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 Post subject: Greene....Point Verde,Placentia & Boston,USA in 1770s(1)
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:30 am 
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### the 1770s,my GGG-GF,John Greene and two of his brothers were living in Boston area an d trading back and forth to Placentia,at some stage certainly on their own schooner.One brother,Robert,was briefly in Revolution on USA side. Maybe late 1778 John & Robert settled permanently in Placentia/Point Verde.
Here's where I need more information:

(1)John, Robert, and (unknown) were in Boston...What was the name of the third brother? Where did he go?

(2) The brothers said they had homes in Boston,Nfld.,and Nova Scotia.Does anyone have information on the Nova Scotia branch in 1770s? Could be spelled GREEN or GREENE. Or also of course did any relative remain in Boston in 1778?

(3) These Greenes lived in Boston,were Quakers, were in business and had at least one schooner.....these things also fit the Greenes of nearby Rhode Island,though they were much larger in the shipping side.
It's been mentioned to me there was a family connection. Does anyone know?

(4) In Boston in the 1770s, John ,according to family stories,was said to have been married to the daughter of a pirate. That could have meant an actual pirate or maybe a very savvy businessman.

(5) John and Robert settled permanently in Placentia about late 1778. Or were they simply returning home? There was a Robert Greene also in Placentia in 1744....possibly an uncle? Suddenly in 1803 there is an official record of John's father,Michael Greene,purchasing Point Verde peninsula, which had originallt been owned by the French Governer Costabelle. You can see the deed by using Google or whatever....type in...deed,Point Verde,1803,Costabelle.
Where did the father,Michael,suddenly come from? Was he indeed the brother of Robert Greene of 1744 Placentia? It would fit.

(6) Native American Smiths etc. and Greene marriages. In the past,Indian ancestry was often hidden. In Argentia at least some of the Smiths in the general area were native American descent,presumably Mi'Kmaq. A whole bunch of Smiths(and connected Foleys) married Greenes through the 1800s. Apparently at least some of these were of native descent....does anyone have more information so I can add it to the family tree?

(7) Back to about 1785/ lore says that when Prince William(later King William IV) was stationed in Placentia during the summer.......being a young man,he got friendly with some of the single girls.
The story goes that one of the girls got pregnant to the Prince,but of course he sailed away on his duties. The stort furth says that some time later, he sent a ship back to Placentia to get the child and bring the child to England,but he could not take the girl because it was out of the question due to his position,and,according to the story,the girl maried someone else in the meantime.
This same story is said by Greenes to have involved a Greene girl and by the O'Reillys(Rileys) to have involved a Riley girl. Who else has heard this story?

######### Have any information? Thanks. Ward.

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