.     Hugh Gordon          Frederick Brown 
Frederick Bray   James French jr.     James Gordon          Jonathan Brown 
Stephen Cole     Ambrose Bray         Thomas Pippy          Eli Noseworthy 
John Hunt        Fred Williams        John C. Webber         William Smith 
Thos. Noseworthy Robert French of     George Whiteway     William Marshall 
Otto Krugher         Charles          Samuel Gordon        Frederick Whyte 
John Noseworthy  Jas.Davis of Chas.   Capt Geo Brown       William Sparks 
Tobias Nicholas  John Bray of John    Samuel Heath           Joseph Graham 
Joseph Courage   George Davis of      James Brown           Richard Cleary 
Moses Brown          Charles          William Bunclark   Archibald Parsons 
John Lynch       Moses French of      Tobias Webber          Josiah Butt 
Henry Wharford       Francis          Charles Webber         Martin Noel 
Charles Hatcher  Henry Butt           James Fox              Thomas Pinson 
Archibald Bray   Edward French        James Bush             George Pasher 
Thos Seymour     Edward Neil          Jacob Cotter          George Parsons 
James Higgins    William Warren       Charles Wells          Levi Butt 
John W. Brazil   William Williams     Joseph Russell     Archibald Courage 
James Hutchings  Henry Alcock         John Harris,cooper     George Cram 
Thowas B. Wells  Eli Rogers           Joseph Newman       Stephen Williams 
Archibald Munn   Robert French        James Parsons         Robert Badcock 
T. M. Cairns     George French of     Ebenezer Pike          Albert Pike 
A. J. Lamey           George          Nath Sheppard        Tobias Merchant 
Garret Condon, C Francis Ash          William Carson         John Pippy 
Michael Hartery  George French sr.    Moses Parsons      William Stevenson 
Richard Power    Alfred Sheppard      Nathaniel Parsons      Richard Pike 
W. H. Thompson   Edward French of     William Webber         James Jewer 
Francis Martin        Edward          James Parsons          Levi Barrett 
Nath. Nicholas   Edward Williams      John Taylor          Solomon Yetman 
Robert Andrews   James Ash            Thomas Nosery          William Crane 
James Snow       Jonathan Ash         Rich Sheppard       James Noseworthy 
Michael Manghon  Steph S. Andrews     Nath Sheppard      Robert Davis, PC.


