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Schedule of Ordnance and Adjoining Lands as numbered in the Annexed Plan, at and in the Vicinity of St. John’s Newfoundland, Shewing (sic) the several encroachments that have taken place within the Ordnance Boundaries (which are marked by a Yellow line) as established by the Proclamation of Governor Duff in the Year 1773 and of governor Holloway in the Year 1807.1



# of Lot Name and (?)2 Emp/Prod3 Date
1 Wm. B. Thomas 18h, 2r, 18p4 Farmed/Hay 24 Oct 1803
2 John Street                   6h 2r 28p Farmed/Hay  24 Oct 1804
3 Lionel Chancery (?)      11h 1r 0p Not cultivated  24 Oct 1804
4 Lionel Chancery (?)      7h 1r 21p Not cultivated  24 Oct 1804
5 Peter McKee               15h 0r 0p Farmed/Hay 22 Oct 1796
6 James Gill                     4h 2r 30p Unknown  Unknown 
7 Joseph Rose                 3h 2r 24p Farmed/Hay & Potatoes  24 Oct 1803
8 James McBrain (?)       6h 2r 25p Not cultivated 24 Oct 1803
9 J. McDonald                3h 1r 24p Farmed/Potatoes, etc. 20 Oct 1805
10 Hanrihan (?) andMaloney  7h 1r 31p Farmed/Potatoes,etc. 24 Oct 1804
11 P. Redmond                 5h 1r 28p Farmed/Potatoes, etc. 24 Oct 1804
12 J. William                     2h 1r 30p Meadowland/Hay 24 Oct 1803
13 Michael Dower (?)      1h 1r 27p Arable Land/Potatoes 24 Oct 1803
14 J. Snelgrove                1h 1r 28p Arable Land/Potatoes 24 Oct 1803
15 Mrs. Williams               1h 1r 14p Meadowland/Hay 24 Oct 1803
16 Governor                      2h 3r 36p Garden Ground  
17 C. S. Andrews             2h 2r 16p Garden Ground/Potatoes  
18 & 19 Thos. Williams              2h 1r 27p Garden Ground/Potatoes  
20 Charity School              5h 1r 16p Garden 1804
21 None    
22 Contingent Dept. (?)  5h 1r 4p Woodyard  
23 Richard Puchard           8h 1r 21p Farmed/Potatoes, etc. 24 Oct 1804
24 J. Murch                       3h 3r 3p Farmed/Hay, etc. 24 Oct 1804
25 J. Barnes Farmed/Hay, etc. 24 Oct 1803
26 J. Chancery Farmed/Potatoes 24 Oct 1803
27 Wm. Irwin Farmed/Potatoes 24 Oct 1804
28 Wm. Burns                   1h 1r 4p Farmed/Meadowland 24 Oct 1804
29 Thomas Walker            2h 1r 29p Pasture Land/Grass 24 Oct 1803
30 Geo. Lilly                     3h 2r 4p Farmed/Hay 24 Oct 1805
31 Geo. Winters                3h 3r 23p Farmed/Hay 24 Oct 1803
32 Ordinance Store           3h 2r 21p Garden Land/Potatoes and Turnips  
33 Jos. Gill                        3h 1r 1p Meadowland/Hay 24 Oct 1804
34 Winter & ___(?)           3h 1r 37p Bldgs and Yard/Vegetables  
35 Robt. Brine                   0h 3r 1p Slaughter Hse. 1 Oct 1802
36 John William                 0h 3r 1p Slaughter Hse. 1 Oct 1802

The map accompanying this data is copyrighted so cannot be included.   Anyone wishing to know the specific location of any one lot can contact me: Joanna Hosteny

1  Map was dated in the lower left-hand corner at November 20, 1814

2  I could not decipher this heading.  All subsequent unknown spellings will be noted with a “?”.

3  “Emp” = how land was used;  “Prod” = chief product

4  Hectares, roods and perches;  one hectare is approximately 2.417 acres



This page Contributed by Joanna Hosteny (January, 2002)
Revised: July 2002 (Terry Piercey)

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