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1831/2 Proceedings of the Newfoundland &
British North America Society for Educating the Poor.


Teachers in Newfoundland
St. John's Central est 1824 Mr. & Mrs. Jeynes & Mr. Walker
Harbour Grace est 1825 Mr. & Mrs. Kingwell
Spaniard�s Bay est 1829 Mr. & Mrs. Griffin
Port de Grave est 1829 Mr. & Mrs. Lind
Trinity est 1825 Mr. & Mrs. Martin (previously Petty Hbr.)
Bonavista est 1826 Mr. & Mrs. Meek
Green's Pond est 1828 Mr. & Mrs. King
Twillingate est 1829 Mr. & Mrs. Flint (returned to England Mrs. F is ill)
Petty Harbour est 1825 Mr. & Mrs. Bradford
Carbonear est 1825 school is suspended.
Bay Roberts est 1829 Mr. B. Fleet
The following Residents of Newfoundland contributed directly to the Society:
W. Brown Port de Grave 1829
R. Brown Bonavista 1828
Rev. W. Bullock Nfld 1826
Mr. Burge Twillingate 1829
Lt. Col. Burke Nfld 1826/7.
T. Burry Greenspond 1829
G. Bussey Port de Grave 1826
W. B. Calver Nfld 1825
J. Clark Greenspond 1828
J. Colbourne Twillingate 1830
T. Drawbridge Esq. Nfld 1826
Davies Mrs. Water St. collection box 1826/31.
J. Edgar Greenspond 1829
Elson & Co. Carbonear 1828
Hon. F. Forbes Nfld 1828
G. Frampton Greenspond 1829
Garland & Co. Trinity 1828
P. Goss & Co. Carbonear 1828
T. Green Greenspond 1829
J. Green Nfld 1826
W. Hampton Port de Grave 1829
Marten & Jacob Port de Grave 1829
J. T. Oakley Greenspond 1829
G. L. Parrott Greenspond 1829
A. Pearce Twillingate 1829
John Pride Twillingate 1830
T. Read Jr. Greenspond 1829
Dr. Skelton Trinity 1829
Thomas Slade Twillingate 1829
Slade Cox & Slade Twillingate 1829
Slade R. D. & J. Twillingate 1830
Slade & Kelson Nfld 1826
J. Sleat & Co. Greenspond 1829
N. Smith Greenspond 1829
J. Sturge Greenspond 1829
Hon. Tucker (CJ) Nfld 1826
J. Terrington Nfld 1826

Contributed and Transcribed by Tom Cole - 2011

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