Isaac Bartlett    Daniel Norman       Chris Mercer         Solomon French 
Stephen Parsons   William Badcock     Jacob Mercer           Edward Sparks 
Charles Daw       Edward French       Esau Parsons           James Sparks 
Wm Fraser, M.D.   Benjamin Mercer     John Blackler          Joseph Sparks 
Robert Simpson    Abraham Mercer      Edward Mercer          Esau Badcock 
John Delaney      James White         Robert Mercer          John Badcock 
R. H. Taylor      James Mercer        Charles Mercer       Francis Badcock 
John Jardine      John Rorke          Thomas Kearly        Charles Badcock 
Richd. Hennebury  Charles Mercer      Edward Sparks       Edward French of 
Mark Delaney      Isaac Kearly        William Mercer               William 
Charles French    Robert Mercer       Eli Mercer             Isaac French 
Samuel Daw        Abraham Mercer      Elijah Mercer          Jacob French 
John Kelly        Thomas Norman       Geo Parsons            Nath Sparks 
Moses Gosse       Edward Norman       John Dwyer             John Carraway 
Josiah Gosse      John Russell        John Earle             Edward French 
Robert Gosse      John Snow           John Parsons           Thos Badcock 
Israel Gosse      William Snow        William Earle          Henry Badcock 
John Barrett      Thomas Earle        Jordan Mercer          Jesse Badcock 
James Crane       Thomas Churchill    Jonathan Mercer        John Bishop 
Joseph Drover     Isaac Parsons       William Earle          Moses Barrett 
Thomas Stevenson  Alfred Mercer       Henry Mercer        Abraham Barrett 
James Young       Seth Mercer         Henry T Badcock        Jacob Barrett 
Stephen Bradbury  Isaiah Mercer       Ambrose Badcock      William Badcock 
James Delaney     John Parsons        Reuben Mercer          John Badcock 
Thomas Drover     Stephen Crane       Isaac Sparks         Samuel Russell 
Nathaniel Gosse   Moses Gosse         Isaac Saunders       William Bishop 
James French      Esau Smith          Thos Hedderson      Nathaniel French 
Eli Daw           Stephen Russell     Manuel Badcock       William Belbin 
Israel Smith      William Gosse       George Mercer          James Earle 
Robert French     Abram. Bradbury     Thomas Mercer        William Roberts 
William Parsons   Arnold Smith        Francis Mercer         Jonas Earle 
James Parsons     Eli Bradbury        James Kearly         Abraham Russell 
George Jackson    George Parsons      William Mercer         Wm Carraway 
James French      Israel Barrett      Geo Mercer             Wm Russell 
Stephen Goose     Joseph Barrett      Abraham Mercer       Isaac Bradbury 
Robert Gosse      Moses Parsons       John Badcock           James Kearly 
Robert Squires    Jacob Gosse         Isaac Badcock          John Kearly 
William Baggs     George Smith        Charles Mercer         Joseph Kearly 
Moses Parsons     Richard Parsons     Samuel Mosdale       Stephen Kearly 
William Crane     Joseph Bradbury     Edward Squires       Richard Mosdale 
Robert Barrett    Nathaniel Gosse     Isaac Mercer           Geo Parsons 
George Barrett    Jacob Smith         Nathan Mercer          John Parsons 
Samuel Parsons    John Parsons        Samuel Mercer          Thomas Earle 
Edward Bradbury   Joshua Bradbury     Geo Mercer             James Crane 
Richard Delaney   Henry Bradbury      Manuel Mercer          Joseph Drover 
    of James      William Parsons     William French         Joseph Drover 
John Alcock       George Parsons      John Tippet              of Thomas 
Martin Delaney    Mark Gosse          James Tippet           John S Martin 
John Earle        Henry Barrett       John Squires           Thomas Drover 
Mark Delaney      Charles Parsons     Charles Bishop         James Young 
Thomas Caplin     George Crane        Abraham Dawe         John Young, Jr. 
Solomon Gosse     James Gosse         Robert Dawe            John Crane 
Archibald Crane   John Barrett        George Parsons         John Snow 
   of John        Joseph Barrett      Isaac Crane          William Leslie 
William Coombs    Samuel Chard        William Smith        Thomas Bowring 
Frederic Coombs   Moses Russell       Geroge Smith        Charles Bradbury 
Alexandra Coombs  William Kelly       Jonathan Gosse Sr.   William Russell 
George Lundrigan  William C. Earle    Jonathan Gosse jr.     John Bowring 
    of John       John Hierd          Solomon Mugford        Adam Snow 
George Lundrigan  Stephen Russell     William Barrett        John Russell 
   of Joseph      Mark Hennebury      William Bradbury       Samuel Charde 
Charles Mercer    George Russell      William Russell,sr     Edward Snow 
Thomas Good       Edward Russell      Frederick Gosse        Charles Snow 
Nathaniel Jones   James Delaney       Abraham Collins        Isaac Snow 
John Young of     Benjamin Wilcox     Abner Russell          Abraham Snow 
   William        Edward Wilcox       Jacob Parsons          Isaac Goosney 
Frederic Young of William Churchill   George Smith        Stephen Bradbury 
   William        Mark Delaney of     William Smith         Samuel Spencer 
Thomas Adams          Richard         John Collins          Robert Parsons 
Joseph Mercer of  John Greenland      Elijah Parsons     Bethleham Parsons 
   William        Benjamin Bonning    Joshua Mercer          Jacob Snow 
