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Ryans How Many
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Author:  blake [ Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Ryans How Many

How many differnt Ryan family lines were in King Cove, Broad Cove and Keels before 1825. He is the Patrick Ryan who owned fishing room number 40 in King Cove. I am trying to deterimine if Patrick Ryan, who died in King Cove around 1826, is related to the other names I read about who came in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I read they all came from Triinity. There is a Michael Ryan, a David Ryan and a Thomas Ryan, they seem to be brothers are they related to Patrick Ryan as brothers or cousins? And who is Maurice Ryan is he related to them?

Stephen Ryan of Broad Cove was the son of John Ryan and Honora Dealey. Was that John Ryan related to any of the other Ryans I mentioned above. He had a John Ryan in 1831 I think in Broad cove. Patrick Ryan's son Patrick Ryan who moved to Keels and died in 1856 who has a will on line also had a son John Ryan. Are these John Ryans in the tiny area of Broad Cove cousins? Or do they come from two entirely Ryan family lines. I understand the family lines can get tangled up with so many Ryans after 1850, but when the area was first being settled how many Ryan families were in King Cove, Keels and broad Cove? If any one can share any information about this, it will be appreciated.

Author:  Abigailryan [ Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryans How Many


I am a Ryan, we come from Kings Cove. I don't know much yet, but my great grandfather was Merrill Thomas Ryan. Our family heavily renames children out of respect and some speculation has lead to his father being Thomas Ryan.

We live in Norris Arm now.

Author:  blake [ Thu Feb 14, 2019 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ryans How Many


As you know Ryan was an early name in King's Cove. Unfortunately, I think there were more than one family line back in 1800 and before. but you are lucky in that you are from there and can check out things.

Yes, many of the family lines will have first names repeated through the generations. But these repeated names can cause a great deal of confusion trying to remember what family line you are in when studying any one generation.

My Patrick Ryan arrived in King's Cove in the 1700s, had a son named Thomas Ryan born in 1789 in King's Cove. He married Eleanor Callahan from Bonavista. Witnesses were William carey and margaret Walsh. I have not looked to see what children they had. But my Patrick Ryan, who owned fishing room number 40 in Kings Cove during the 1805 census, did leave a will where he mentions his children. You can find the will on this site.

Patrick Ryan of King's Cove ist son Patrick Ryan 1780-1856 married elizabeth. they lived in Keels
Patrick and Elizabeth youngest son was Thomas born 1822
he died 1860. I don't know if he had children
Patrick's 2nd child was James 1782 Married Mary Long in 1803 don't know their children

Patrick's 3rd child was Mary born 1785 she married John Ducey have not followed their children

Patrick's 4th child as mentioned before was Thomas Ryan 1789

Patrick Ryan and his son Patrick Ryan have tombstones in King's Cove RC cemetery, as do their wived, unfortunately the stones do not give the wives maiden names which I am trying to figure out. Have you been to the cemetery to check out information on the stones concerning your Ryan family?

I think there was another Thomas Ryan married Elizabeth Fennel who had a child Michael in 1820. I think his father was Michael Ryan also but look it up to make sure

I think it will be pretty easy to follow your Ryan line back to at least the 1840s. But after that it can get tricky. In the early days there were the Ryan brothers form Trinity: Mike, david and Tom Ryan, but I don't think they are related to my Patrick Ryan even though they were there in the early 1800s. Then there is maurice and elinor Ryan, also of the very early 1800s. there is a John Ryan who married Honora Dealey from taht same time period, But how is he related to Michael Ryan ,or my Patrick Ryan, or the Ryan pioneer brothers form Trinity: Tom, David and Mike, or maurice Ryan. They all were there in the late 1700s and the very early 1800s and I am hoping someone will know how they are all related if they are related.

Good Luck in searching backward in time. Please share what you find out

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