General Information and Abbreviations used.

Column 4 (Name of Community enumeratd) has not been included from the original page. It only a single entrry and a series of ditto marks down the page. It is duplicated by the name of the community shown as being enumerated at the top of these pages.
Abbreviation Meaning Abbrviation Meaning
Adau Adopted Daughter Ason Adopted Son
Aunt Aunt Uncle Uncle
Niece Niece Nephew Nephew
Son Son Dau Daughter
Sdau Step Daughter Sson Step Son
Gson Grand Son Gdau Grand Daughter
Gmoth Grandmother Gfath Grand Father
Sis Sister Bro Brother
Sisl Sister-in-law Brol Brother-in-law
Father Father Mother Mother
Head Head of Family Wife Wife
Husb Husband Hskeeper House Keeper
MIL Mother-In-Law FIL Father-In-Law
SIL Son-In-Law DIL Daughter-In-Law
Serv Servant Boarder Boarder