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Henry William KIELEY
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Author:  Trishe [ Mon Dec 14, 2020 5:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Henry William KIELEY

I'm looking for information on HENRY WILLIAM KIELEY (bp 14 Sep 1851, RC, Petty Harbour - died 17 Feb 1890 Petty Harbour) married 27 Nov 1877 St. Kevin's RC, Goulds ELIZABETH ANGEL (bp 11 Jul 1852 RC - died ????) d/o John Angel & Mary Shannahan (could be wrong).

Henry was the son of Nicolas Kieley & Elizabeth Hopkins.

Henry & Elizabeth had possibly 7 children. Elizabeth would have been a widow at age 38.

KIELEY may be spelled differently in many sources: Keiley, Keily, Kielly, and the list goes on.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Author:  Pa99 [ Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Henry William KIELEY

Hi Trishe, I assume you have most the following so I will keep it short. I found new (for me) information a few days ago and it prompted me to send this along. It may not help much with Henry William Kieley as it is more about his wife Elizabeth Angell.

Dr. Mannion’s collection for the Angell surname shows that 2 of the Kieley children were adopted by Willian and Alice (Power) Angell. William is the brother of Elizabeth Angell Kieley. A Kieley contact a few years ago mentioned to me that the Kieley family has oral history that Angells adopted Kieley. This must be it!

Dr. Mannion Card Files (#85868 and # 85869) for the Angel name show that John Kieley (1884 to 1962) and his sister Mary were adopted by William Angel.

I have a baptism record for John (son of Henry Kieley & Elizabeth Angell) for 1886 March 02 and another for his sister Mary 1878 October 21. I believe this Mary is the Sister Mary Austin I mentioned to you before. She died in a convent in California on 1956 December 28. The convent sent a letter to my grandfather about her passing. I have 5 other baptisms for Henry and Elizabeth, including 1892 March 30 Roseanna. Elizabeth had a sister Rosanna. Henry died about 6 weeks before Rosanna was baptized. I assume that is why two of the Kieley children were adopted. Henry died in St. John’s and is buried in Mt. Carmel and Mannion shows his children John and Mary living with William in Maddox Cove.

Just to finish this out, I think Elizabeth Angel Kieley remarried Peter Harvey 1894 January 10 @ St. Patrick’s Church. The witnesses for this marriage (Michael Murphy & Mary. A Rogers) are connected with the family of “my Richard & Mary Ann (Scurry) Angell. Richard Angell and Elizabeth Kieley are siblings.

I am fairly confident that Elizabeth Angell is the daughter of John Angel and Mary Shannahan.
You are not so sure? Why is that?

I wonder how Dr. Mannion knew about the adoptions.

Stay safe. After such a successful avoidance of Covid here, it raised its ugly head big time and we back to lockdowns like last March.


Author:  Trishe [ Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Henry William KIELEY

Hi Pat:

Thanks so much for the reply! You've given me lots of food for thought.

I did not know about the adoptions so a nice surprise. I knew Henry William died fairly young so this makes sense. Since William Angel & Alice Power had 6 sons and only 2 daughters, it also makes sense that they would have wanted their niece Mary, being older, to help out with the younger children. Their nephew John Kieley would have been almost (2 years younger)the same age as William & Alice's eldest son Peter, thus giving them more help around their place.

I did not have Rosanna's birth or baptism so had no idea of her existence. Besides Mary & John, the other children I had for Henry William & Elizabeth were Lucy 1880; Michael 1882; Ann Teresa 1884; Nicholas (no date) & Elizabeth Joseph (no date).

I have Henry William Kieley dying 17 Feb 1890 Petty Harbour, no burial location mentioned. BUT I do not have a source record for this date as it was simply information passed along to me. Do you have a source I can look up?

The only doubt I have about Elizabeth Angel's parentage is that I do not have a death record for her, thus cannot be sure. However, you mention a possible 2nd marriage for her so I now have a place to look for records under a different surname.

Thanks for all the help Pat! Hopefully we can fill in some blanks here.

We heard about the outbreak of Covid. Such a shame! It's been a really tough year in a lot of ways. We are both staying least for now.


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