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Photos of LYDIA HATCHER from Red Island
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Author:  courtxkendell [ Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:45 am ]
Post subject:  Photos of LYDIA HATCHER from Red Island

Please, I know this is probably useless, but I've been dying for information if anyone can find anything more for me. I'm looking for more information on Lydia Hatcher's burial site. As far as I can find out, Lydia was likely buried on Red Island, but most of the photos I've seen of the Red Island cemetery do not have her there. I know it's likely that her grave eroded, was destroyed, etc. but my grandmother has lived her entire life not knowing who her mother was (she died when my grandmother was 3) and I've finally found more information than when I tried to search for before. Her family tree is as followed:

Father: Robert Hatcher (b. July 1874, d. Dec 8, 1939) born to Charles Hatcher and Mary Ann Lawrence
Mother: Elizabeth Ann Kinslow (b. October 8, 1882, d. Feb 24, 1954) born to Thomas Edward Kinslow and Lydia Scott
    Thomas Hatcher (b. 1902, d. Feb 8, 1920)
    Lydia Hatcher (b. Feb 24, 1904, d. Jan 25, 1946) / Originally stated born Feb 26 but correct date is Feb 24th
    Joseph Hatcher (b. Feb 21, 1905, d. ?unknown)
    Charles William Hatcher (b. Mar 15, 1906, d. July 1, 1925)
    Rosanna Hatcher (b. Feb 23, 1908, d. Aug 25, 1923)
    Mary Ada Hatcher (b. July 16, 1910, d. Nov 12, 2004)
    Allan Hatcher (b. May 4, 1912, d. Nov 27, 1979): cemetery photo here:
    Theodore Hatcher (b. Oct 1914, d. Dec 30, 1914)
    Hubert Hatcher (b. Jan 23, 1920, d. ?unknown) / both birth and death date incorrect, relisted as Jan 23, 1921 and May 8, 1978, cemetery photo here

I know it's probably impossible, but it's worth a shot. Did anyone have any photos of her at all, or of her burial site? I'd love to know what she looked like and I'm positive my grandmother would too. My grandmother is nearing her 80's now and survived cancer and I've NEVER gotten this far with her genealogy before. Please, someone, anyone. They lived in Red Island, then Burgeo, and I don't know if they lived elsewhere. Lydia was briefly married to a Robert Hare and they had a daughter named Reta, and then she remarried to my great grandpa Ingram when Robert passed away. Or maybe anyone I could contact that may have some photos?

Author:  moss senior [ Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Photos of LYDIA HATCHER from Red Island

There is a photo of of Lydia Hatcher with George Ingram on a family tree on There is also a photo of her mother. If you are not a member, perhaps you know someone who is. Just put Lydia's name , place and date of birth in the search engine on the ancestry home page.
No photos of a gravesite that I could find. If you can't access let me know by email. I will download the photos and send them to you.
Hope this helps.

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