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 Post subject: George Peck/Pick Christchurch, Hant's County, England
 Post Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:21 am 
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Looking for any information on Geo. (George) Peck/Pick of Christchurch, Hant's County (Hampshire), Great Britain. To date, genealogists and/or family historians have not been able to link the Trinity, TB North Peck/Pick (later Pike) patriline to the Hant's County (Hampshire) one of G. Britian. To date, it is not known how long this patriline occupied Newfoundland prior to first mention in the published parish registers or church records for Trinity, TB, or Christchurch, G. Britain. Furthermore, it is not known whether this patriline inhabited Newfoundland prior to ca. 1790, although reconstructed anecdotal evidence suggested that it may have indeed been in the TB South area as early as ca. 1670. The genealogist must keep in the possibility that given the paucity of parish registers and official government censuses for TB South prior to 1800, and the fact that many males were known to have migrated back and forth from SW Great Britain to NL engage in the seasonal inshore fishery as hunters-planters-trappers, while maintaining households and estates in G. Britain, it may be next to impossible to determine with any degree of accuracy whether a potential male progenitor originated in G. Britain, was born in NL and back-migrated to G. Britain w/ family, or whether his father or grandfather was born in NL and back migrated to G. Britain,....the case study of the Pick/Peck patriline presents some challenges given that they have not been linked to date through YDNA STR-SNP testing with a founding source patriline in G. Britain. It would be interesting to see whether the TB South Peck/Pick patriline matches up with any Picks/Pecks from Great Britain through parish register triangulation and FTDNA Big Y SNP testing!

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