Thos Osborne senr Charles Mercer      Isaac Mercer         Stephen French 
Henry Mercer      Charles Caplin      William Mercer      Charles Bradbury 
senior,of Henry   Eli Mercer          Henry Bradbury         Moses Seymore 
Joseph Lynch,senr John Sparks         George Collins         John Vokey 
Jonathan Mercer   William Mosdell     Henry Sheppard         Owen Chipman 
   of George      James Mosdell       William Russell        Levi Chipman 
George Mercer     Joseph Badcock      James Mercer          Henry Sheppard 
  of George       Solomon French      James Gosse            William Jewer 
John Hussy        Robert Evans        Edward Mercer          Richard Gosse 
Thos Stevenson    Thomas Badcock      Henry Gosse            William Gosse 
George Parsons    Samuel Mercer Sr    Charles Bradbury       Thos Higgins 
Edward Parsons    Elijah Mercer       Timothy Collins        Henry Seymore 
George Stone      Abrm. Mencheions    Edward Bradbury        William Gosse 
Geo. Noseworthy   Richard Kelly       Jacob Smith            John Gosse 
Wm. Noseworthy    Thomas Daw          Arnold Smith jr     John Gosse of Wm 
Chas. Noseworthy  John Russell        William Parsons       Moses Gosse of 
John James        John Daw            Benj. Bradbury            William 
James Noseworthy  Joseph Mercer       Steph Russell Is C    Henry Sheppard 
Henry Yetman      Robert Russell      Joseph Snow            Joseph Gosse 
Henry Noseworthy  William Woods       Stephen Parsons jr     John Butt 
Jacob Morgan      Stafford Mercer     William Parsons        James Butt 
Henry Crane       John Russell        Benjamin Mercer      Johnathan Vokey 
William Crane     Henry Care          Samuel Badcock        Emanuel Vokey 
George Crane      Edward Care         James Saunders         Moses Smith 
Thomas Hussey     Isaac Russell       James Titford          James Gosse 
Joseph Bishop     Edward Russell      George Titford         Josiah Gosse 
John Barrett      George Squires      John Bradbury          Aaron Noel 
Henry Gordon      Thomas Earle        Charles Bradbury       Edward Smith 
William Spurdle   James Churchill     George Badcock         Jesse Smith 
William Parsons   Charles Russell     George Turtle         Israel Barrett 
Arthur Butt       William Elms        James Seymore      Frederick Barrett 
Henry Allcock     Henry Elms          Thomas Seymore         Moses Barrett 
William Travers   Stephen Roach       Wm Seymore             John Barrett 
William Hunt      Esau Kelly          James Mercer          Thomas Barrett 
James Parsons     John Snow           John Sheppard          George Smith 
George Bradbury   Henry Snow          James Noseworthy       Jacob Smith 
Henry Butt        James Snow          Geo Hutchins         Nathaniel Smith 
Thomas Beeham     Charles Snow        William Gosse          Azariah Smith 
George Ash        James Snow Sr       Nath R Gosse          Reginald Smith 
Charles Ash       Henry Snow of Js.   Robert Seymore      Azariah Bradbury 
Eliel Noel        Stephen Snow        Joseph Baggs        William Saunders 
John Janes        Esau Mercer         Geo Vokey              Geo Earle 
William Coombs    Edward Snow         Nath Seymore           James Badcock 
James Youngs      Isaac Snow          John Seymore         Abraham French 
Tobias Drover     Isaac Daw           Oratia Smith           Henry Norman 
Richard Ash       Henry North         Nathaniel Barrett    Thos Mercer snr 
John Lundrigan    Charles Turtle      Isaac Smith          Thos Mercer jnr 
William Mercer    Edward Badcock      Moses Smith          Hezekiah Mercer 
William Cram      James Dwyer         Ephraim Smith       Thomas French of 
Robert George     Steph Greenland     Jesse Smith                William 
John Gillward     Peter Tradsham      Elisha Barrett      Thomas French of 
Reshura Marshall  Joseph Tradsham     Joshua Smith               Thomas 
Esau Noseworthy   William Snow Is C   Isaac Smith            James French 
John Purchase     Robert Hays         Robert Smith       Henry Frenck[sic] 
James Noseworthy  Jonathan Parsons    Isaac Smith        Ldward[sic]French 
George Connors    William Brown       James Gosse            John French 
Absolom Ash       Joseph Snow         John Evans             Samuel French 
James Stevens     Abner Snow          Samuel Mercer         Abm Frence Jacob Smith

Reply Harbour Grace, January 6.

To the Free and Independent Electors of the District of Harbour Grace.

Gentlemen, --

    It has ever been to the honor of your district, that its representation was kept above the reach of political factions, and made the unsullied gift of the independent judgement of the people, in relation to public affairs.  This it is, which invests your invitation with special and additional significance, and coming, as it does, with the weight of testimony imparted by the signatures of so large a porportion of your leading and honored citizens and a majority  of the electors, I accept it as a proud distinction and tender you my warmest gratitude.
    I frankly respond to your suggestion – that I shall not consent to the carrying of any measure of importance to which the people may be opposed.


Contributed by Charles & Coleen Stirling

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (March 06, 2013)

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